GitHub adds dog bowls and fanny packs to its merchandise store.


GitHub Pepper

Developers who are fans of GitHub and want to pick up branded stuff now have it Big variety of goods to choose from. GitHub has added eight new products to its GitHub Shop, including new jogging bottoms, a koto paxy batan hip pack (fanny pack), a dog water bottle and more. As branded items, it is fair to say that they are a bit expensive with prices ranging from $12 – $125.

Commenting a little on the new product, GitHub said:

“Here at GitHub, we believe clothes should be as comfortable as pajamas and dogs are people too. That’s why our latest drop includes the new supersoft Invertocat Joggers colorway and the nifty Invertocat Dog Bowl Bottle.

But don’t worry, your favorite GitHub classics are still here. For more than a decade, developers have adorned their laptops with Mona stickers, their desks with Octocate mugs, and their bodies with GitHub hoodies. These items are still available and will help you share your GitHub love with the world.

The most expensive arrival is the book Art of Octocat, which will set you back $125. Within the pages of this book, you’ll find sketches, storyboards, concepts, and images, as well as a “rare peek” into the creation and design of GitHub’s mascot, Mona. The high price of this book can probably be explained by the fact that only a limited number are being made available and may become a collector’s item.

If you’re the type of person who plasters your laptop with stickers, then GitHub Shop is worth a look if you’re looking to expand your sticker collection or branch out into other areas of the business.


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