Flashing Nicky Codes [January 2023]


Makeup items, IAPs, and costumes can be extremely expensive at times. A little helping hand has been put in place by the developers to help you through some of the annoying times. you can take Some gold, gems and other rewards for free. This guide covers all Shining Nicky codes for January 2023, where to find them and how to redeem them, so make sure to read through.

List of Active Shining Nicky Codes

  • Last checked. January 24, 2023.

We understand that wading through a bunch of codes isn’t what you wanted to do today, so we’ve done it for you. This guide has separated active codes from inactive ones, just for your sake.

Code reward
Nicky Show This code is valid for 1 Fantasy Ticket and 10k Gold.
NIKKI2022 This code is valid for 20 Pink Gems, 50 Stamina, and 5k Gold.

List of expired codes

This list only contains Expired Shining Nicky Codes. Make sure to avoid them as they will not be redeemable for any rewards.

Code reward
Mercury 0109
Happy 2023.
Gaming time
The finish line
The helmet
NIKKI1Y 100 Stamina, 500k Gold, 10 Memory Key R
nADQCAyYDFJP 20 Pink Gems, 20 Poetry of Time, 5 Memory Key R
nADP4mfeM5Mu 20 Pink Gems, 8 Memory Key SR, 20 Memory R
promise 100 Stamina, 1 Fantasy Ticket, 1 Million Gold
Thanks 4IY 100 Stamina, 10 UR Concept Shards, 60 SSR Concept Shards, 800k Gold
Happy Magic
nACpsh66w54u 3 Fantasy Tickets, 20k Gold
nACmSKFj9kaU 60 Stamina, 5 Time Poetry.
nACnTTFk4YwB 6 Memory Key R, 5k Gold
nACjetVvpn35 20 Poems of Time, 3 Fantasy Tickets
JAXANDYUKA 30 pink gems, 10 poetry of time, 10k gold
Archdemans 30 pink gems, 10 poetry of time, 10k gold
ROSSET 20 Pink Gems, 50 Stamina, 5k Gold
Hot Pot Lover 30 pink gems, 10 memory tracks, 10k gold
The Shining U
Mackayk 30 pink gems, 10 poetry of time, 10k gold
The Night Artist 30 Pink Gems, 10 Poetry of Time, 10k Gold, 10 Keys
LILITHSWISHES 80 Persistence
LOENSWISHES 10 The Poetry of Time
Mercury Swishes 50k gold
QINYSWISHES 10 The Poetry of Time
WISHESON CLOUD 100 Stamina, 20 Poetry of Time
MR Amercury 50 pink gems, 10 memory tracks, 10k gold
Letshine 2022 50 Pink Gems, 10 Memory Tracks, 50k Gold
Another Nicky 1 Fantasy Ticket, 10k Gold
HBDNIKKI2021 500 Pink Gems, 126 Stamina, 126k Gold
Princess Nikki 50 Pink Gems, 5 SSR Fantasy Shards, 50k Gold
Hands up 50 Pink Gems, 1 Fantasy Ticket, 50k Gold
Momosplan 50 Pink Gems, 5 Memory Tracks, 50k Gold
CHEER4NIKI 188 Pink Gems, 1 Fantasy Ticket, 18888 Gold
WOWNIKIKI 30 pink gems, 20 poetry of time, 20k gold
Present gifts 50 pink gems
Gift Frambrozil 40 pink gems
Dreams come true 30 pink gems
Snow Hawk 30 pink gems, 10 gears, 10k gold
Giftmomo 60 Stamina, 10 R of Memory, 30k Gold
Momosfest 200 pink gems, 18888 gold
The Queen 15 pink gems, 30 gears, 5k gold
TRICKMOMO 100 pink gems, 10k gold
TREATNIKIKI 100 pink gems, 10k gold
FAIRONE 30 pink gems, 10 gears, 10k gold
Nicky’s Wig
PRAISEMOMO 200 Pink Gems, 100 Stamina, 50k Gold
Nicky’s Party

How To Redeem Flashing Nicky Codes?

Once you get some active codes with good rewards, it’s time to redeem those codes. The process of redeeming codes is quite simple, and by following the steps below, you can redeem your code.

Redeem Flashing Nicky Codes
Screen appears when redeeming Shining Nicky Codes.
  1. First, the launch Shining Nikki.
  2. Enter your profile by clicking on the avatar icon in the upper left corner of the screen.
  3. In the profile menu, click the gear icon to access Setting.
  4. Click the button at the bottom of the page labeled “Redeem codes
  5. Enter your code from above.
  6. Press the button labeled “Claim
  7. Enjoy yours Rewards!

Why aren’t my codes working?

If your codes don’t work, it might be due to a minor spelling mistake. One of the biggest problems with expiring codes is misspelling. Be sure to double-check the spelling before hitting Claim button, and you should have a working code. We highly recommend copying. And paste. Codes directly from above to avoid any problems.

If the error still persists, it is now disabled. Flashing Nicky codes expire quickly, and we recommend using them as soon as possible to avoid an expiring code. If the code has expired and there are no more active codes available, then there is nothing to worry about. New codes are released frequently, and a working code will be in your lap soon.

Where to get more codes?

New codes are shared by the developers themselves, and the best place to find new codes as they are released is through their social media accounts. Try to follow them. Facebook page, where they release new codes as they hit the stratosphere. You can also follow them. Twitter account, another social media channel used regularly to notify users of new codes.

However, if you do not wish to follow or like an account, we update this page on a regular basis. Bookmark this page and check back at regular intervals to find out when a new code has been released.

What is shiny nickel?

Shining Nikki is a mobile game available on both Android and iOS. The main focus of the game is dressing up and having fun with friends. You can visit concert halls, chill with friends, and do it all with amazing visuals. Dress up your character with beautiful clothes and have a fashion show with your friends.

What are Flashing Nicky Codes?

Shining Nicky Codes are a helpful boost when you get stuck in a tight spot in the game. They give you some extra gold, gems and other rewards that you can use to buy a beautiful outfit for your character. Codes are a really nice helping hand in the game, and they’re released frequently to keep you lucky.

Final thoughts

That’s all we have for Shining Nikki Codes, and we hope this helps you. Check back later for any new updates to the game and if any new codes have been added. Let us know in the comments below if you want more guides like this, and we’ll surely have you covered.


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