Fire Emblem Engage Kagetsu [Gifts, Stats, Skills]


There aren’t many characters that catch your eye like Kagetsu in Fire Emblem Ange. He is a recruiting character who appears as an enemy at first but can eventually join your ranks and help you win many battles!

Unlike other recruiting roles, which can be recalled, Kagetsu is part of the main story, so you won’t have any trouble recruiting him. Also, he is part of a unique Sword Master Class This allows him to use many interesting skills and achieve many critical hits. But there is so much more to learn about Kagetsu!

Key highlights

  • Kagetsu is one. Royal Knight of Aloysia and acts as a retainer for it. Princess Ivy.
  • You can recruit Kagetsu during chapter battles. Chapter 11: Retreat.
  • He is a sword master and excels at it. skill And speed statistics
  • Kagetsu starts with a sword and has Blinding flash skill
  • Marth And Lynn There are great marks for Kagetsu.

Who is Kagetsu?

Kagetsu in Fire Emblem Engage
Kagetsu [screenshot by eXputer]

Kagetsu is a cheerful and bright individual who gets along well with others and cares for his friends. He performs as a service. Princess Ivy’s carer And there is a loyal soldier in the capital. Aloysia. However, he has a distinct foreign accent. This may be due to her upbringing. Diprelim Instead of Aloysia.

In battle, Kagetsu isn’t afraid to give everything he has. He doesn’t hesitate to use his secret sword training to tear apart anyone who gets in his way. Outside of battle, Kagetsu appear handsome and like to talk freely.

How to recruit Kagetsu?

The conversation
Kagetsu in conversation [captured by eXputer]

If you just keep playing with the main story, you’ll eventually recruit Kagetsu halfway through the story. But to be more specific, it will be your first encounter with Kagetsu. Chapter 8: The Kingdom of Ghalib. However, you won’t have a chance to recruit him until then. Chapter 11: Retreat.

Kagetsu can be recruited in the chapter’s main battle. As the battle continues, he will eventually join you in the second half of the chapter battle. He won’t be alone, as such Ivy and Zelkov Will also join your unit.

Best class

Kagetsu battle engagement in Fire Emblem
Kagetsu in a combat situation [image by us]

As your support characters level up, they will eventually have the opportunity to change classes. But they also come with their own base class, which can sometimes be the best for them. There are actually two different classes that work with Kagetsu. Therefore, you should analyze what kind of class your units need more and assign it to Kagetsu accordingly.

Kagetsu is the basic class. Sword Master. This works well with Kagetsu as he received secret sword training in the Deeprealm. The class has Run through A skill that allows the player to attack an adjacent enemy and then move into space opposite the enemy. They are very good at landing critical hits and outputting high levels of damage.

Alternatively, you can use Paladin Class with Kagetsu. Paladins, like Vander, are strong and focus on movement. They are strong against magic users and need one. A rank skill with lance. The Paladin class pairs well with Kagetsu since it already has a high. skill.

Combined with his already high stats Power and motion In the Paladin class, his damage output will increase significantly, and he will be able to move around the field more easily, wiping out enemies in his path.

Kagetsu’s stats

Each character gets starting stats that are usually associated with their starting class. As Kagetsu is a sword master, it is not surprising that his speed And skill are quite high. Also, he has a good amount fate And Health, allowing him to last longer in battle than many others. are here Basic stats of Kagetsu.

Health power magic skill speed Defense resistance fate Build.
35 17 5 22 22 14 10 17 9

Aside from just the initial statistics, another type of estate worth considering is the growth rate of each estate. This can determine how quickly each of your stats will level up compared to other stats. It can also usually determine which stat is a character trait. For Kagetsu, Speed, Dexterity, and Health are clearly above his other stats. But defense and luck follow closely behind those stats. Regardless, here it is Growth rate for each of Kagetsu’s stats.

Health power magic skill speed Defense resistance fate Build.
60 30 15 50 50 40 25 40 10

Weapons and skills

Use of skills
Kagetsu skills [screenshot by eXputer]

In Fire Emblem Engage each character can get different weapons based on which emblem they decide to engage with. Not only does this give you more weapons to use, but it also adds different skills to your arsenal. Nevertheless, each character comes with their own starting skills and weapons.

  • Weapon: Sword
  • Personal Skills: Kagetsu is a skill. Blinding flash That lets you inspire. -10 Avo On an enemy during combat if the unit initiates combat.

Considering Kagetsu is a sword master, it makes sense that his primary weapon is a sword. of that To begin with, the battle style is backup. Which works well with his high skill stats.

Excellent marks

Kagetsu engages in battle fire sign
Kagetsu after the attack [screenshot by eXputer]

You can use almost anything 12 marks With any character in Fire Emblem Engage. These allow your character to acquire different skills, weapons and attacks that can be used during combat. However, there are certain emblems that are more appropriate for each character depending on their class. Here are the best suited marks for Kagetsu.

is the first appropriate sign for Kagetsu. Marth (sign of initiation). Marth first appeared in Fire Emblem Shadow Dragon and the Blade of Light and is one of the first emblems available to you in the game. he has. Divine speed engaging skillsAnd Lodestar Rush Engage Attack. He also makes an offer. Repair As his engaging weapon.

with Bond Level 1 With Marth, you can also use Perceptive The skill it allows you to acquire. Avo+15 During combat if a unit initiates combat. Avo also increases with a speed stat, which Kagetsu has.

Another sign that can be used. Lin (sign of blazing). He offers Call the Doubles Engage skill. And Astra Storm Engage Attack along with The killer bow With a weapon Bond Level 5you can use speed taker, which gives you a +2 Speed ​​Stack Each time a unit initiates combat and defeats an enemy. You can get 10 total stacks; The bonus lasts throughout the battle.

And with one Bond level 18you can use Electrify++, which allows your unit to follow up before the enemy counterattacks, but only if the unit’s speed advantage is 5. If you combine this skill with the speed stack you get from Speed ​​Taker, you’ll be able to slow down enemies. Easily


You can present gifts to various characters in Fire Emblem Engage to enhance them. Level of support. However, there are certain gifts that a character may like or dislike, depending on their personality. If you plan to increase your support level, it’s important to present the character with a gift they’ll love. Here are Kagetsu’s gift preferences.

Favorite gift Unwanted gifts
Training weights tea leaf.
Muscle Balm A fairy tale book
Dried meat A book of poetry
Sharp chisel Yogurt
Fancy dagger History of Eleusis
Utility knife Cute apron
playing cards A book of philosophy
Sweet candle Large plate
Landscape Art Horse manure
Gem of the soul

Voice actors

There are two different voice actors for Kagetsu, one for the Japanese version and one for the English version. Here are his voice actors:

With that, you know everything about Kagetsu in Fire Emblem Engage. He is a beautiful yet fierce fighter with amazing sword techniques. Being raised in a distant land, he is completely different from his allies. Nevertheless, he is an extraordinary fighter who proves himself worthy in battle!


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