Fire Emblem Engage Weapon Triangle System [Explained]


The arms triangulation mechanism is back. Fire Emblem Engage, which was omitted from its previous volume, Fire Emblem Three Hoops. The return of the triangle system directly affects the combat system and weapon dominance, but understanding the mechanism is not rocket science. If you understand its concept properly and implement it in your battles, you will definitely get some favorable results. This will help you choose your main weapon according to the situation and help you break the opponent’s guard during the fight to land some deadly moves.

Key highlights

  • Features of Fire Emblem Engage Weapon Trio System which balances the dominance ratio of each weapon type.
  • According to the triangle, Swords There is an advantage An axe, an axe But there is an advantage Lance, And Lance has an advantage. Swords in battles.
  • gave Gauntlets And fist attacks have an advantage. Bend, TomasAnd Knives.
  • A player with weapon advantage can cast a special effect called “to breakon their opponents, making them unable to counterattack.

Triangle of arms in FE engagement

The Weapon Triangle System is a strategic mechanism that allows one weapon type to dominate another. According to The official tweet by the Nintendo Europe, Engage will feature all three systems in battles. With this feature, a player’s Loss production And The precision of war Can be increased or decreased depending on whether they have three triangles. Benefit or loss.

Triangle of Fire Emblem Engage Weapon
Official tweet from Nintendo

According to the characteristic triangle of weapons, one type of weapon will be stronger against one and weaker against another, just like Rock paper scissors game so make sure you remember the following order:

  • Sword is stronger than The ax
  • The ax is stronger than Lance
  • Lance is stronger than Sword

According to this system, if you use a weapon that overpowers an opponent’s weapon, you Benefit In this battle. According to the triangle, if you have leverage, you have “to break“On your enemy. Interval is a special advantage you can put on an enemy at a disadvantage.

During the break, your The enemy is unable to counterattack. Until their next turn, giving you a greater chance to play aggressively. Similarly, if you are attacked with a dominant weapon, you will also lose the ability to counterattack.

Effect of weapon triangulation on battles

    Effect of weapon triangulation on battles
F. E. Jung [captured by eXputer]

The basic triangle mechanism is fair game because it balances the combat system while reducing any lopsided edges. Also, there are some changes and unusual cases. Fire Emblem Engage. For example, the Gauntlets Now prevail. Daggers, bows and magical items. Also, Combat Arts, ie Fist Attack, is the only attribute that is not affected by Weapon Triangle. The first attack trumps any attack.

In battles, each combat weapon comes in a. Specific category Which determines it the class. One class is dominant over the other while the other class is weak. gave breaking phase, Where the enemy is completely unable to make any countermeasures is really interesting, which ability remains intact. The tables are turning. With this system, you will be able to handle the strongest enemies with ease.


If we eliminate the triangle system of weapons, we can simply say that sword wielders will dominate ax wielders while ax wielders will dominate lance wielders, resulting in Completing the triangle will dominate the sword players. In addition, daggers, bows, and magic-using combat will not show advantage or disadvantage system benefits and will have a neutral effect.


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