Google Authenticator adds an important long-awaited feature after 13 years.


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After 13 years, Google has finally added sync to Google Authenticator. For those who don’t know, Google Authenticator can be used for two-factor authentication. One of the main problems, though, is the lack of compatibility. By adding sync, you don’t have to worry about losing access to your online accounts. If you lose your phone, restore it to a new device.

Sync for Google Authenticator is now available in both the Android and iOS versions of the app. To enable syncing on your device, simply update the Google Authenticator app and follow the prompts.

The fact that Google is only pushing sync is a bit odd. Two-factor authentication will no doubt be around for a while. However, tech firms are now looking to move to passkeys, which could make 2FA redundant. This switch will likely take several years or more so 2FA will remain relevant for some time, it’s strange that sync has taken so long to arrive.

I His announcementGoogle has admitted that the feature has been slow to roll out. It said that a major feedback from consumers over the years was how to deal with lost devices. On some platforms, it is possible to enter some backup codes to gain entry to your account. In other cases, you need to contact the respective support team to log in.

“In addition to Authenticator’s one-time codes, Google has long operated multiple options for secure authentication across the web,” said Google’s Christian Brand, group product manager for Google Authenticator. “Google Password Manager securely stores your passwords and helps you sign in faster with Android and Chrome, while Sign in with Google lets users use their Google Account to sign in to a Sign in on the site or in the app. We’re also working with our industry partners and the FIDO Alliance to bring users more convenient and secure authentication offerings in the form of passkeys.

The Google Password Manager that the brand mentions has also come a long way over the years. It helps you create strong passwords and makes logging in online and across apps a little easier. If you combine these strong passwords with two-factor authentication, you’re almost guaranteed to secure your accounts against attackers.


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