Fire Emblem Engage Selene: The Definitive Guide


Celine is one. Recruitable roles In Fire Emblem Engage, which has a base class. Great, Just like Alfred.

Key highlights

  • Celine is the first princess. Firen.
  • Celine was first noticed and recruited. Chapter 4: A Land in Bloom.
  • Let’s focus on his stats. Health And fate.
  • It can be combined. Silica And Sigurd For best results.
  • Celine has voiced. Rachel Hager and Akari Cato, Cast members in Fire Emblem Engage.

Who is Celine?

Celine is talking.
Celine speaking – [Image credit: eXputer]

She is the first princess of Firen. Can use Celine Two weapons In its base class, which are Swords And Toms. It’s an elementary class. Noble which can be changed later. Vadimewhich is perfect for him.

Players will first meet and recruit Celine. Chapter 4: A Land in Bloom In Fire Emblem Engage. She will join Alire’s team at the start of the war. Personality-wise, Celine is one. Innocent And Kind of A woman Who tries to resolve any conflict amicably.

Best class

Celine has a base class. Noble Fire Emblem Engage, which you can upgrade later. Vadime. it is a developed And Special class Only available for Celine. An additional benefit that Vidame adds is the ability to Managing staffwhich is mainly used. Support allies.

To upgrade any character class, you’ll need one. Master Seal In Fire Emblem Engage, which can be obtained through the shop. Somnel Which is worth it. 2500 gold. In addition, you also get Master Seal through Development I Chapters 7, 13, 16And 17. after the Chapter 18you will open one. Unlimited amount Of Master Seal, This means you can change any character class.

Celine statistics

Celine has a Fire Emblem like every other character in Engage. Basic statistics which mainly focuses on Health And fate.

Health power magic skill speed Defense resistance fate Build.
22 7 9 9 10 5 7 11 4

his Development statistics are as follows:

Health power magic skill speed Defense resistance fate Build.
50 35 25 30 45 30 40 50 5

Starting weapons and skills

Battle cell
Celine at War – [Image credit: eXputer]

Celine has it. Base Weapon Proficiency When she joins your team in Fire Emblem Engage. Moreover, he has one. Personal skills which provides a buff to other party members.

Soft flowers: Allies within two spaces of you will heal an additional 50% when using recovery items.

weapon: Celine’s primary weapons are swords and tomes.

Celine’s personal skills, Soft flowersand that Data development Make it possible for him to perform effectively Damage to magic or a Bodily Damage Dealer. However, this also means that she won’t be particularly prominent in any of the roles.

Recommended marks

Emblem silica and saline
Emblem Silica with Celine – [Image credit: eXputer]

There are many options to choose from. However, the following are excellent marks for Celine.

Silica: Like Celine, she is also a princess. He joins the team. Middle War I A single chapter Where Celine is recruited. They are first used by Celine as a mark.

Sigurd: though he appears in it. Chapter 2: Queen Lomira As Queen Lumira’s emblem, they can be used by other party members later. Chapter 4: Earth in Bloom.

Micaiah: She becomes available in it. Chapter 6: The Ring of Theft After defeating some enemies in the story. However, they are used by the former Yutakawho joins your party. A single chapter.

Gifts for Celine

Fire Emblem Engage Gifting Celine
Gifting Celine in Fire Emblem Engagement – [Image credit: eXputer]

by giving gifts, Level of support Fire Emblem Engage has added characters. An important factor to keep in mind is whether or not the character likes the gift, as it can affect how the support level increases. do not worry; We’ve got the gifts you should and shouldn’t give Celine.

Favorite gift Unwanted gifts
tea leaf. Sharp chisel
A fairy tale book Fancy dagger
A book of poetry Spicy spices
The Book of Dragons Horse manure
History of Eleusis
Strong perfume
Quality cachet
Lentil flower
Wreath of flowers
Horn earrings
Sweet candle
Gem of the soul

Celine Voice Actor

Fire Emblem Engage has many characters voiced by talented voice actors. Here are the actors who voiced Celine:

With that, we’ve covered everything you need to know about Celine in Fire Emblem Engage.


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