Forspoken Devs are open to an anime adaptation if the game does well.


2023 is looking like a big year for gaming, with many highly anticipated games set for release. The Hogwarts Legacystarfield, Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, and Final Fantasy XVI are some of the major AAA releases this year. But, the AAA releases that will kick off the year have divided the public: Spoken.

Since its reveal, the PlayStation console exclusive has received a lot of criticism for its dialogue and writing. Fans also didn’t particularly warm to Forspoken’s demo. Mixed reviews.

But, the motivation for the game is still high Square Annex He has said that if the reception of the fans on the release is good, then one Anime adaptation is possible.

Key takeaways

  • The Square Enix team says that if fan response to the game is positive, a Forspeak anime is possible.
  • This is just one of the options a publisher is open to exploring if an RPG does well.
  • According to Square Enix, fan feedback will control the future.

Hip Hop Gamerwho is a gaming journalist, broke the news to the public. During an interview with the Square Enix team working on Forspoken, he asked them if an anime adaptation was possible. The staff’s response is interesting for fans of the upcoming game.

The team said they are only focusing on releasing the game. January 24 As of now. But, when asked if they have been approached to do an anime adaptation of Forspoken, Square Enix gave an interesting answer. According to him, if players want to see another adaptation of Forspoken, the studio will be happy to make it.

Everything is open after Square Enix. RPG Comes out, including an anime. If there is a call for it, the team would love to explore different media adaptations of the title. Therefore, the Forspoken universe may expand even more after release.

For now, we are all focused on getting the game out on January 24th. What happens next is open to us. If people want to see Forspoken in another form of media, that would be great for us because it means there is a calling and a crowd for this product.

Continuing the response, the Square Enix team said they would wait before taking any action. gave Fan reaction will pay a large portion, and the publisher will decide before greenlighting anything. So, the staff really just wants to give players a chance to try out Forspoken.

We get a lot of hope from this answer because even though the response has been divided, RPG can still perform well. Square Enix tells HipHopGamer that they want to let things take their natural course. And we’ll be hoping this leads to a Forspoken anime.

It’s something we’d definitely love to explore and when people get a chance to play the game we’ll just wait for fan reactions and feedback and let it take its natural course.

So, though it will be permanent on mobile phones opinionSquare Enix seems to have thought of this. The company is ready to explore this and further expand the Forspoken IP. And with the way HipHopeGamer produces anime, we definitely want to see it happen.

Bola takes place in part New York, And seeing that being a part of an anime would be remarkable. The game world of Got up The game also looks remarkable and will be more in line with the anime. So, we should hope that Square Enix decides to go down this route.

With a January 24th release date, Forspoken will begin the PlayStation year with a partial exception. It comes out Windows PC With PlayStation 5. Hopefully the game does well, and we might get an anime adaptation soon.

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