Fire Emblem Engage: Tarot Cards and Pre-Order Bonuses


It’s not uncommon for big retailers to offer special deals to boost their sales, and the same is true here. Fire Emblem Engage as well as. by the Pre-order gave Physical enhancement Fire sign: To engage with Game Stopplayers receive. Tarot cards which features beautiful artwork of some of the franchise’s main characters.

Key highlights

  • Game Stop US Announced December 17, 2022that they will present a special gift with it. Physical edition of the game.
  • The offer is valid for all customers who Pre-order gave Physical edition And Divine edition From GameStop US.
  • GameStop outside the US isn’t offering the same. However, several vendors seem to be giving away their wares along with the game.
  • A set of decks is included. 12 Tarot cards and features stunning cover art of Fire Emblem’s main character.

On 17 December 2022, Game Spot announced that they will be offering a free exclusive set of tarot card decks as a pre-order bonus. This pre-order bonus is only valid for the physical edition of the game and does not include the digital edition. Additionally, a deck of tarot cards is also included in the game’s Divine Edition if pre-ordered from GameSpot.

The artwork featured on the cards is not exclusive to him. Fire Emblem: Add characters.. As seen in the picture, we can see Marth From the original fire sign and Bylith From Fire sign: Three houses. Another thing to keep in mind is that there are only 12 cards in the deck and it is not normal. 78 tarot card deck.

How to Pre-Order

gave Standard Edition Fire Emblem: Available for engagement. $59.99 And while Divine edition Available at a retail price of $99.99. You can either get it directly from any nearby GameStop store or order from them. website.

Also, this offer is only for people living in the US, and it doesn’t appear that any other GameSpot shops outside of the US are offering tarot cards with purchase. However, some retailers in the UK are selling their own Fire Emblem merchandise alongside purchases, eg Fire Emblem Pin Badge.

Fire Emblem Engage
Physical edition pre-order goodies offered by GameStop US [Image By eXputer]

If you already have a physical edition of GameStop, be sure to pick up your tarot card deck along with it. If you see this after the game’s release, contact your nearest GameStop shop in the US, and confirm with them if they’re still offering the pre-order bonus with purchase or if it’s a standalone product. Selling as.


Fire Emblem: Engage is the latest entry in the Fire Emblem franchise. It is based on the continent Elios and allows you to summon protagonists from previous Fire Emblem games. Symbol circles. In terms of gameplay, the game doesn’t differ too much from the previous entries, and the main focus here is the ability to summon the previous Lord of the Fire Emblem games.

The game brings back the animal and pet side content, which allows you to form bonds with them to achieve great things. Buffs And Rewards Similar to Fire Emblem: Three Hoops, where forming bonds with students allows you to gain several benefits. To learn more about this quest, check out our Fire Emblem Engage: Somi guide.

This concludes our guide with details on the tarot cards you can get as a pre-order bonus for purchasing Fire Emblem: Engagement.


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