Fire Emblem Engage: How long to defeat. [Explained]


The Fire Emblem engagement is quite long, and will take some time. 50-60 hours To complete its main story Multiple chapters, And if you want to choose it. 100% completion, It may take even longer. The length of the game is almost identical to its previous volume FE 3 Hoops. However, he had more than one route to the finish, making the game longer, but in FE engagementyou have to follow only one path.

Key highlights

  • Fire Emblem Engage is a JRPG which presents 26 different chapters In its main story.
  • It will carry around 50-60 hours To complete the game at medium speed.
  • if you Speed ​​run game, you can complete it in even less time. 40 hours
  • gave 100% completion Will take more than the game 90 hours Which will cover every aspect of the game.
  • Tips for beating the game faster include low difficulty levels, using strong heroes, upgrading gear properly, and using SP wisely.

Length of fire emblem engagement

How long does Fire Emblem Engage have to beat?
End of Fire Emblem Engage [Image Credit: eXputer]

Features of FE Engage 26 important chapters, each consisting of several battles and quests that follow up with the main story progression. So, if you’re playing at an average pace while going for the main side quests and farming essentials, it could take 50 hours to beat the game.

Getting to the game’s end credits as quickly as possible depends on your playstyle. If you just want to. Running speed Ignoring the game optional features, Then you can defeat him in a very short time. However, if you feel like enjoying the immersive gameplay. Exciting adventure While enjoying the dramatic scenery, you will then have to invest more time.

run fast

If you’re willing to skip the game’s side quests and optional content to get to the end credits, it will take almost as long. 30-35 hours. You can run the game at high speed. Easy difficulty settings And focus entirely on the main story, skipping all the cut scenes.

Although speed running helps you beat the game in less time than the actual completion time, it is not recommended to go for it as you will miss out on many important things. You might not miss the original story, but if you just want to enjoy it. The battles And the process Without worrying too much about the game’s plot, then it’s not a bad option.

100% completion

when we talk RPGs Like Fire Emblem Engage, beating the game and completing it are completely different terms. Now, if you want to invest your time in the game and experience all the featured utilities, it will take a long time. 90 to 100 hours To conclude all chapters. This will include all cutscenes, side quests, optional battles, tower of trail unlocks, and completion of paralogues.

In FE Engage, you’ll find tons of optional unlockables, including various Lords And letters. These lords have their own separate stories called “Paralogue,And it’s optional to complete scenarios to learn more about a specific character and earn extra rewards.

In addition, another feature is called Tower of Trails, which helps you improve your team’s performance and test different playstyles. The game also includes additional side content, such as billsEstablishing relationships with characters, developing bonds, and creating romances. So, while completing the game, you can experience all these features and get to know the actual plot of the game with a satisfying ending.

Factors Determining Game Completion

The final stage
FE end step [Image Credit: eXputer]

As discussed earlier, the completion rate of the game is entirely dependent on your strategic playstyle, patience and missions. speed of completion. The early chapters of the game are fairly easy and take less time to beat. However, as you begin to move towards the end chapters, your battles build up. Quite competitive And time consuming.

In FE Engage, side quests, optional battles, and spending time in your base will add to your total time. Also, if you are playing on high difficulty level, Then you have to be prepared for par. More challenges And obstacles that will come in your way.

A unique thing preoccupied That’s just the game a last resort, Unlike its predecessor, which included multiple paths to finish the game. Therefore, players will no longer need to change their paths and start over to see everything. Possible outcomes Finally. This makes the campaign more sure and smooth.

Tips to Engage FE Faster

While you may know different ways to reach the end credits, you should also learn some tips and strategies that will speed you up and help you play more efficiently. Here are some points to remember:

  • I play the game Easy mode.
  • Like use faster and better heroes. Atty And Alear Instead of using the default squad of ego, Sharina, AlphonseAnd Veron throughout the game.
  • Try it. not die Because it will slow down your progress.
  • Take advantage of Triangle system of weapons To get favorable results in battles.
  • Farm and spend your money. to sleep Use it wisely. Upgrade Your engaging weapon.
  • use S.P To increase your skills and effectively defeat high-level enemies.

Rewards for beating the game

FE Engage Rewards
Game Completion Rewards (Image taken by us)

Once you reach the end credits of the game, you will receive 100,000 Gold as the main prize. Plus, you’ll be rewarded with something Crystal and rare upgradeable items for your gear and equipment. Once you move on. Level 41you will unlock. Tower of Temptations I relay trials, Where you can get some online action and team up with real players for some intense battles.

In addition, the Map of volcanoes I The relay trial It will also be unlocked, allowing you to explore its immersive and adventurous locations. You can have some fun. Competitive battles Here, tactical battles and one-on-one battles are included. In addition, A Piano The game will add theme music to your room to play and replay the end credits.


How long does Fire Emblem Engage have to beat?
End of FE Engage [Image Credit: eXputer]

This concludes our guide on Fire Emblem engagement lengths. FE engagement I have another clean entry RPG World of Nintendo and comes with better features than its predecessor. The addition of interesting paralogues and previous lords makes the game really interesting for older fans. Like any RPG, FE Emblem demands a lot of time to properly complete its story.


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