Fire Emblem Engage: Marine [Class, Gifts, Stats]


There are many supporting characters you’ll find in Fire Emblem Engage, but some, like Meren, may stand out more than the rest. Meren The game has one of the unique personalities that will grab your attention.

Not only that, but he is quite strong in combat and useful in many situations. You’ll need to get pretty far into the game before you can recruit her, but once she’s part of your roster, many of your battles will seem easy. Outside of battle, he’s quite a fun character and has interesting personality traits, like singing skills!

Key highlights

  • Marine is one Royal Knight from Solem and acts as a retainer for it. Princess Timera.
  • You can recruit Meren into it. Chapter 13: Heroes of the Oasis chapter during the war.
  • that one Wolf Knight Class I with high stats Health And skill.
  • gave Korean, LynnAnd Lucina emblem Great job with Merrin.
  • There are many gifts you can give Meren to improve her. Support level.

Who is Meren?

Marines engage in firefights
Marine appearance [image by eXputer]

Miren, which is usually seen during the first Chapter 13: Heroes of the OasisOne is Royal Knight from Solem. Its main purpose is to act as a Retainer for Princess Timera. Marine is often described as a brave woman with a love for animals, which can often be noted by her physical appearance, especially her tail.

Mirren is particularly fond of rare beasts and sometimes forgets everything else and immerses herself completely in the moment whenever she comes across such a beast. Her fondness for animals is shown in battle as she rides a wolf into battle, giving her greater mobility in many cases!

How to recruit Marines?

If you want to add Marine to your ranks, you’ll have to be very patient as she comes around halfway through the game. Once you arrive. Chapter 13: Heroes of the Oasisthere will be one Chapter War.

Chapter During the war, Meren, side by side Timera and Punnett, will join you and fight alongside you. While the other two are quite strong in battle, Mirren is definitely going to stand out during a chapter battle.

Best class

The wolf
Mirren with his wolf [screenshot by eXputer]

As you may know, as your support characters level up, they will eventually get the option to change classes. However, sometimes a character’s starting class is the best class for them. The same is the case with Meren.

It is part of Meren. Wolf Knight Class. These knights, like marines, ride wolves and can dart across the battlefield. Wolf Knights are known for their fierce knife attacks. The Wolf Knight class also lets you inspire –2 on motion For the enemy if your unit starts fighting with knives. The effect lasts for one turn.


Each character in Fire Emblem Engage has basic stats. These stats increase at different rates as you level, some more quickly than others. are here Starting Marine Statistics:

Health power magic skill speed Defense resistance fate Build.
36 15 10 21 21 12 12 14 9

As for Mirren’s growth rates, she has very good rates for health and dexterity, which makes sense considering she’s part of the Wolf Knight class. He already has one. High Luck EstateThat means he’ll have a better chance of dodging enemy attacks and avoiding critical hits. Regardless, here they are Growth rate for Meren:

Health power magic skill speed Defense resistance fate Build.
55 25 25 40 50 30 30 25 10

Starting weapons and skills

Marine Combat in Fire Emblem
In Marine Combat [image by eXputer]

Just like with Alear, you can use support partners for Merrin through Emblem Rings. They will let you use different weapons and skills. But the Marine comes with her own unique set of skills and weapons when she joins your ranks.

  • Nightly Escort: +5 hits to units and allies when two or more female allies are within two spaces.
  • Weapons: Since the Merenwolf is part of the Knight class, its starting weapon is one. Dagger and sword.

As Meren can use daggers and swords, she is very good in close combat and can also target enemies from a distance by throwing her weapon at them. However, you shouldn’t expect him to be one of those characters that is all about raw power. You should use Mirin sparingly.

A gift for a Marine

If you want to add Level of support For any character in Fire Emblem Engage, you need to give them gifts. Whether you’re giving them gifts they like or dislike can affect how quickly support levels rise. Here are some gifts you should and shouldn’t give to Mirren:

Favorite gift Unwanted gifts
Treatment of animals Cute apron
Horn earrings Horse manure
Bear carving Spicy spices
Butterfly net The creepy scroll
Dried meat Strong perfume
Fancy dagger
Field Guide
Sharp chisel
Gem of the soul
Utility knife

Recommended marks

War situation
The Marine is fighting against an enemy. [screenshot by us]

You can use different symbols to improve each character’s attacks by using the engage mode. are tomorrow 12 sign circlesand here are the best ones you can use with Merrin.

  • Korean: Korin is a character that first appeared in the Fire Emblem Fates game. If your character engages with them, they will have access to it. Dual Katanaas well as Terrible ora skills And Thunderstorm attack.
  • Lynn: Lin, who first appeared in the Fire Emblem the Blazing Blade game, will let you use The killer bow Weapons once you engage with him. she is Astra storm attack And Call doubles engagement skills.
  • Lucina: Lucina first appeared in the Fire Emblem Awakening game. She is a sign of awareness and will let you use her. Noble Repair Weapons in engage mode. You can use All for one attackAnd Bond Shield engagement skills along with.

Marine voice actor

Unlike Allaire, Mirren only has a female version. Therefore, there is only one voice actor for both the English and Japanese dubbing of the game.

With that, you know everything there is to know about Meren from Fire Emblem Engage. She is a formidable Knight of Solum and can be quite a good ally. With the right use of signs and strategies, she can help you win many battles!


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