GeeVee set up a hilarious channel point reward system for their stream.


Highlights of the story

  • Twitch streamer GeeVee created a custom Twitch reward system for his streams.
  • Channel Points allow viewers to earn points for watching and engaging with a stream.
  • The GeeVee channel sets flashbangs and smoke grenades as point rewards.

Twitch streamer GV Twitch has set up an innovative rewards program for its viewers. The program allows viewers to earn. Channel points By watching and engaging in his streaming sessions. Channel Points are a custom reward on Twitch.

On January 27th, GeeVee went live on Twitch to play NBA 2K23. A smoke machine was placed near his face, which went off every time someone released their channel points on a smoke grenade, while a flashbang caused a flash of light to appear in his eyes.

Additionally, rewards are popular among GeeVee viewers, who are now able to reward their favorite streamers with something unique and exciting. The introduction of flashbang and smoke grenade rewards is a welcome addition to the world of Twitch streaming and is sure to become a popular trend.

The reward system benefits both streamers and viewers. This helps create a sense of community and encourages viewers to support their favorite streamers. With streamers offering more unique and exciting rewards, viewers will be sure to stick around longer and support their favorite streamers even more.

GeeVee is one of the first streamers to introduce flashbang and smoke grenade channel point rewards. However, it is becoming a trend among Twitch streamers to offer rewards to their viewers.

This kind of reward system will definitely be beneficial for streamers to their followers as well as viewers who want to show support for their favorite streamers.

Furthermore, people are surprised, and one of them Viewers Tweeted: “How is GeeVee not the number one streamer on 2K? No one else has this kind of creativity or is constantly innovating their channel – props to you my brother!

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