Get ready for more rounded corners in somewhat unexpected places in Windows 11.


Windows 11 logo with Microsoft Edge logo with blurred background

Windows 11 marked the end of the square UI and brought back the rounded corners we loved back in the days of Windows Vista and Windows 7. However, the company isn’t done with streamlining its products and making them less sharp. Edge insiders saw Microsoft cutting back the edges (sorry) in a somewhat unexpected place inside Edge Canary.

Microsoft Edge Canary window with rounded corners

As seen by @Xeno Panther, Edge Canary now displays web pages on a round canvas. The entire web page area appears slightly above the rest of the UI (tab strip, toolbar, and sidebar). Rounded corners also affect scrollbars and videos when in fullscreen mode.

Microsoft seems to have a bit of an obsession with rounding up everything within Edge and Windows. The company recently introduced rounded address bars and tabs in the Edge browser, plus Windows 11 got another batch of redesigned search menu bars with the same design treatment. Not everyone is a fan of such changes, but they certainly give Edge and Windows a fresh look. Plus, those rounded displays will look good on computers with corners, like those found on the Surface Laptop Studio.

It’s worth noting that rounded web pages in Microsoft Edge are likely an experiment that the company does with a limited set of Edge Insiders. Edge Canary hasn’t received the unconventional UI change yet on our machines, and your system might not either.

What do you think about round web pages in Microsoft Edge? Let us know in the comments.


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