First Class Trouble, GameDeck, and Divine Knockout are free on the Epic Games Store.


Epic Games Gift

The Epic Games Store’s second freebie drop of 2023 is now live, offering copies to PC gamers. First Class Trouble, Game Deck, And Divine Knockout. All three have replaced last week’s. Kerbal Space Program And Shadow Tactics Icon Selection New Year’s gifts.

First class trouble is a social deduction game, pitting two groups of players against each other to determine who is trustworthy and who is not. The title takes place on a space cruise ship where an AI network has gone rogue. The humans must cooperate to take out the AI ​​while the human-looking robots must stop them.

Here’s how the developer describes the Invisible Walls setting:

First Class Trouble is a party game where players must work together and against each other to avoid disaster. The goal is to shut down the deadly AI of a luxury space cruise ship. Some players are cheaters, secretly playing as humanoid killer robots who intend to trick other players.

is next. Gamedeck, an isometric perspective RPG where you take on the role of a game detective who solves crimes within a virtual world. With zero combat features, this cyberpunk experience helps you solve crimes using your wits as the game adapts to your choices.

Developer Insher Studios describes its game as follows:

The virtual world evokes the problems of human nature: lust, laziness, envy and pride. The inhabitants of these virtual game worlds need experts – gamedexes – private investigators with experience in these worlds who work for your clients’ commissions to discover the secrets and mechanics hidden in these realities. . You are one of them. You are a gamedeck.

Finally, Divine Knockout From Hi-Rez and Red Beard Games comes a third-person platform fighter that was released just over a month ago. The title introduces warriors to godlike powers, evolving maps, team-based game modes and more. It has been free before through a Steam promotion.

Studio’s store description is as follows:

KO the gods in the world’s only third-person platform fighter! Become a small but powerful god of legend, brawl across three dimensions, and rule supreme by banishing your friends from the map.

When not on sale, First class trouble Comes at 14.99, Gamedeck At $29.99, and Divine Knockout is $24.99.

Divine Knockout, First class troubleAnd Gamedec – Definitive Editionare now Free to claim From the Epic Games Store. The promotion will run until January 19, when a copy of Epistory – Typing Chronicles will occupy the freebie slot.


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