Fire sign engagement: horse manure uses, and locations


Fire Emblem Engage Gifting The system is a huge part of the game because the game revolves around the reality of bonds, and giving gifts increases those bonds so you’re better able to fight together. Among these giftable items is a special gift that is Fire Emblem Engage Horse Fertilizer. Yes, you read that right it is literal horse manure. This is a A gift item In the game, Joe certainly doesn’t like a character. However, it’s a great thing to use if you’re bored and want to grab something. Interesting considerations with letters.

Key highlights

  • Fire Emblem Engage includes a gift giving mechanic. Which increases the relationship between the characters.
  • Horse manure is a gift-giving item. That no one likes. However, they will respond with something funny comments, And it doesn’t ruin your relationship with them.
  • You have horse manure lying on the ground, mostly Eloys And Sumail. And you can buy from him too. Flea market.
  • We advise you. Try gifting horse manure. For some characters only Enjoy yourself, As There are answers Unique and quite entertaining.

Use of horse manure in Fire Emblem engagement

Gifting in Fire Emblem Engage [Image Credit: eXputer]

Now, the main purpose of giving gifts to characters is to enhance your relationship with them and take it in a positive direction. Some may want to expand their relationship with certain characters so they can use them Romantic option with them. Which is another great way to have some interesting conversations.

However, another way to get some hilarious dialogue is to gift the characters. Horse manure. The only use of horse manure in the game is to gift it to a character, and it certainly doesn’t improve your relationship with anyone. However, it does Compose some humorous answers.. The funny thing is, when you gift your partners with horse manure, it won’t hurt your relationship. Making it the best prank to pull on your friends.

Unfortunately, there’s one person you shouldn’t use horse manure on, and that’s him Alfred, Because he will be offended by it and will answer you in very unpleasant words. But you’re better off using it against all other allies because they’ll give you a different comic response.

Horse manure places

Horse manure
Horse manure near the stables at Suminel [Image By: eXputer]

Now that you know what it does, you’ll definitely want to get it so you can pull pranks on your allies. And horse manure is easy to find because it literally shines on the ground in almost every area. However, there are some areas where it can be found more than others.

You can find horse manure more commonly in the following places.

  • Elvis: You can often find it while trekking. Elios shines on the ground. You can pick it up and store it in your inventory like other items for later use.
  • Flea Market: There is a non-recommended method of obtaining horse manure. buy it from the flea market in exchange for 100 gold. However, we definitely don’t encourage you to waste 100 gold on compost.
  • Sominal: Probably the best place to find horse manure. Find the stables And Around the well I Summonel. Due to the fact that there are many animals that always leave some manure in the area.

Are you still curious and want to know the thoughts of other Fire Emblem Engage players on horse manure? Then go this way. Reddit page To learn more

And with that, ours Fire Emblem Engage Horse Fertilizer Guide to the end. Where we told you about the uses and places where you can get horse manure. However, if you believe we have forgotten to include something, please let us know via the comment section below.


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