Forza Motorsport’s impressive accessibility options will help even blind players race.


Forza Motorsport

Turn 10 Studios is still hard at work developing the next generation. Forza MotorsportBut this one dropped Interesting update today About the accessibility features of the game. The highly anticipated racing sim title will come with a range of settings to adjust the experience to any player’s liking, but the biggest new additions seem to be its blind driving assist and one-touch driving features.

As the video below shows, players who are blind or have low vision will be able to enjoy the racer using specially designed audio cues. Once they get used to the gestures, which can be previewed in-game via the accessibility settings menu, Turn 10 says it could be a game changer for racers with low/no vision.

“Blind Driving Assist provides players with audible information about their position and track, approach and progress through turns, as well as information about the car, such as how much to slow down. is, when to shift (if playing with a manual transmission) and more,” explains the studio.

Meawnhile, One Touch Driving lets anyone pick up the game and play with “whatever combination of money and inputs you need.” Built with mobility and ability disabilities in mind, this feature lets players reduce the number of simultaneous inputs required to drive their favorite vehicles.

it is. List of access options Forza Motorsport There will be, including the above mentioned two features:

  • Blind Driving Assist: Blind and visually impaired players can use informative audio content during gameplay that will help them navigate the track, improve their lap time and complete the race. Players will be able to individually activate each set of cues as well as adjust their pitch and volume to suit their needs.
  • One touch driving: Players have the option to choose their own combination of braking, steering and throttle assist activations to minimize the number of inputs required simultaneously. These driving assists will allow users to customize their driving experience and play with as many or as few assists as they want.
  • Screen Narrator: Players can enable Narrator to receive information delivered through the UI and help navigate menus. In addition, there will be options for players to customize the narration system, offering new flexibility to choose what information is conveyed.
  • Description of dynamic audio: Players will have in-game cinematics with custom audio descriptions that change based on the time of day and weather conditions.
  • Text to Speech/Speech to Text: Players can use these options to participate in multiplayer voice chat by sending synthesized voices to other players using text-to-speech or communication from other players in text form using speech-to-text. can see
  • UI Color Blindness Modes: Players with tritanopia, deuteranopia, or protanopia can change some colors in the UI theme to easily identify UI information and focus status, as desired.
  • World Color Blindness Filters: Players with tritanopia, deuteranopia, or protanopia can add a filter to the rendering of 3D objects such as tracks, cars, drivers, in-game cinematics, etc. to make color information distinguishable.
  • Controller remapping: Gameplay controls can be remapped through the settings, offering additional flexibility to players’ desired control scheme.
  • Subtitles: Players can enable subtitles, as well as adjust subtitle font size and subtitle background opacity.
  • Audio customization settings: Players are able to freely customize the volume of different groups of sounds to create their preferred audio experience.
  • Difficulty of opponent: Players can customize the opponent’s driving level while racing with AI.
  • Text scaling: Players can adjust their menu text to different scaling options. The in-game HUD will also get some resizing support.
  • Contrast: Players can increase the contrast of UI and HUD elements from the default to various additional levels, each providing a higher contrast ratio to improve readability.
  • Dynamic background: Players can disable the animated background, making it easier to read or navigate menus.
Forza Motorsport

Described as a reboot for the franchise, Forza Motorsport There is no firm release associated with it yet. The title is coming to PC, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox Cloud Gaming, as well as Xbox and PC Game Pass subscription services sometime in 2023.


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