Fire Emblem Engage: How to defeat Lomira.


Lumira One is important role I Fire Emblem Engage. She is the main character’s mother. Alear and a boss character who can be fought in the main story.

Key highlights

  • Queen Lumera There is a boss that the player faced. Chapter 2: Queen Lomira of the main story.
  • His fight is divided. 2 steps Which are not too difficult.
  • The main strategy here is to lure the enemies. Wander and eliminate them.
  • Also, be sure to stand inside The gorges to avoid damage.
  • I stand up Emblem Energy As a place Alear To summon your emblem character.
  • Defeating Lumera will reward you. Sword of Freedom.
  • This is a unique weapon that enhances you. Engagement meter by the 1 point If you kill an enemy. 1 turn

Lumera’s boss fight in Fire Emblem Engage

Queen Lumera There is a boss that the player faced. Chapter 2: Queen Lomira of the main story. The fight is divided. 2 steps, with First step Being more gentle than the second.

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First step

You will be given a tutorial. Break the stand. This is a weapon preference mechanic that plays into the game’s combat. For example, Swords Will always kill Axis This will come into play in this fight, so keep that in mind. Also, being Level 2 is Recommended for this fight.

Weapon preference: Swords kill axis, axis kill Spears, And Spears kill Swords

  • I First step This fight is nothing to worry about. Lumira will be back significantly.
  • She won’t use it. Symbolic character In this stage.
  • Lumera will also have some additional enemies that will be summoned. propaganda.
  • In the bass field, a circular space is called Emblem Energy will allow you to bring your outside. symbol the role
  • We recommend that you create Alear Stand in these places.
  • Once you have defeated everyone. additional enemies, Focus a lot on Lumira
  • Also, take care to stand inside The gorges To avoid damage.
  • The gorges There are locations in the area with Dense grass Which increases your character’s Stupidity, so it’s important to avoid damage from Lumera.
  • After defeating Lumera here, the Second step will begin.

Second step

  • I Second step From this fight, Lumera will stop retreating and bring him out. symbol the role Sigurd.
  • With the use of Sigurd, Lumira’s movement will be faster than before.
  • Also, she will use a The spear In this fight.
  • Here strategy will be used. Wander As bait to attract all enemies.
  • Tempting everyone Additional enemies Vander and to eliminate them.
  • Once those are dealt with, it’s time to focus on Lumera once again.
  • We will use the same strategy and Greed To Lumera Wander
  • Also, don’t forget to stand up The gorges to avoid damage.
  • Once Lumira is lured to Wander, take your position Strongest characters Closer to it finish him.


After defeat Lumirawill be rewarded with you freedom Weapon This is a powerful sword that has been granted. Alear by their mother. It has the following stats.

  • Rating: D
  • Possible: 6
  • Hit: 90 percent
  • Critical Hit: 0 percent
  • Weight: 4
  • Range: 1
  • Price: 1000 gold

The unique feature of this weapon is that it Connected meter by the 1 point If you manage to kill the enemy. 1 turn

Lumira’s background in Fire Emblem Engage

Lumira Is The Divine Dragon Who saved mankind from it of the Fell Dragon Centuries ago cruelty is that adoptive mother. Alear And has protected the continent for a thousand years. Once Alear Awakened, she meets her child, apparently suffering from amnesia. She examines them. Metal To see if they are ready for the inevitable confrontation against him. Sombrone, gave The Fell Dragon.


Fire Emblem Engage is the latest addition to the Fire Emblem series, developed by Intelligent Systems and published by Nintendo. It is a strategy turn-based RPG with many features. letters from previous games, aiming to please both new and old fans.

And there you have it; With our guide on how to beat Lumira in Fire Emblem Engage, you will be able to defeat this boss easily and progress the game’s story.

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