Former Halo Unlimited devs criticize Microsoft leadership amid major layoffs


  • Microsoft is set to lay off 5 percent of its workforce, which is about 10,000 employees. Holidays include game developers. The Halo Infinite campaign team has suffered a major setback.
  • Former Halo developers took to Twitter to criticize the guild for incompetent leadership and the current state of Halo Infinite.
  • A number of game studios under Microsoft will be affected by the layoffs, with Bethesda Games Studio, and Gears of War developer, among the teams set to absorb the impact.
  • Microsoft has yet to officially address the wave of criticism.

The outbreak of the plague brought a lot of prosperity to tech giants including Microsoft and Amazon, which forced them to hire huge amounts of employees. After problems like the global recession, a wave of layoffs has started affecting the industry. Microsoft is reportedly firing. More than 5 percent of its workforce.

Game studios under Microsoft have also already begun to feel the effects of the layoffs, and many developers have spoken out against the larger group. A recent report from Bloomberg suggests that Bethesda Games Studios, Gears of War developer The Coalition, and Halo maker 343 Industries are all affected.

The scope of the layoffs affecting game studios is not yet known. However, there were apparently 343 industries.hit hard,“As reported by Jason Schreier on Twitter. Today’s arrival of 343 layoffs, Jason explainedIn the wake of a prolonged hiring freeze and many contractor departures.

Former Halo developers criticized Microsoft’s leadership, calling it “Incompetent leadership.Patrick Wren, former senior multiplayer designer for Halo Infinite, was one such figure. Now, Respawn has been hired to develop the next-generation Jedi survivor, Patrick. Criticized the current situation. Latest Hello entry.

343 shouldn’t have been fired and Halo Infinite should be in better shape. “Both of these things are due to incompetent leadership during Halo Infinite development, which put too much pressure on those working hard to make Halo the best it can be,” Patrick wrote on Twitter.

Despite the criticism, the developer noted in another tweet, “I want to make sure I mention how amazing the multiplayer leadership team was during development.

Former Halo 5: Guardians developer and current Apex Legends developer at Respawn, Tyler Owens, also expressed his disdain on Twitter. The developer noted his weariness with Microsoft’s business practices and policies that “abuse

Tyler cites that Microsoft is slowly culling the IP it loves, explaining the massive conglomerate.Misappropriation of tax incentives and huge profits/executive dismissal BonusSetting up Hello for ultimate failure.

CEO of Microsoft Satya Nadella has alleged. Shifting consumer spending and reducing the workforce due to the global recession and layoffs.

We saw consumers accelerate their digital spending during the pandemic, now we’re seeing them optimize to maximize their digital spending. We are also seeing organizations in every industry and geography exercise caution as some parts of the world experience recession and others anticipate it,” Satya Nadella noted in a public statement.

343 Industries was already losing several influential figures which made Halo Infinite’s situation worse. Earlier, Halo Infinite lead designer Andrew Witz left the company, and Bonnie Ross, former head of 343 Industries, also left the studio.

We could see the fall of Halo Infinite at a bad time as the company restructures to adjust and compensate for losses. Microsoft has yet to formally address the criticism leveled by former Hello employees.

What are your thoughts on developers criticizing Microsoft for the current state of Halo Infinite? Do you think the layoff will further damage the Halo IP? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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