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As the release of Spoken A hot topic in the community these days, you might be interested in this. Voice actors of Forspoken. Along with its famous story with incredible graphics and visuals, the developers have also put a lot of effort into the game’s audio and have also recruited the famous people. Voice actors. Some of the actors are well known and have done voice acting for other games as well, while some are newly introduced.

Key highlights

  • the sound Acting For Spoken is quite decent with effective dialogues and to-the-point voice acting.
  • The main character in the game, free, Gender is not optional. Therefore, her voice is only done by a female actress.
  • There are some of the best voice actors in the game. Ella Balanska, Banana Settle, Pollyanna McIntosh, And Jonathan Cake.
  • Although some voice actors are recognized for their previous famous work, Forgotten It has also introduced some new actors for its various roles.

The main character

The voice actors for the main characters in Forspoken are discussed below.

Free Holland- Ella Balinska

For spoken voice actors
Free voice actress [Picture credit: eXputer]

Beginning with Free HollandI main character Spoken A generational girl stepping onto the land of New York City For some general adventure. The real thrill begins when he is magically teleported away. Got up, a place full of mysteries and riddles. There, she discovers her magical abilities, which she wants to use to escape Earth and return to her home.

The voice behind free is in the game Ella Balanskawhich is a well-known English actress. He has played important roles in popular shows and movies like Charlie’s Angels, run dear run runand an all-time favorite Resident Evil (2022).

Cuff- Jonathan Keck

Cuff bracelet
Cuff voice actor [Screenshot by us]

A magical bracelet with mysterious powers, Cuff is the game’s deuteragonist who helps. free in its difficult times. Yes, it can talk! And do some magic that you don’t see coming.

Jonathan Cake Behind is the voice actor Cuffwhich is also one. English actor. Although he is an old actor, he can still be seen in various TV shows. Its main work includes Rebecca, Oswald Mosley, and an NBC television movie Noah’s Ark (1999). Now that his acting days are over, he directs movies and shows along with voice acting.

Auden- Monica Barbaro

Speaking voice actors
Auden’s voice actress [Image by eXputer]

Auden is the character who sets Frey up with the socks. Gear When you are first introduced to it. He is one The kind personality, which is clearly visible thanks to Monica Barbaro’s performance. Also, he is more than willing to help someone like Frey, who has found himself in a confusing situation.

The voice behind Auden Is Monica Barbarowhich is one. American actress. He has acted in various American shows, including Unreal Season 2, The Good CopAnd Top Gun: The Wanderer. Despite being an actress, she is also a ballet dancer who specializes in salsa, flamenco and modern dance. After studying dance at New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts, she decided to enter the showbiz and film industry.

Johdi- Kayla Settle

For spoken voice actors
Johdi Voice Actress [Picture credit: eXputer]

Another ally of Frey, who can’t leave him when times are tough. Johdi Can be seen in several cutscenes and missions throughout the game.

Johdi’s voice has performed. Kayla Joan Settlewhich is one. American singer and actress. His famous role as Norma Valverde I Hands on hard bodyWhich was nominated for several prestigious awards, showcasing his outstanding work.

In 2017, he played the role of Letty Lutz In the musical picture, The greatest showmanIn which she became a bearded woman. Also his song “This is mewas nominated for Academy Award And won The Golden Globe Award in 2018.

Supporting role

While discussing the main heroes, we cannot leave out the supporting characters viz The sarcasm of Alyth, Because they also play an important role in the story. The following are the voice actors of the supporting characters.

Tanta Sela- Janina Gaonkar

Tanta Sela
Sela Voice actress [Screenshot grab: eXputer]

Tanta Sela, whopower grid, The most powerful and respected is Tanta. He is in charge of it. Athenian forces and orders them to protect Earth from worldly threats. Cella Is a great warrior and has participated in numerous battles. She has now become a dictatorial figure with great power and status, eliminating those who try to go against her.

the voice of Cella Is Janina Zevan Gaonkarwhich is also one. American actress And a decent musician. Apart from acting and singing, he is a piano master and orchestral percussionist.

Tanta Prao- Pollyanna McIntosh

For spoken voice actors
Tanta Prao Voice Actress [image by us[

The second great Tanta, known as the “Tanta of Justice,” is a judicial protectionist. She looks after the Athia’s judicial to sustain peace and nobility in her land. She only trusts her own judgment and lets no one surpass the system of justice.

Pollyanna McIntosh is the voice of Tanta Prav. She is a Scottish actress, as well as a writer and director. Out of many seasons and Tv shows, her famous work includes Exam (2009), Let Us Prey (2014), and The Woman (2011). 

Tanta Olas- Claudia Black 

Tanta Olas
Tanta Olas Voice Actress [Picture credit: eXputer]

Finally, the third thread of Got upTanta Olas, or “A trick of wisdom“, is the ruler of Visaria Who is known for his charm and intelligence. He is a special member. Opposite Contributes to lineup and game development.

the voice of Olas is done by Claudia Lee Blackwhich is one. Australian-born actress. She has lived in many states and done many shows and programs during her career. His famous works include Water Rats, Hercules: The Legendary Journeys, And Xena series 1995.

Tanta Cinta- Kendall Rae

The voice cast of Forspoken
Tanta Cinta Voice Actress [Picture credits: eXputer]

The role of Tanta Cinta is to be filled. Kendall Rae. She has been in a couple of leading media shows and has now been cast in them. First time video game Character His character appears later in the game. We don’t want to spoil anything for you. Still, we assure you that if you like the game, you will love it. Tanta Cinta


When we talk about the core characters of Forspoken, we can’t ignore the side role characters. These characters are voiced by the following actors.


According to a recent Subreddit post, it’s obvious that fans are upset with the game’s writing. We worry that it’s also clouding their judgment about vocal performance. For some, Forspoken may be one of the best RPGs or one of the best open world games of all time due to its brilliant transversal.

What are your thoughts on the game? Are you disappointed as a Final Fantasy XV fan? What is your favorite aspect of the game? Who is your favorite character? Tell us all about it in the comments section below.


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