Fire Emblem Engage Gifts Preferences [Full List]


Fire Emblem Engage features characters from different nations and kingdoms, whereby each character will have a favorite set of gifts that will be adored and loved by them, while there will also be gifts that they will not appreciate receiving, and players might want to know which Fire Emblem Engage Gifts they should get for each character!

Key Highlights  

  • Fire Emblem Engage has a wide selection of gifts that players can choose from with them, ranging from butterfly nets, horns, spirit gems, and more. 
  • Each character will have a specific gift that they will like, and giving the character the gift will provide a certain advantage to players!
  • There will also be a list of gifts the characters will end up disliking, and they will prefer not to be gifted the items. 
  • Each item will also have a certain flea market cost, such as Tea Leaves will have their market cost set to 500. 
  • The main benefit of knowing about all the gifts is that players can figure out which one their character might like!

Fire Emblem Engage Gifts 

All Gifts
All Gifts (Image Credits Exputer)

Kicking things off, let’s discuss all the gifts that players will be able to encounter whenever they are playing through the game. Each of these gifts will be considered a “best gift” for a certain character and will have a certain flea market cost, while others may not. 

Butterfly Net 

One of the first gifts that players will be able to encounter whenever they are playing the game will be a butterfly net, which will be an excellent gift for characters like Jean, Panette, Timerra, Amber, Chloe, Lapis, Jade, or even Merrin.

  • The butterfly net does not have any specifically listed flea market cost. 

Spirit Gem 

Another gift that will be loved by every playable character will be a spirit gem, meaning that every unit from a kingdom or a nation will be fond of it. 


Next up, we have the horn, which is going to be adored by seven different characters which are going to be Yunaka, Fodado, Alfred, Seadall, Timerra, Pandreo, and Merrin. 


There will be only three characters that will like receiving a lily, and they will range from Mauvier, Citrinne, and Veyle, and its market cost isn’t listed. 


Moving on, when it comes to receiving Chrysanthemum, there aren’t a whole load of characters that are going to be fond of it. Rather, there will only be three characters such as Framme, Mauvier, and Veyle, that will love it. 

Flower Wreath 

Next up, a flower wreath will be adored by quite a selection of characters, ranging from Veyle, Mauvier, Goldmary, Rosado, and Hortensia. Other than that, characters like Alfred, Elie, Framme, Celine, Louis, Citrinne, Bunet, and Fogado will also love receiving a flower wreath. 

Bear Carving 

Next up, we have a bear carving, which is sort of an unusual gift as compared to something akin to a flower wreath, but nonetheless, it is liked by characters like Amber, Chloe, Lapis, Jade, Timerra, Rosado, Jean, Goldmary, Merrin, and Hortensia. 

  • Its flea market cost will round up to about 600. 

Utility Knife 

As far as the utility knife is concerned, it will also be liked by quite the selection of units, such as Lapis, Diamant, Amber, Yunaka, Zelkov, Kagetsu, Panette, Anna, Mauvier, Saphir as well as Merrin. 

Lupine Flower

There will only be five characters that will be in favor of receiving the Lupine Flower, which will be Hortensia, Veyle, Goldmary, Rosado as well as Mauvier. 

Sheep Wool 

Since sheep wool is a pretty unusual gift, just like the bear carving, not many characters will want it, except for Lapis. Vander, Anna, or Zelkov. 

Fine Quill Pen 

Moving on, the next gift will be the Fine Quill Pen, which will be adored by 10 or 11 units, such as Diamant, Jade, Vander, Alcryst, Clanne, Jade, Diamant, Hortensia, Anna, Jean, Ivy, Lindon, Citrinne. 

Pretty Pebble 

Do you want to throw a pebble toward your character? God knows why but a pretty pebble is liked by every character. 

Antler Earrings 

It seems like there is quite a range of units that would like to receive antler earrings, such as Celine, Framme, Timerra, FOgado, Pandreo, Seadall, Horetnesia, Bunet, Panette, Merrin, Rosado and Goldmary. 

Fancy Dagger 

As for the fancy dagger, there will be seven characters that would like to receive it, such as Diamant, Yunaka, Panette, Kagetsu, Merrin, Mauvier, or even Saphir. 

Tea Leaves 

Characters (Image Credits Exputer)

When it comes to tea leaves, there will be quite a few characters that will be in favor of receiving it, such as Amber, Celine, Etie, Clanne, Louis, Citrinne, Zelkov, Bunet, Ivy, Goldmary, Lindon, Anna as well as Jean. 

  • The tea leaves will have their flea market cost set to 500.


Moving on, when it comes to bandages, there will be eight characters that would like to receive them, and they will range from Alfred, Kagetsu, Yunaka, Erie, Diamant, Saphir, Mauvier as well as jean. 

  • Its flea market cost will run out to 80. 

Horse Manure 

There is not a single character in this game that would like to receive horse manure as a Fire Emblem Engage Gifts

Spicy Seasonings 

As for spicy seasonings, it would be particular to characters that would like spicy food and indulge in spicy food, and those will be Chloe, Mauvier, Veyle, and Panette. 

Dried Meat 

As for dried meat, there will be quite a few characters that would like the idea of owning it, simply because of its uses. 

  • Characters like Chloe, Erie, Diamant, Timerra, Kagetsu, Fogado, Bunet, Merrin, Panette, Mauvier, and Seasdall will like it.

Landscape Art 

In order to receive the landscape art as a gift, players will want to seek out characters who are fond of nature and art alike, and those will range from Hortensia, Kagetsu, Zelkov, Fogado, Boucheron, Ivy, Rosado, Golmdary, Anna as well as Lindon. 

Roasted Yam 

When it comes to Roasted Yam, foodie-lovers characters like Bunet, Lindon, Saphir, Lapis as well as Amber will like it. 

Lovely Candle 

Many characters would like to receive a lovely candle, ranging from Celine, Framme, Fogado, Kagetsu, Citrine, Pandora, Hortensia, Timerra, Rosado, Seadall, Veyle, Anna as well as Goldmary. 

Field Guide 

Moving on, the next item of the Fire Emblem Engage Gifts will be a Field Guide, and characters like Amber, Chloe, Lapis, Panette, Merrin, Jean as well as Jade will like it. 


Unusually, there won’t be a whole load of characters that would like to receive yogurt as a gift, but the few that do are Amber, Anna, Saphir, Bunet, and Pandreo. 

Training Weight 

A training weight is not loved by many, but there are definitely characters like Framme, Erie, Alfred, Lapis, Yunaka, Kagetsu, Diamant, Mauvier, and Saphir that like it. 

Animal Treats 

When it comes to animal treats, characters like Amber, Jade, Timerra, Lapis, Chloe, and Merrin will like it. 

Fishing Bait 

As for the next item, it will be the fishing bait which will be liked by only four characters ranging from Saphir, Boucheron, Alcryst, and Diamant, and its flea market cost will be 20. 

Muscle Balm 

Next up, we have the muscle balm that will be liked by several characters such as Etie, Alfred, Framme, Alcryst, Yunaka, Lapis, Citrine, Jade, Amber, Diamant, Saphir, Mauvier as well as Kagetsu. 

Sharp Chisel 

Moving on, the next item will be a sharp chisel which will be liked by characters like Merrin, Panette, Lindon, Mauvier, Anna, Zelkov, Diamant, Kagetsu, Lapis as well as Yunaka. 

Philosophy Book 

As for the philosophy book, players will be able to gift it to characters like Citrinne, Diamant, Ivy, Lindon, Jean, Alcryst as well as Clanne. 

Poetry Book 

With the sheer amount of characters that may have an interest in poetry, it makes sense for them to suit characters like Boucheron, Clanne, Chloe, Celine, Louis, Zelkov, Ivy, Seadall, Alcryst, Jade, Yunaka, Veyle, Jean as well as Lindon. 

Fairy Tale Book 

For the next item will be a fairy tale book, which will be adored by characters like Alcryst, Celine, Chloe, Boucheron, Clanne, Citrine, Ivy, Jade, Seadall, Pandora, Veyle, Lindon as well as Jean. 

Dragon Scripture 

When it comes to the dragon scripture, it will be adored by units like Alfred, Erie, Clanne, Vander, Boucheron, Celine, Chloe, Louis, Ivy, Pnadreo, and Jean.

Lentil Flower 

The lentil flower will be liked by characters like Mauvier, Veyle, Louis, Erie, Alfred, and Celine. 

Large Plate 

While it may seem like a simple gift, a large plate will still be well-received by characters like Louis, Clanne, Amber, Fogado, Zelkov, Bunet, Pandora, Goldmary, Lindon, Rosado, Timerra, Anna as well as Saphir. 

Sun Visor 

As for the sun visor, it will be adored by units like Chloe, Boucheron, Alfred, Framme, Ivy, Jade, Alcryst, Hortensia, Bunet, Rosado, Seadall, Lindon, Goldmary as well as Veyle. 

White Clover 

A white clover will be well-received by units like Ivy, Amber, Lapis, Louis, Alfred, Clanne, Seadall, Bunet, Zelkov, Anna, Lindon, and Goldmary. 

Quality Kerchief 

When it comes to the quality kerchief, it will be suited for characters like Celine, Vander, Framme, Clanne, Timerra, Citrine, Seadall, Hortensia, Goldmary, Rosado as well as Anna. 

Desert Marigold 

There will really only be four characters that would like to get a desert marigold, and they will be Mauvier, Bunet, Veyle, and Fogado. 

Sewing Kit 

A sewing kit will be liked by characters like Vander, Zelkov, Anna, and Lapis. 

Cute Apron

When it comes to a cute apron, it will also be liked by only four characters which will be ranging Anna, Rosado, Goldmary as well as Hortensia. 

Spooky Scroll 

A spooky scroll will be best suited to gift to a character that would enjoy anything and everything spooky, and nothing speaks of spookiness like Panette. 

Playing Cards 

With the playing cards, they will be liked by Timerra, Saphir, Veyle, Rosado, Fogado, and Kagetsu as well as Veyle. 

Strong Perfume 

Next up, we have strong perfumes which will be best suited for units that like to smell extra-good, and they will range from Hortensia, Celine, Framme, Timerra, Rosado, Seadall, as well as Goldmary. 

Elyos History 

Last but not least, the Elyos History will be liked by Yunaka, Boucheron, Clanne, Celine, Alcryst, Diamant, Jade, Citrine, Seadall, Zelkov, Ivy, Jean, Veyle, as well as Lindon. 

Specific Character Gifts 

Giving Gifts
Giving Gifts (Image Credits Exputer)

Moving on, let’s take a look at the Fire Emblem Engage Gifts that will be disliked by each character. 

Character  Dislikes 
Jean  Dried meat, muscle balm, Sunvisor, playing cards, training weights, spicy seasonings, lovely candles, horse manure, and a large plate. 
Louis  Sharp chisel, spicy seasonings, horse manure, utility knife. 
Chloe  Tea leaves, cute apron, white clover, large plate, horse manure, spicy seasonings. 
Celine  Sharp chisel, spicy seasonings, horse manure, fancy dagger. 
Alfred  Sharp chisel, sheep wool, sewing kit, spicy seasonings, horse manure. 
Erie  Sharp chisel, sewing kit, sheep wool, horse manure, quality kerchief. 
Boucheron  Sharp chisel, spooky scroll, sewing kit, horse manure, sheep wool. 
Vander  Dried meat, playing cards, strong perfume, spicy seasonings, lovely candles, large plates, and horse manure. 
Framme  Philosophy book, spooky scroll, elyos history, horse manure. 
Clanne  Training weights, butterfly net, muscle balm, fishing bait, sun visor, utility knife, fishing bait, field guide, spooky scroll, bandages, horse manure. 
Citrine  Large plate, antler earrings, horse manure, sewing kit, sheep wool, utility knife, cute apron, white clover, sharp chisel. 
Saphir  Flower wreath, cute apron, quality kerchief, sharp chisel, strong perfume, bear carving, sewing kit, sheep wool, fine quill pen, antler earrings, lovely candle, horse manure. 
Alcryst  Quality kerchief, strong perfume, playing cards, antler earrings, lovely candle, large plate, horse manure. 
Lapis  Quality kerchief, strong perfume, fine quill pen, horse manure, lovely candle. 
Jade  Lovely candle, horse manure, playing cards, strong perfume, quality kerchief. 
Diamant  Flower wreath, strong perfume, cute apron, bear carving, lovely handle, playing cards, large plate, spirit gem. 
Amber  Dried meat, quality kerchief, philosophy book, cute apron, sewing kit, spicy seasonings, horse manure, sheep wool. 
Timerra  Fairytale book, sharp chisel, sheep wool, horse manure, sewing kit. 
Panette  Chrysanthemum, tea leaves, lily, lentil flower, lupine flower, desert marigold, cute apron, flower wreath, bear carving, large plate, horse manure. 
Merrin  Cute apron, strong perfume, spicy seasonings, spooky scroll, horse manure. 
pandreo  Muscle balm, sun visor, spicy seasonings, bandages, horse manure, training weights, 
Fogado  Fairytale book, fishing bait, spooky scroll, horse manure, roasted yam. 
Panette  Cute apron, bear carving, horse manure, large plate, large plate, flower wreath, lupine flower, lily, desert marigold, lentil flower, tea leaves, chrysanthemum. 
Timerra  Sharp chisel, fairy tale book, sewing kit, horse manure, sheep wool. 
Merrin  Cute apron, strong perfume, spicy seasonings, spooky scrolls, horse manure. 
Lindon  Training weights, muscle balm, fancy dagger, horse manure, quality kerchief. 
Goldmary  Dried meat, muscle balm, training weights, fancy dagger, bandages, horse manure. 
Anna  Dried meat, fishing bait, field guide, spooky scroll, horse manure, spicy seasonings. 
Rosado  Elyos history, philosophy book, horse manure
Hortensia  Tea leaves, muscle balm, butterfly net, training weights, white clover, spicy seasonings, fishing bait, large plate, horse manure, and bandages. 
Kagetsu  Tea leaves, fairytale book, poetry book, yogurt, philosophy book, elyos history, large plate, horse manure, cute apron. 
Zelkov  Playing cards, strong perfume, horse manure, lovely candle. 
Ivy  Cute apron, animal treats, strong perfume, butterfly net, fishing bait, bear carving, field guide, lovely candle, horse manure, spooky scroll. 
Mauvier  Fine quill pen, quality kerchief, antler earrings, playing cards, lovely candle, horse manure, large plate. 
Yunaka  Fairytale book, animal treats, strong perfume, bear carving, butterfly net, playing cards, field guide, lovely candle, large plate, and horse manure. 
Veyle  Quality kerchief, horse manure, strong perfume, fine quill pen. 


And there we have it! All likes and dislikes of the characters and their gifts, and with that, we will wrap our Fire Emblem Engage Gifts guide! You might want to read up on our Fire Emblem Engage Beginner’s Guide, which will go through tips and tricks that a new player might need in order to get the hang of how the game operates!

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