Get Battlestar Galactica: Deadlocked for free this weekend on Steam


Battlestar Galactica Deadlock

While the Epic Games Store has two games you can get for free this week (Dying Light: Enhanced Edition And Shappies), you can get another great PC game for free this weekend on Steam. From now until Sunday April 9th ​​at 1pm ET, the space-based strategy game Battlestar Galactica: Deadlock is free.

The game is based on the 2003 mini-series and the 2004 series version of the classic sci-fi show. In fact, this game is a prequel to the events in the mini-series. It takes place during the First Cylon War, where the humans living in the twelve colonies fight against robots they created themselves in massive 3D space battles. Here’s a bit more of the game’s story:

From the bridge of the Daedalus Shipyard you will command all the colonial fleets. Build your forces and plunge them into the quaternary solar system of Sirens. Protect the colonies and keep the Quorum of the Twelve united, lest the alliance crumble and usher in a new era of Cylon domination.

If you decide you like the game, the good news is that developer Black Lab and publisher Slytherin released a ton of post-launch DLC content with new missions, ships, and more. The good news is that DLC content is heavily discounted on Steam right now.


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