Google Bard now has an “Experimental Updates” page to promote its latest improvements.


Google Bard

When Google launched its Bard chatbot AI in March, it labeled it an “experiment” but one that the public could access and use. Now the company has posted its first official “Experience Update” for Bard, highlighting the changes and improvements it has made to the chatbot since launch. gave Update page says this will give users “a convenient place to test Bard’s latest updates and provide feedback.”

This first update is pretty minor, at least compared to the many, many changes and improvements Microsoft has made to Bing Chat since it launched in February. In fact, only two updates are listed. One was hinted at several days ago by Google CEO Sundar Pichai. Bard will switch from the smaller LaMDA language model to the larger PaLM model, he said. The Bard update page states that the chatbot has now been updated to provide “improved capabilities for math and logic.” This is likely due to the switch over to the PaLM model.

Another update listed is that Bard now includes “additional suggested search topics when people click ‘Google it’.” “People will be able to explore a wider range of interests with more relevant topics,” the page states. Hopefully we’ll get more detailed updates on Bard additions and improvements through this page in the coming weeks and months.


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