Firefox 109.0.1 is out with fixes for font rendering and more.


The Firefox logo with the 10901 version number inside.

Mozilla has a new feature update for Firefox browser users in the release channel. Version 109.0.1 is now available for download, fixing several bugs and instabilities that have plagued users since the last release. The most notable changes include fixing issues with corrupt font rendering and validation prompts on Windows.

What’s new in Firefox 109.0.1?

here is official The change log From Mozilla:

  • Reverted changes to Windows font smoothing that caused poor rendering on some configurations (Bug 1803154)
  • Fixed junk when loading pages containing a large number of emoji characters (Bug 1809081)

  • Fixed an issue with authentication prompts not appearing when loading pages in some enterprise environments (Bug 1809151)

  • Inspector Developer Tool (Bug 1811760)

Firefox will automatically update in the background, but you can force install the latest release Menu > help > About Firefox. Alternatively, download the installer. From the official website. If you missed it, check out our coverage of what’s new in Mozilla Firefox 109.

According to Statcounter, Firefox is currently the fourth most popular desktop browser. In December 2022, its market share reached 7.22%. Despite being less popular than Edge and Chrome, Firefox is a breath of fresh air in a world dominated by Chromium-based browsers.


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