Google brings mouse support to the Google Sheets app for Android.


Ishtiaq Hanif


Apr 23, 2023 15:30 EDT

The Google Drive logoGoogle announced multi-instance support for Google Drive last year. It’s a feature that gives you a better view of your files by letting you open two separate Drive app windows side by side on your large-screen Android device. It is currently improving this experience by adding support for multiple accounts. This allows you to open two instances of the Drive app side by side on your single-screen device and view content from your two different Google accounts. With this update, you can preview files from one of your accounts while navigating your secondary account’s folders otherwise.

Google Multiscreen Multiple account support

Another big feature that Google is rolling out to Android is mouse support for the Google Sheets app. It brings full native mouse support within the app. It will give you a desktop-like user experience on large Android screens. You can autofill by dragging the selection handle using the mouse or by double-clicking.

Google Sheets mouse support

All users will be able to use this feature by April 28, 2023. You can find more details on the official blog post. Here.

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