Ghost Wire: Tokyo – The Spider Thread update breathed new life into the game.


Highlights of the story

  • The latest update for Ghostwire: Tokyo brings major improvements with an expanded campaign and a brand new game mode.
  • This patch fixes several bugs for better stability while improving overall game performance.

Ghost Wire: Tokyo’s highly anticipated adds a new dimension. new Game content with additional trophies, important Quality of life Improvements, and bug fixes. official Patch notes Go into detail about the new features, providing additional context on the all-new game mode and several other single-player additions, including an expanded enemy roster.

Ghost Wire Improvements: Tokyo’s systems include a smoother user interface. Interface. Players will now be able to see an icon representing the type of food or drink that is currently equipped. Additionally, the ability to change the contrast level for subtitles has been added to the game. Readability. Some key binding settings have been improved and are now individually Can be assigned with a new wish.

Additionally, new trophies were added to Ghost Wire: Tokyo as part of the Spider’s Thread update. Since the game now has new areas to explore, several trophies related to the areas have been made available. These range from getting certain collectibles, completing certain game modes, hitting a certain milestone on capsule machines, and defeating enemies in the game.

Ghost Wire: Tokyo Patch Notes
Ghost Wire: Tokyo Patch Notes

Moving forward, the conditions for unlocking existing trophies were also adjusted. Some of these notable trophies include: Salvation of all, Hero of Shibuya, Strength prevails, Visiting hours are over.And The talisman. Note that some of these achievements do not include content included in the Spider Thread. In addition to adjustments and new features, the game has also received performance and stability improvements.

Overall performance For Ghost Wire: Fixed various Tokyo-related issues as well. Photo mode and focusing on the uterine space sequence. Contradictions relating to the mission section of HUD Different emotions and cosmetic outfits were adjusted as well. Also, a bug that prevented lockers from communicating in the “Crimson Moon” side mission has been fixed.

Apart from all these new additions, here is the highlight of this update. Extension campaign and brand new Rascal Mod players will now be able to experience more of the story with new cutscenes. While it’s sure to enhance the narrative, the Roguelite mode further increases Ghostwire: Tokyo’s replay value.

You can experience the latest update to Tango Gameworks’ Supernatural on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, Xbox Game Pass, and PC.

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