Forspoken currently ranks high on Amazon’s bestseller charts.


  • Forspoken is number 2 on the Amazon US PlayStation 5 best-selling games chart.
  • It is also growing in Japan as it is the number 1 game on the PlayStation 5 Amazon charts in the country.
  • Despite the mixed reviews, the game is selling really well and beating some big names.

In the gaming world, competition is always fierce in the charts of retailers. Amazon. 2023 will be no exception to this rule, with many expected. AAA Games are coming out. Among the major AAA games released in January of this year, Square Enix’s Spoken Argument is most divisive.

Since its reveal last year, the game has divided both critics and fans. His dialogue and world building. Recent Demo of Forspoken It was not universally accepted and received mixed reviews from players.

However, it seems that the RPG is not falling for the criticism as it continues to rise in the charts of the best-selling PlayStation 5 games on Amazon.

NextGenPlayer Twitter was the first to report this information to the public. Amazon’s best-selling charts paint a fairly accurate picture of the industry they belong to. In this case, they confirm the hype surrounding some of the video games coming this year.

is obsolete. Number 2 On the PlayStation 5 games best-selling chart On Amazon USBy beating out some competition to do so. The RPG is on top of some exciting upcoming releases such as A remake of Dead Spacewhich is on Number 3. So, the hype for the game is quite worthy when you consider its reception.

It’s also on top of a popular 2022 game, Sonic Frontiers. Number 4 Forspoken’s performance in the charts becomes even more impressive as we descend into the Amazon charts. The Hogwarts Legacy is on the standard version. Number 6 And Number 7meaning that the Square Enix title is at least beating the title in some way.

Miscellaneous Sales
Spoken in the Amazon US sales chart.

On Number 9 is in the chart The best edition of Final Fantasy XVI, another major AAA title to come out this year. Forspoken is also up. 2022 Game of the Year, Alden Ring, in the Amazon bestseller charts. Hence, the game is performing very well and is increasing the ratings despite the bad press surrounding it.

Hogwarts Legacy: Deluxe Edition There is only one game above Forspoken in the Amazon PlayStation 5 charts. Other than the Wizarding World game, no other title is currently outselling the fantasy game. When you consider the hype outside of the world of the Harry Potter franchise title, that’s not a bad result.

Even with all the controversy surrounding it, Hogwarts Legacy is still racking up sales numbers. This first topped the Steam pre-order charts., too, shows the power of the Harry Potter franchise. So, being under it is not a failure at all.

The upcoming Square Enix title has really done a great job under the circumstances. Being blocked by Hogwarts Legacy is like a Taylor Swift song blocking you from number 1 on the Billboard charts. So, Forspoken is putting up strong numbers and might just be a hit despite the poor reception.

I his performance Japan It is also an indication of how well the game is doing in terms of sales. On Japanese Amazon ChartsForspoken is currently Number 1 PlayStation 5 in bestseller charts. So, the game is all set for a grand opening at its home base in a few days.

What’s even more surprising is that Final Fantasy XVI tops the game charts. If you know something about how popular. Final concept In Japan, you will know how big this milestone is. Hogwarts Legacy is also behind Forspoken in Japan, another win for the Square Enix IP.

Forspoken Amazon Japan sales
PS5 in Japan ranked No. 1 on the Amazon sales chart

There are standard and deluxe editions of the WB game. Number 3 And number 4, Respectively Forspoken is also above another highly anticipated upcoming game. A remake of Resident Evil 4. In the PlayStation 5 charts, Capcom is the game. Number 5 And completes the top 5.

So, it seems that despite the bad reviews from fans, Forspoken is selling like hotcakes in the biggest markets. Of course, only time will tell how well it actually sells upon its release. But the signs look great.

For Spoken releases on PlayStation 5 and more PC Windows On January 24, 2023. You can play the demo right now and decide whether you want to buy the game or not. If the game does well with the anime adaptation, we hope it’s a success.

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