Forspoken Beginners Guide [Tips & Tricks]


Before you get ready to try out some Magic Parkour in Athia, it’s best if you went through some of the best Tips and Tricks for Forspoken. The game features a lot of unique mechanics and combat systems which can overwhelm the best of players. Although, if you educate yourself during the early stages of the game then you’d be able to flourish with Frey as you take down magical beasts in the vast realms of Athia. Therefore, going through the Forspoken Beginners Guide can make your life a whole lot easier!

Key Highlights

  • Before kicking off your journey in Forspoken, it’s recommended that you grasp the tons of different mechanics that the game features.
  • Athia is a vast land that can only be explored fully if you utilize the Magic Parkour moves such as Flow, Rush, Soar, etc.
  • Players can save their progress and craft items and upgrade their gear by making pit stops at the Pilgrim’s Refuge.
  • The combat mode features tons of variations, and you can use up to 4 Magic Sets, each decored with its own Attack and Support Spells.
  • Collecting Mana from the open world and leveling up will allow you to upgrade your Spells in Forspoken.
  • While exploring the world, players can scan their surroundings using the Cuff.


World Map

forspoken map
World Map overview [Image Credit: eXputer]

To begin our Forspoken Beginners guide, there is nothing better to cover than the World Map itself. When you start the game, you will take control of Frey who lives in New York. However, as the story progresses, Frey will be taken to a medieval land called Athia. Athia will be home for the players for the majority of the game. The magical land was once ruled by Tantas, a group of matriarchs

However, The Break has now taken the world to extreme ends. Frey will encounter mutated beasts, monsters, and whatnot while exploring Athia. As you travel around Athia, you will come across 4 Realms. These realms are called Visoria, Avoalat, Paenest, and Junoon. Each of these realms features a unique topography and enemies. There is plenty to figure out and gather in Athia, hence, it’s best to get to work straight away! 

The Belfries & Fast Travel

belfry towers recon forspoken
Belfry [Image Credit: eXputer]

As you travel across Athia, you will come across plenty of golden towers known as the Belfries. There will be at least one Belfry in each region within the realms of Athia. These Belfries are not to be ignored because they serve as Fast Travel points in Forspoken. Despite having access to the cool Magic Parkour, the journeys will start becoming tiring after a while. Hence, it will become important to Fast Travel to these Belfries to save up your time. After interacting with the Belfries tower, you will also clear up the area on your World Map in Forspoken.

Including the Belfries, here are all the Locations the players can use to fast travel around Athia.

  • The Belfries
  • Pilgrim’s Refuge
  • Monuments of Wisdom

Other than being Fast Travel points, these Belfries also work as Recon stations in Forspoken. Many open-world games now feature Recon towers which offer an extent of assistance to the player. Whenever you access a new Belfry tower in Forspoken, Frey will use her magic to scan the whole area. Doing this will reveal all the POIs (Points of Interest) in that particular area. Therefore, you will save further time when you know which places you need to go to. 

Pilgrim’s Refuge

safehouse in forspoken
The first Pilgrim’s Refuge [Screenshot by eXputer]

The Pilgrim’s Refuge buildings are like a safehouse for Frey. Therefore, make sure you stop by each one that you encounter in Athia. There are tons of Pilgrim’s Refuge houses in the game, the good thing is that they look exactly the same. Their common design makes it easier for the players to spot them from afar. So, what makes the Pilgrims Refuge so special and worth visiting?

First and foremost, you will be able to save your game here and solidify your progress in the game. You will find no threats when you’re inside the safe house, meaning you can peacefully focus on Frey and her skills or you could even go through the Journal and Archives to catch up to the game. Although, that’s not all. The Pilgrim’s Refuge buildings also serve as Fast Travel destinations for Frey. Apart from that, you will also be able to acquire some loot inside the Refuge houses.

Whenever Frey rests inside the Pilgrim’s Refuge, she will get healed. Players can also find plenty of Healing Draughts placed on the table. These healing items are crucial especially in mid to late games. You can also Upgrade their Items and use the Crafting Bench inside these safe houses. Most Pilgrim’s Refuges also hold books that Frey can access to reveal the locations of other safehouses within her vicinity. 

Scanning Your Surroundings

Forspoken cuff
Cuff Scanning feature [Image Credit: eXputer]

Staying on the topic of Exploration, we think it is necessary to include some of the Cuff’s abilities in our Forspoken Beginners Guide. As you play through the game, you will encounter the Cuff in Forspoken. This happens quite early in the game when Frey Holland is in New York. Frey then proceeds to wear the Cuff, which ultimately teleports her to Athia. Nonetheless, in the game players will have the Cuff as their companion.

Hence, it is important to utilize its abilities to the fullest. As it happens, you can use the Cuff to scan your surroundings in Athia. It is an extremely helpful exploration feature in the game that players should exploit as much as they can. If you’re using a controller, you can simply press the ‘Up‘ button on the D-pad to use the Cuff. Using the Cuff to scan the area will highlight the enemies, NPCs you can interact with, chests, and items that can be picked up.

Therefore, if you’re someone who likes exploring every bit of a certain area, then this feature could be your best friend. Later on in the game, the Cuff scanning feature can also be used to reveal the enemy’s resistances and weaknesses. These crucial insights can help you defeat enemies greatly. 

Magic Combat

Combat is one of the most fun and intriguing features in Forspoken. As you know by now, the game has implemented a unique kind of combat system. The whole combat mechanic revolves around Frey’s and the Cuff’s magic abilities. Therefore, get ready to use all kinds of spells to deal with the enemies in Forspoken. However, the Magic Combat system can be quite overwhelming for beginners in Forspoken. 

Fortunately, after going through this section, you’ll be easily able to understand all the bits and bobs regarding Magic. There are 4 unique sets of Magic that Frey can use in the game (covered in more detail later). For now, let us focus on how the Combat mode works in the game.

So to start things off, we would first like to mention that the Combats in Forspoken are based on Grade systems.

  • This means that every fight you get into will simultaneously get ranked by the game’s algorithm. As per your performance during the battle, your Grade will continuously change.
  • The higher the grade is at the end of a battle the higher multiplier effect you will gain on the EXP and Drop Rate. Hence, whenever you get into a fight, keep a close eye on the Grading at the side.

To get high Grades, you should aim at using the Magic Set that the enemy is weak against. Other than that if you manage to beat the enemy while taking none or minimal damage then you will also be able to increase your Grade. Killing enemies within seconds also improves the combat grade. Nonetheless, here are some starter tips regarding the fighting sequences.

  • During fights, Frey will use different kinds of spells to inflict damage on the opponents.
  • At the start of the game, players will have access to a few spells.
  • However, as you progress through the game, you will be able to unlock new Spells from the Magic menu.
  • New spells can be bought in Forspoken using Mana. As you unlock more spells, feel free to use them during fights to create some critical chain attacks.
  • While attacking enemies with different spells, Frey’s Triangle gauge at the bottom will fill up. Once it is full, you will be able to unleash the extra-powerful Surge Magic Attack.
  • Last but not least, always remember to lock-on on your enemies so that you don’t miss any attacks. You can lock on to a particular enemy by looking towards them and pressing R3 on your controller.

There are multiple types of Magic that Frey can use in the game. These are known as Support and Attack Spells. You can find more details on them later in the next section.

Other than that, when it comes to the defensive part of combats in Forspoken, the Cuff will be there to cover you up. However, it is best not to rely on him every time. Whenever the enemy is pelting blows down on Frey, the Cuff will create a magical shield to block the first attack. This is more like a visual cue and the first line of defense for the player. There are some attacks, represented by a red cross, which are unblockable. To avoid these, you should always use Magic Parkour or Evasion methods, do not try to block or parry these attacks.

As for the rest, make sure you parry or dodge the enemy’s attack on time. Timing your dodges and parries will take you far in Athia, therefore, try mastering the technique in the early stages of the game. 

Now that we have covered the basics of the Magic Combat, it’s time to fit in the final pieces so that you understand the whole mechanism.

Magic Sets

unlock spells with mana in forspoken
Frey’s Magic set [Screenshot by eXputer]

First up, Forspoken features 4 Sets of Magic that Frey will be able to use in the game. Each set will have its own unique variety of spells that Frey can use while fighting enemies or exploring Athia. These sets are part of the main storyline, hence, you will get each set in due time depending on where you are in the story.

When you first begin your journey in Athia, you will only have access to Frey’s Magic, which are purple-colored Earth-based spells. Later on, you will acquire the other sets which are based on an Element that has unique spells. With that said, here are all 4 Magic Sets in Forspoken.

  • Frey’s Magic (Earth)
  • Sila’s Magic (Fire)
  • Prav’s Magic (Water)
  • Olas’ Magic (Light)

As evident by the chart above, each set will feature spells based on their relevant element.

Magic Types

attack magic spells Forspoken
Attack Type Magic [Image Credit: eXputer]

Now that you’re familiar with the Magic Sets in Forspoken, it’s time to understand all the Magic Spell types in the game. These types will remain the same within each Magic Set, however, the spells will vary. With that said, here are all Types of Magic Spells Frey can use in Athia.

  • Attack Magic: These are the aggressive spells Frey will have access to. The Attack Spells will only be used during battles. If you’re playing on a controller, you can press the R2 button to cast an Attack Spell. Other than that, players can also press and hold R1 to open up the Attack Spell wheel. From here, you can choose the spell of your choice. The Attack Spells do not go on cooldown, therefore, you can use them as much as you want. Holding down the attack button will charge up your spell.
  • Support Magic: These spells offer assistance for Frey during battles. Support Magic spells will usually help restrain enemies, slow them down, or deploy turret-like allies. You can use Support Magic Spells by pressing L2. Apart from that, you can also hold L1 to open the Spell wheel which showcases all the Support Magic spells you have unlocked. However, it is important to know that Support spells have a cooldown. Hence, after each use of a specific spell, you will need to wait for a while until you use that same spell again. 
  • Surge Magic: We previously mentioned Surge Magic Attacks. These are special Magic spells that can only be used after you have gradually cast Support and Attack Spells during the combat. On the bottom right side of the screen, you will notice a Triangle shaped icon that holds the spell types on each corner. As you make your way through the battles, this triangle icon will fill up. Once it is full, you can use the Surge Magic Spell by pressing R2+L2. The Surge move inflicts a huge amount of damage to the enemy.

Now you may be wondering how you can unlock new Spells for Frey in Forspoken. At the start when players get the chance to use magic in Athia they will have only a few spells to choose from. However, as you make your way through the game, you will learn the different ways through which you can unlock new Magic Spells. These methods include:

  • Buying spells by spending Mana.
  • Visiting the Founts of Blessing.


Forspoken mana magic
Mana in Forspoken [Image Credit: eXputer]

In the previous section of our Forspoken Beginners Guide, we mentioned that you could unlock new spells by using up Mana. But what is Mana? The term Mana is given to the Skill Points in the game. Gathering Mana will allow Frey’s magical abilities to grow more and more. Therefore, no matter what your playstyle is, you must pay close attention to your Mana collection in Athia. There are a couple of ways through which you can acquire Mana.

  • Firstly, Frey will gain Mana every time she levels up in the game. Hence, if you gain enough EXP and level Frey up, you will get a small chunk of Mana as well. As you progress through the game, leveling up will become a lot harder, which will make Mana feel scarce.
  • The second method is much easier and can be done while you’re freely exploring the realms of Athia. Once you start getting familiar with the world, you will notice small glowing nodes scattered around different areas. These can appear in clusters, where they will be chained together within a particular distance. Or in some instances, you can also find lone Mana nodes. One node will get you a single Mana in Forspoken. 

Even though gathering Mana through nodes may seem insignificant, but once you collect a bunch of them, you’ll increase your total count greatly. Plus, it is always fun to use Frey’s Magic Parkour to collect these Mana Nodes in the game. Apart from that, every time you collect a Mana from the ground, Frey’s stamina bar will get refilled.

Once you have enough Mana in your pocket, you can simply go to the Magic section in the main menu and unlock new Spells. Each spell will cost you a specific amount of Mana. The costs of the spell could range anywhere from 10 to 100 Mana. Before we end this section, we would like to mention a cool user-friendly feature that Square Enix has added to Forspoken.

If by any chance you buy the wrong spell or you don’t like a particular spell that you bought, then you can simply refund the Mana in the game. However, there are a few exceptions to this rule. Nonetheless, it is still a great feature to use in order to get back your wasted Mana.

  • You can claim a refund by going to the Magic section and choosing the spell you want to be reverted.
  • If you see the option to “Convert back to Mana”, hold Triangle and let the game do its magic.
  • Just like that, you’ll get some, if not all, of your Mana back. You can then proceed to invest it in another Spell that intrigues you.

Spellcraft Challenges

how to upgrade magic spells in forspoken
Spellcraft Challenges Display (left) [Screenshot by eXputer]

Like a lot of other Open world/RPG titles, Forspoken also includes in-game challenges that players can take part in. These challenges will add another layer of fun side to your combat and travels. On top of that, since they are challenges they will ultimately offer you a reward after you complete them.

  • Spellcraft challenges are tied to a singular spell. Each spell will have its own challenge for the player to go after. For example, the challenge for “Flow” is to dodge enemy attacks 25 times using Parkour. Once you complete this challenge, your Stamina recovery rate will increase.
  • Once the player activates the Spellcraft Challenges, they will be displayed on the left side of the screen.
  • Using the Spellcraft counter on the side, you can easily track your progress and upgrade your favorite Spells.

In order to activate the Spellcraft Challenges in Forspoken, you will need to head to the Archives library in Cipal. You can then interact with the books and begin Spellcraft challenges. Later on, players can also start the challenges from Pilgrim’s Refuge buildings.

You are allowed to activate Three Spellcraft Challenges at a time. Therefore, make sure that you always have three challenges running so that you can potentially upgrade multiple spells. Once you complete a challenge, you can always go back to the above-mentioned spots in order to initiate a new challenge. 

Another tip that we want to include in our Forspoken Beginners Guide relates to the Accessibility settings of the game. Even though we really enjoy seeing the ongoing real-time counter for these challenges on the side, not everyone does. If you’re someone who likes a cleaner screen, especially during battles, then you can turn off the “Spellcraft Challenge Display” from the in-game settings.

Look Out For Monuments & Fount Of Blessings

forspoken founts of blessing magic spell
Cutscene when Frey interacts with a Fount [Image Credit: eXputer]

As you explore the vast lands of Athia, you will come across many interesting spots. Some of these locations are worth checking out because they will give the player some crucial buffs and items that can enhance their gameplay. Hence, we advise you to thoroughly go through all of these locations after you spot them with The Belfry. Although, if you manage to randomly stumble upon them while doing blind exploration then that works too.

Here are the locations you should keep an eye out for. We have also included what these locations offer to Frey in the game.

  • Founts of Blessings: These are magical locations that can be spotted from afar due to their sky-rising illumination. Founts of Blessings are usually decorated with a big tree beside a small glowing pool. When Frey interacts with the Founts of Blessing, she will receive a free Magic Spell. Founts of Blessings will mostly grant you either a Support or a Traversal Spell.
  • Monuments: These locations are also worth visiting in Athia. Even though they won’t give you anything special as the Founts of Blessings do, they will increase Frey’s Stats, hence, it’s worth checking out the Monuments whenever you find them during exploring Athia.

Crafting, Upgrading, & Resources

gear uograde in forspoken
Upgrading Cloak in Forspoken [Screenshot by eXputer]

Earlier in our guide, we mentioned that you could Craft items while staying inside the Pilgrim’s Refuge. However, like every other game, to craft items, you will first need relevant resources. As it happens, Forspoken features many resources like plants, ores, and feathers. These can be collected in numerous ways while you explore Athia.

Apart from the Pilgrim’s Refuge, you can also set up camps using firewood in Forspoken. Within these camps, players can craft certain items as well. In RPG titles, as you progress through the game, it is extremely important to craft items and upgrade the gear. Hence, make sure you collect as many resources as you can and take out the time to upgrade your Cloaks and Necklaces.

forspoken collecting resources
resources collection Forspoken [Image Credit: eXputer]

Here are some of the most used Resources in Forspoken.

  • Balm Flex
  • Nuggets
  • Wild Musk
  • Crag Grass
  • Firewood
  • Feather
  • Clusters

These resources can be found while you explore the open world. Chests will give you guaranteed resources; other than that, and you can also pick up ingredients after defeating certain enemies. Lastly, the Pilgrim’s Refuge houses also have a stack of resources for the player. Once you have enough resources, you can then craft tons of different crucial items or even make some much-needed upgrades.

Make sure to craft as many Healing Draughts as you can. These small health items will be your best friend throughout your journey. Secondly, your focus should also be on increasing the carrying capacity of Frey. Make sure you upgrade her Medicine and Material Pouch every now and then so that she can hold more stuff with her. 

Apart from these things, there are many other upgrades and crafts that are worth checking out during your playthrough. Without paying attention to this section of Forspoken, players can end up struggling as they progress through Frey’s storyline.


forspoken cloaks
Type of Cloak in Forspoken [Image Credit: eXputer]

Next up on the Forspoken Beginners Guide, we have the topic of “Gear“. Sometimes magic isn’t enough to keep you going in the tough lands of Athia. With danger looming around every corner, it is extremely important for Frey to equip some of the Best Gear in the game. These items can offer special abilities and buffs to you, which can make a world of difference in battles. As of right now, Forspoken only features 3 Types of Gear items in the game.

Frey can equip one of each Gear item in the game. These gear items will grant her abilities that can improve her combat prowess or traversal skills. There isn’t any specific department that these Gear pieces focus on. However, you can expect abilities like increased Crit chance, reduced damage with Cuff block, increased damage from Red Magic, auto-heal after defeating enemies, etc. All in all, it is important to equip these Gear items in Forspoken to take Frey to the next level.

Without paying attention to some of the best Gear items, you will find it hard to beat tougher enemies. Players can also upgrade their Gear by using resources whenever they are in the Pilgrim’s Refuge or at a camp. Upgrading gear will usually add a fixed percentage to enhance the ability

Side Missions

forspoken side quests
Side Missions on the map [Screenshot by eXputer]

Nowadays, it is quite common for open-world games to feature tons of side quests that help players get some bonus EXP, Resources, Gear, and unique items. In Forspoken, these side missions are called “Detours“. There are only about 20 Detours in Forspoken. Most of these side missions can be found in the city of Cipal.

These quests are marked by a small ‘downwards arrow‘ icon on the map. You can spot them on the map and then follow the icon to initiate a side quest. These missions will include exclusive cutscenes and a bunch of different characters. We highly advise you to explore these quests as they bring you a lot closer to the city life of Cipal. Some Detours will also unlock Trophies for you. Such as the 9 Cat Chase quests; when you complete these missions, you will achieve the “A Roaring Tradeachievement.

Fall Damage

The Magic Parkour and effortless movement that defies gravity may make you believe that fall damage does not exist in Forspoken. On top of that, the first few times that you fall will probably show no health reduction. All of this may make you believe that you can freely fall off cliffs without any consequences. However, that is not the case because fall damage does exist even for Frey.

  • Usually, when you fall from a high place, the Cuff will protect you from incurring any damage.
  • Although, if you pay close attention to the vitality bars at the bottom left corner of the screen. You will notice that after a fall, Frey’s stamina bar will become fully depleted.
  • Hence, if you’re Stamina bar is almost, or fully, depleted before the fall, then the Cuff will be unable to protect you. In that scenario, Frey’s health will take a hit due to the Fall Damage.

So, that means that you shouldn’t take the Magic Parkour abilities for granted. Tread carefully, especially where there is a chance of falling down from a high place. Fortunately, as you progress through the game, you will be able to unlock some Traversal Spells, such as “Float,” which will help you avoid fall damage for good.


The huge interactive world of Forspoken also features an in-game event. The in-game event is termed “Breakstorms.” These may be a fun sequence once you’re in the mid or late-game. Although, at the beginning of the game, the Breakstorms can be the worst for newbies. By now, you’d be well aware that the world of Athia is affected by The Break. Due to The Break, at times, hazardous storms form in certain parts of Athia.

  • If players are caught up in these storms, they will be put up against hordes of hostile entities.
  • These fights can be one of the toughest you face in the whole game. Some Breakstorms will also deploy boss-level enemies at the end after you manage to clear the initial hordes.
  • Nightmares are a common enemy type that can be found within Breakstorms. If you manage to take them down and clear the Breakstorm, you will achieve significant EXP along with some special rewards.

With that said, if you’re still getting a hang of the game mechanics then we advise you to completely ignore the Breakstorms. You can always escape the Breakstorms whenever you see one. Once you have upgraded Magic Spells and high-tier gear, then you can start to test your skills inside these storms gradually.

Spending Old Coins

forspoken old coins money
Old Coins [Screenshot by eXputer]

Before we conclude the Forspoken Beginners Guide, we think it is necessary to include some trading tips. While exploring Athia, you will come across multiple chests that can also be highlighted by using the Cuff’s Scan ability. Some of these chests can be opened up to loot some valuable items. On the other hand, you will also encounter chests that can only be opened up after solving a puzzle. Within these puzzle-locked chests, you will be able to find “Old Coins,” which is a rare form of currency in Athia.

If you’re confused as to where you need to use these Old Coins, then we have got you covered. The Old Coins can be spent at a few different spots in Forspoken. Here are the 3 Traders that will entertain you in exchange for some Old Coins.

  • Cat Lover: The Cat Lover Lady can be found in Cipal, which is a town where you’ll spend a lot of time, especially during the early phases of the game. She will sell you Toys in exchange for Old Coins. These toys can be used to decorate Frey’s room in Cipal.
  • Bookseller: The Bookseller is another Old Coins trader that you can find in the game. If you have enough Old Coins on your hand, then feel free to visit him and check out all the attachments he offers for your gear.
  • Trader in Visoria: Last but not least, we have the hidden trader in Visoria. He sells a lot of cool stuff which are worth checking out. You can find him in the Curiosity Shop located in the Southern parts of Visoria. There isn’t any specific theme that the hidden trader treads on, although you can find some extremely useful stuff in his catalog. For example, you can buy the Gravity Lantern (Attracts Mana nodes towards Frey) or the Comfy Pillow (Grants buffs after Frey sleeps).

Old Coins are a scarce resource in the game. You can only buy a few items before you run out of them. Hence, it is best to save up the Old Coins until you meet the Trader in Visoria. Try getting all the special items off of him by using up your Old Coins. Later on, you can focus on the other Traders if you happen to have any spare Old Coins left.

Final Words

There you have it! Our complete Beginners Guide includes some of the Best Tips and Tricks for Forspoken. We paid attention to every bit of detail in the game to curate this special guide for you, which will make your life much easier in Athia. Following some of these tips and tricks will put you on the right track from the beginning. Knowing the importance of some of the things, like the Pilgrim’s Refuge and Magic types, will help you optimize Frey to the fullest.

Forspoken is the latest RPG title released by Square Enix and developed by Luminous Studios. Frey Holland is the main protagonist in the game, who is leading a rather troubled life in New York. However, despite her troubles, she stumbles upon a magical Cuff that transports her to a mythical land called Athia. If you have just started the game, here is a quick guide on How Long Forspoken is. If you enjoyed playing this title, then you can also check out these 25 games Like Forspoken.

Thank you for reading through our thorough beginner’s guide. Stick around at eXputer for more informative articles about Forspoken.

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