Google adds seven new features to Android, US users can also get dark web reports


Reading practice on Wear OS and the Spotify watch face

Google I/O 2023 took place a few weeks ago when the company announced several features for Google Pixel products like the Pixel 7a as well as Android devices. Today, it’s introducing seven new capabilities to increase productivity and user safety and help them learn new skills.

between Seven characteristics Reading is practice. It helps readers improve their vocabulary and comprehension skills. Users can run it on their Android tablet or phone and access thousands of books. Children’s eBooks are marked with a “Practice” badge and allow users to listen and practice pronunciation of unfamiliar words and receive real-time feedback.

Google Reading Practice

Additionally, users are getting three new widgets to customize their devices and add their desired shortcuts. The new widgets allow users to get personalized TV show and movie recommendations, get headlines about topics of interest to them and track selected stocks. These are done by Google TV, Google News and Google Finance respectively.

Stock Tracking on Google Finance

This is also mentioned in the announcement. A new watch face from Spotify for Google’s Wear OS. It gives users access to personalized music and podcasts that they want to listen to. They can also access their playlists, ‘like’ the current song, or jump to the next or previous song with a shortcut on the watch.

Google is also offering users who travel in the Washington, DC, and San Francisco Bay Area Smarttrip and Clipper cards with Google Wallet that they can access from their Wear OS. This allows them to just tap and ride and drop the line.

On Google Keep for Wear OS, users can add tiles to their watch for quick access to selected notes or to-do lists. They can swipe through tiles to find pinned notes they want quick access to.

Additionally, with GBoard and Emoji Kitchen, users can remix their favorite emoji into stickers. Emoji Kitchen lets users combine their chosen emojis to create new and customized emojis that they can share with others as messages.

Finally, Google is increasing user protection by adding dark web reports to the Google One website and app, especially for those in the US. This allows users to scan their email addresses to see if their emails have been exposed to the dark web. Additionally, Google One members in the US can check other details such as their Social Security numbers and get guidance on how to increase security. Google said the feature will roll out to 20 new countries in the coming months.


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