Fortnite Best Weapons: Exotic, Mythic, IO & Alien Guns


Fortnite is an open-world Battle Royal-based game that has offered players a plethora of seasons and chapters during which new weapons, legendary items, and gear were released, allowing players to dominate their friends in PvP battles and take them down. In our Fortnite Weapons guide, we will work our way through a list of different weapons that can be found, several challenges that players need to conquer to get their hands on weapons, and an overall general weapon guide! For full ranks, read our Fortnite Tier List.

While players are having fun in Fortnite and getting to know the gameplay aspect, they will realize that there is quite a nice collection of Fortnite Weapons that they can use in combat and know which ones might be the best; keep on reading!

Fortnite Exotic Weapons

Starting with some exotic Weapons, we will be listing down five of the best-ranked weapons that players can get in their arsenal to dominate the battlefield. While we may not be able to cover all exotic weapons in Fortnite, these are the best weapons available. 

Boomsniper Rifle 

Fortnite Boomsniper Rifle
Boomsniper Rifle Weapon
DPS Damage Reload Time Fire Rate Critical hit damage
  • 10 (Impact)
  • 75 (Explosion)
  • 10 (Impact)
  • 75 (Explosion)
4.1 sec 1 2.5x

One of the best Fortnite exotic weapons is the Boomsniper Rifle, which can be bought at the Unremarkable Shack for 350 gold. Its main talent lies in its launching out Explosive Bullets, which can deal 10 damage to enemies, and will explode after 2.5 seconds and unleash 60 damage to enemies. It was first introduced in Patch 15.00. 

Dragon’s Breath Sniper 

Fortnite Dragons Breath Sniper
Dragons Breath Sniper Weapon
DPS Damage Reload Time Fire Rate Critical hit damage
39.93 121 2.5 sec 0.33 2.5x

The Dragon’s Breath Sniper is another amazing option, as it only costs 300 gold, and it can light wood buildings on fire while also being able to unleash 116 damage to enemies; it can be bought from the Blaze NPC, and it is an impeccable weapon to have in tough battles against friends. The gun itself is one of the most versatile Fortnite Weapons available for ultimate victories. 

The Dub 

Fortnite The Dub
The Dub Weapon
DPS Damage Reload Time Fire Rate Critical hit damage
233.7 123 2.7 sec 1.9 1.5x

The Vaulted version of the Double barrel shotgun is The Dub. Its main aim is to unleash the Knockback feature that was already on a previous weapon, and it also provides the player with the “Double Pump” option to take over their opponents, and it can be bought for a total of 350 bars. 

Hop Rock Dualies

Fortnite Hop Rock Dualies
Hop Rock Dualies Weapon
DPS Damage Reload Time Fire Rate Structure damage
174.24 44 2.7 sec 3.96 44

Another impeccable Fortnite exotic weapon is the Hop Rock Dualies, which essentially has a headshot multiplier of 1.65 while being able to give the player the “Hop Rock” effect, which will stop players from taking in fall damage while being attacked by enemies, and also allowing them to jump for a total of 5 seconds. It can be bought for 300 gold.

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Flight Knock Pistol 

Fortnite Flight Knock Pistol
Flight Knock Pistol Weapon
DPS Damage Reload Time Fire Rate Critical hit damage
36.33 109 2.5 sec 0.33 2x

The Flight-Knock Pistol, which was introduced in the patch 15.50, is a weapon that players can wield, and while it is not the strongest pistol, it is more than able to support the player when they are in a battle and need extra ammunition. The pistol itself is a more modified version of the original Flint-Knock Pistol. 

Mythic Weapons 

Perhaps some of the best Fortnite weapons have been included in the mythic weapons. We will be uncovering a few solid Fortnite mythic weapons that can truly aid the player in taking over their opponents.

Hawkeye’s Bow 

Fortnite Hawkeye's Bow
Hawkeye’s Bow Weapon
DPS Damage Reload Time Fire Rate Critical hit damage
215 215 1.0 sec 1.0 2x

Starting with the Hawkeye’s Bow, it is one of the best mythic weapons as it can unleash explosive arrows imbued with fire, and upon hitting the opponent, they will be rendered useless. Players can also use the “grappling hook,” which can come in handy and increase their overall mobility on the battlefield.

Captain America’s Shield 

Fortnite Captain America's Shield
Captain America’s Shield Weapon
DPS Damage Reload Time Fire Rate Structure damage
175 175 1.0 sec N/A 100

Another great option that we surely can’t miss out on is the Captain America’s Shield since it is an Avengers: Endgame weapon. With the shield in hand, players can throw it around to land hits at foes, alongside which they can also block incoming bullets or attacks from enemies in the arena. 

Thor’s Stormbreaker

DPS Damage Reload Time Fire Rate Structure damage
200-225 200-225 N/A 1 600+

Players who want some of the most viable mythic weapons in Fortnite should look at Thor’s Stormbreaker, as players can swing it in front of their enemies to launch hits while being in close range with them while pressing down on the shoot button. This allows them to land consistent hits and render enemies useless. 

Infinity Gauntlet

Fortnite Infinity Gauntlet
Infinity Gauntlet Weapon
DPS Damage Reload Time Fire Rate Total Restoration 
15 15 0 0 700

With the Infinity Gauntlet, players can dominate their friends as there can only be one infinity gauntlet on the battlefield at any time, while also being able to unleash 15 damage at their enemies, and every second, they will unleash 7 shots which does a total of 105 damage which is pretty damn viable for use in combat. 

Infinity Blade 

Fortnite Infinity Blade
Infinity Blade Weapon
DPS Damage Reload Time Fire Rate Structure damage
112.5 N/A 1.5 600

The Infinity Blade is one of the Fortnite Weapons, which is ranked pretty high by veteran players; when wielded by the player, can deal a total of 75 damage to their foes by getting close and slashing the blade to obliterate them. It can also break down walls, structures, floors, and trees standing in their way. 

Vaulted Weapons 

We hope that you are enjoying the different Fortnite Weapons categories so far in the next list; we will be looking at some impeccable Fortnite vaulted weapons that players can use when they are out in combat. For players that want to temper around with the idea of Aimbotting, then make sure to read up on our Fortnite Aimbot Settings Without Cheating Guide!

Heavy Shotgun 

Fortnite Heavy Shotgun
Heavy Shotgun Weapon
DPS Damage Reload Time Fire Rate Critical hit damage
  • 107.9 (Common)
  • 131.3 (Legendary)
  • 83 (Common)
  • 101 (Legendary)
6.27s 1.3 1.75x

Kicking things off with the Heavy Shotgun, they can consistently unleash attacks at their foes whenever players wield the gun, and with the 2.5 headshot multiplier, it is an amazing option. It is available in the Rare, Legendary, and Epic options, which is how Fortnite marks weapons of different rarity, such as the Heavy Shotgun.

However, one caveat is that players can only use it in Creative and Playground mode. On the topic of rarity, don’t miss out on our Fortnite Weapon Rarity Guide!

Heavy Sniper 

Fortnite Heavy Sniper
Heavy Sniper Weapon
DPS Damage Reload Time Fire Rate Critical hit damage
  • 120 (Rare)
  • 132 (Legendary)
  • 4.0s (Rare)
  • 3.6s (Legendary)
0.33 2.5x

Another amazing option for Fortnite Players is the Heavy Sniper, which grants the player the ability to attack foes with devastating damage output. While having a 2.5 multiplier, they are truly able to take them over, and it is also able to take down buildings while taking help from heavy bullets in combat. 


DPS Damage Reload Time Fire Rate Critical hit damage
115 115 1.3 sec 1 2x

The Boombow is essentially a Crossbow weapon that players can access in the Battle Royale while being available in the Legendary weapon option. To use its ammunition, it will use shells while being able to unleash arrows which will explode anytime it comes in contact with foes or buildings. 

Tactical SMG

Fortnite Tactical SMG
Tactical SMG Weapon
DPS Damage Reload Time Fire Rate Critical hit damage
  • 162 (Uncommon)
  • 189 (Legendary)
  • 18 (Uncommon)
  • 21 (Legendary)
  • 2.2s (Uncommon)
  • 1.9s (Legendary)
9 1.75x

Another solid option for Fortnite Weapons is the Tactical SMG, which is an excellent option. While being wielded by the player, they can use its Light bullets as ammunition and have a headshot multiplier that is a total of 1.75, which is pretty devastating against weaker enemies. 

Combat Shotgun 

Fortnite Combat Shotgun
Combat Shotgun Weapon
DPS Damage Reload Time Fire Rate Structure damage
102 60 5.7 sec 1.7 41

Going along, a more versatile and mobilized Fortnite vaulted weapon option is the Combat Shotgun, which is a semi-automatic shotgun and can use Shells as ammo to use its 8 bullets and consistently attack enemies with 10 pellets every round; and also has a strong headshot multiplier of 1.5. 

Best Weapons in Chapter 3 

Another important category that shouldn’t be missed out on when discussing Fortnite Weapons is the chapter weapons. For Chapter 3 in Fortnite, players could have accessed some of the best Fortnite weapons in Chapter 3 and used them in battle. 

Striker Burst Rifle

DPS Damage Reload Time Fire Rate Critical hit damage
  • 104.2 (Common)
  • 135.1 (Mythic)
  • 2.86s (Common)
  • 2.21s (Mythic)
3.86 1.5x

Firstly, with the Striker Burst Rifle, players can take advantage of the semi-automatic gun, and while it is a two-shot gun, it can attack enemies with a lot of damage output, all the while being easy to use and handle. It also has excellent accuracy, which is crucial to winning battles. 

Bolt-Action Sniper Rifle 

Fortnite Bolt Action Sniper
Bolt Action Sniper Rifle
DPS Damage Reload Time Fire Rate Critical hit damage
  • 32.6 (Common)
  • 39.9 (Legendary)
  • 99 (Common)
  • 121 (Legendary)
  • 3.3s (Common)
  • 2.5s (Legendary)
0.33 2.5x

One of the best Fortnite Weapons is the Bolt-Action Sniper Rifle, which is perfect for players who would rather resort to long-ranged damage output and want to kill enemies from a safer distance. The rifle itself is a heavy hitter, and while the player has three bullets in their arsenal, they can dominate their foes. 

Auto- Shotgun

DPS Damage Reload Time Fire Rate Critical hit damage
  • 126 (Common)
  • 154.8 (Legendary)
  • 84 (Common)
  • 103.2 (Legendary)
  • 6.27s (Common)
  • 5.13s (Legendary)
1.5 1.5x

We’ve got you covered for players looking for a different weapon that still operates like the Tactical Shotgun. The Auto-Shotgun is an excellent gun that can attack enemies at immense speeds while dealing an adequate amount of damage, all the while aiding the players in absolutely achieving victory. 

Ranged Assault Rifle

DPS Damage Reload Time Fire Rate Critical hit damage
165 30 2.7 sec 5.5 1.5x

The Ranged Assault Rifle is for players who do not have any better options other than resorting to using Rifles. The Assault Rifle itself can outdo other weapons while also being able to unleash a decent amount of damage output. With its long-range abilities, it is a solid option for combat. 

Sidearm Pistol

DPS Damage Reload Time Fire Rate Critical hit damage
168.75 25 1.54 sec 6.75 2x

Now, for players who want to use a smaller weapon for increased mobility, the Sidearm Pistol is probably one of their better options. It has a reload time of fewer than 1.3 seconds, alongside being able to unleash 200 damage and having a 15-round magazine, which is a pretty good damage output for PvP. all in all, it is an excellent option for weapons in Fortnite. 

Founder’s Weapons 

Next up, we will be talking about some Founder’s Fortnite Weapons, which are some weapons that can only be found in the Founder’s Pack and can be bought by the players to access them. 

Founder’s Revolt 

Fortnite Founder's Revolt
Founder’s Revolt Weapon
DPS Damage Reload Time Durability  Critical hit damage
323 55 1.6 sec 225 50%

The Founder’s Revolt is for players that are only aiming to use the best Fortnite Weapons, as it uses Light bullets and can deal ranged damage while helping the players stay alive themselves, all the while being able to use the Vulnerability ability to stack it thrice so that the damage output is increased. 

Founder’s Quickshot 

Fortnite Founder's Quickshot
Founder’s Quickshot Weapon
Range Damage Reload Time Fire Rate Critical hit damage
3584 24 2.3 sec 12 +50%

While on the topic of weapons in Fortnite, players can also use the Founder’s Quickshot, which comes in the Legendary rarity and has a viable damage output that can render all types of opponents useless while letting the player consistently launch out shots. 

Founder’s Deconstructor 

Fortnite Founder's Deconstructor
Founder’s Deconstructor Weapon
Range Damage Reload Time Fire Rate Critical hit damage
3072 180 3.7 sec 1 +50%

Similarly, the Founder’s Deconstructor can be acquired in the Founders Pack. While being in the player’s arsenal, they can use “Shells n Slugs” as ammo while launching out 8 pellets at any given time to decimate your enemies in the battleground. The Founder’s Deconstructor can be an excellent Fortnite weapon for combat.

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Founder’s Drumroll 

Fortnite Founder's Drumroll
Founder’s Drumroll Weapon
Range Damage Reload Time Fire Rate Critical hit damage
4096 26 2.9 sec 12 +50%

Additionally, players can also look into equipping the Founder’s Drumroll, which allows the players to regenerate 1 ammo anytime with a 16% chance. Anytime the player attacks the foe with ranged attacks, they will gain one stack of the Vulnerability, which will increase the total amount of damage the enemy takes in for 15 seconds, making the Founder’s Drumroll an instant win a Fortnite weapon for players

IO Tech Weapons/ Location 

Fortnite IO Weapons Base
IO Base

Moving on, there is a certain challenge known as the “Bunker Jonsey” challenge, which requires players to collect some Fortnite Weapons known as IO Weapons, and the easiest way to work your way through it is to go to an IO Base to get your hands on one of these special Fortnite IO Weapons. Here are the Best Fortnite Settings if you want to customize and master the Fortnite personalized settings. 

Fortnite IO Weapons Lootbox
IO Lootbox

Heading over to the IO Base, players will need to wander around the area until they encounter a loot box that can be opened to access an IO Weapon. To complete the challenge, players need to acquire a rail gun, pulse rifle, and a recon scanner. 

Sideways Weapons 

Fortnite Sideway Sphere Location
Sideway Sphere Map Location

Another important challenge that players can not miss out on is the Fortnite sideway weapons challenge. Players need to open their mini-map, locate the rainbow sphere, and glide down towards it to access the location. Upon entering the bubble, players can move around until they locate a “Sideways Chest,” which will include a few sideway weapons. 

The chest themselves will include some normal weapons used in Fortnite while containing some main Sideway weapons. There might be instances where you need to clear out some enemies in the sphere bubble, but all in all, these Sideways Fortnite Weapons are pretty easy to access. 

Alien Weapons 

Now, when it comes to the Fortnite alien weapons, in reality, there is only one gun that players can get their hands on, with it being the Kymera Ray Gun. One of the easiest ways to get it is to obliterate a few Alien Trespassers that can be found wandering around the alien biomes, and also, there can be some alien trespassers that players can kill. 

Another easy way to acquire the Ray Gun, which is one of the most viable Fortnite Weapons, is through loot which can be found inside the loot chamber in the Mothership. Players can also craft the Kymera Ray gun, and it requires simply an Alien Nanite and an SMG. Last but not least, this particular weapon in Fortnite can be found by interacting with Zyg and Choppy, who are NPCs. 

Deal Damage With Suppressed Weapons Challenge 

There is a small challenge that players will typically encounter as they progress in Fortnite. It is essentially comprised of dealing a certain amount of damage using suppressed weapons. Players can use the Suppressed Submachine Gun or the Suppressed Pistol to meet the requirements for completing the Fortnite Deal Damage With Suppressed Weapons Challenge

How To Craft Weapons 

There is essentially one way that players can craft Fortnite Weapons in the game: to open up your inventory and locate the “Crafting Tab,” through which players can choose a weapon they need to craft. But before any of that, ensure that the specific weapon you want is craftable or not. 

If you are low on certain materials, the number of items needed will be listed on the left of the craft button, after which players can craft their desired shotgun or rifle and take it to the battlefield to test it. This is basically how to craft weapons in Fortnite

Crafting Mechanical Weapons 

To learn how to craft mechanical weapons in Fortnite, the easiest way is to get hold of some Mechanical Parts, which can be done after you smash some cars and RVs. after that, open up your inventory and locate the crafting tab as usual. 

Search for the desired weapon that you want to craft, see if you have enough mechanical parts, and get crafting! If players want to try out the “Save The World” pack, then don’t miss out on our Fortnite Save The World Beginner’s Guide!

What Are Tech Weapons 

From what we mentioned before, some of the IO Fortnite Weapons are also known as “Tech Weapons,” which can be located at any base and includes three main weapons with them being the pulse rifle, Rail Gun and Recon Scanner, all used for a different reason while in combat or for locating players in the vicinity on the map. 

Where Are The Exotic Weapons In Fortnite 

The next topic that we will be covering is the locations of all Exotic weapons, which can be found after interacting with some NPCs. 


Fortnite Nighthawk Map
Nighthawk Map Location
DPS Damage Reload Time Fire Rate Critical hit damage
70.4 44 2.0 sec 1.6 2x

The Nighthawk weapon can be found after communicating with two different NPCs, one of them being at The Sanctuary. After gliding down and landing at the base, simply interact with the NPC roaming around to get your hands on the Nighthawk. 

The weapon itself can be found yet again after you talk to an NPC found at The Joneses, and after burning through his dialogue, he will award the player the weapon. If you are facing issues with frame rates while playing, then maybe consider reading up on our Fortnite How To Get More FPS walkthrough!

Storm Scout 

Fortnite Storm Scout Location
Storm Scout Map Location
DPS Damage Reload Time Fire Rate Critical hit damage
  • 77.4 (Epic)
  • 81 (Legendary)
  • 2.8s (Epic)
  • 2.7s (Legendary)
  • 215 (Epic)
  • 225 (Legendary)

The Storm Scout weapon can be accessed first by dropping on the top right corner near a location on the map displayed as “The Daily Bugle.” Interact with the NPC named “The Imagined” to get the weapon. 

The next way to acquire the weapon is by locating the area left to the “Command Cavern” and gliding down and locating the same NPC to get the weapon. Now, just below Condo Canyon on the map, players can find the NPC again, interact with him, and get their hands on the Storm Scout. 

Boom Sniper Rifle 

Fortnite Boom Sniper Rifle Map Location
Boom Sniper Rifle Location
DPS Damage Reload Time Fire Rate Critical hit damage
  • 10 (Impact)
  • 75 (Explosion)
4.1 sec 1 2.5x

The Boom Sniper Rifle can be found after talking to four different NPCs, one of the first NPCs being “The Visitor.” After landing on a small island that is located near The Sanctuary. Another NPC that can give the weapon is “The Scientist,” which can be found at the Synapse Station. 

The other NPC that will grant the player the weapon is Agent Jones, who can be found on the map in the bottom left near the Greasy Grove. Agent Jones can also interact when players find him near the location at Logjam Lumberyard on the mini-map. 

The Dub 

Fortnite The Dub Map Location
The Dub Location
DPS Damage Reload Time Fire Rate Critical hit damage
233.7 123 2.7 sec 1.9 1.5x

As for The Dub, there is an NPC named Bunker Jonesy, who will grant the player the weapon. Ludwig is yet another NPC that can be found at the same place, while another NPC named Mullet can also give out the weapon. Did you know these secrets about Fortnite? If not, then find out in our Fortnite Battle Royale Secrets guide.

Marksman Six Shooter 

Fortnite Marksman Six Shooter Location
Marksman Six Shooter Map
DPS Damage Reload Time Fire Rate Critical hit damage
24 2.1 sec 4.0x

The location of Camp Cuddle will have a variety of the Fortnite Weapons that players are looking for, with one of the NPCs being the Cuddle Team Leader. 

Shadow Tracker 

Fortnite Shadow Tracker Map Location
Shadow Tracker Location
DPS Damage Reload Time Fire Rate Structure damage
195.75 29 1.3 6.75 29

Players can talk to the Metal Team Leader following the same map location, “Camp Cuddle,” players can talk to the Metal Team Leader. After exhausting its dialogue, players can acquire the Shadow Tracker, which can also be acquired from Cuddlepool. Amongst these NPCs, there will be an NPC that upgrades weapons in Fortnite

These were generally some of the best Fortnite weapons that players will come across when they are playing Fortnite. Let us know what you think!

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