Fire Emblem Engage Gene: Abilities, Stats and How to Unlock


Jane is a humble. The monk From Firen Who is among the talented. Hero I Fire Emblem Engage. Like his father, he wants to become a doctor and help the community with his interpersonal skills. After a brutal attack on his village, Jain decides to join the army to become a better version of himself and serve his people. play along Jain And following its plot is really interesting in FE Engage, as it is full of thrilling adventures and exciting events.

Just like in every other role FE engagementJain portrays his story and background with Ek Di.Specific classes, builds, and stats. So, if you’re planning to invest your time in Jane, it’s best to know your character inside out.

Key highlights

  • Jane is one of the playable characters in it. FE engagement which belongs to Martial Monk Class.
  • After completion you can unlock Jane. Chapter 5 through Budding Talent Paralogue Quest.
  • Gene’s unique ability has increased. Estate development When on the surface.
  • Can be a gene. High priest On Level 10
  • You can add your own. Support leavel By offering appropriate food and gifts to Jain.
  • Jains prefer to fight together with certain allies, eg Celine And Bennett.

Jain Overview

Fire sign genes
FE Engagement Gene- [Screenshot grab: eXputer]
  • Classification: S
  • Base class: Martial monk
  • Default class progression: TBA
  • Starting Weapon: Dagger
  • Special Ability: Increased stat growth when leveling up

Jane is quite the extraordinary healer. FE engagement For that particular reason Ability to increase stat. He can prove a real help in battles, especially when supported by stronger and more aggressive heroes.

To be a martial monk, Jane has one passive and supportive playstyles, Allows your allies to heal during combat and jump back into the battlefield. When Jane is on. Maximum HP, He can start one Chain Guard Permanently repairing friendships across the field.

Gene statistics and growth

As for Jane’s stats, they are pretty decent, with plenty of potential. growth.

statistics base on growth
HP 19 50
power 4 20
magic 5 20
Defense 4 25
resistance 8 20
Lck 3 25
speed 7 40
Dex 10 35
Bldg 3 6

How to unlock and recruit Jane

Unlock the gene through Paralog.
Illustrations- [Screenshot by us]

In Engage, unlocking Jane isn’t too complicated since you get access to her early in the game. Once you’re done. Chapter 5 Open the world map to see a new update to the main story. Paralogue Quests Popping on it. After selecting Search for emerging talent, Head to Tea field village And look at it. Once you find Jane, approach and chat with her to recruit her to your team.

One thing to keep in mind before you try to unlock. JainMake sure your team already has Alear. Otherwise, Jane will refuse to join you. Also, if you are in higher difficulty settings, You have to make sure that Jane doesn’t die before she joins your group.

Class evolution

Fire sign genes
Gene development [Screenshot grab: eXputer]

To be a The healerFE Engage has the most suitable class for Jane. High priestwhich is an advanced and Mystical class once you cross. Level 10 With Jane, you can upgrade it. Martial Master. Jane’s healing powers can be life-saving in combat, helping you change the outcome of key battles.

Jane has a pretty decent default class. However, if you want to add some spice to the character, you can always use Second seal To modify your class and test its performance Battlefield.

Increase in support level

Unlock Jane.
Add support. [Screenshot by us]

Can advance your backstory. Jain By building a good relationship with him. to create Strong relationships With Jane, you can exchange Appropriate gifts along with. While doing this, make sure you present him with the right items, as there are certain gifts he likes to accept while certain items he dislikes.

Best gifts

The following are the best gifts you can give Jane in a Fire Emblem engagement.

  • A book of philosophy
  • Field Guide
  • The Book of Dragons
  • History of Eleusis
  • tea leaf.
  • A fairy tale book
  • Gem of the soul
  • A book of poetry
  • Butterfly net
  • Fine Quill Pen
  • Bear carving

The worst gifts

Now that you are familiar with the appropriate options, make sure to avoid the following items, as Jane will not be too happy to have them. These items include:

  • Dried meat
  • Muscle Balm
  • Training weights
  • Large plate
  • Horse manure
  • Sun visor
  • playing cards
  • Spicy spices

Best dishes

Here are some of the best foods to eat Jain likes

  • Dome Bread: Cooked with Wheat flour, milk, eggs, and nuts.
  • Croissant: Can be prepared with Eggs, Wheat flour, And milk
  • Berry Jelly: Cooked with Berries And milk
  • baked potato: Made with 2 potatoes, milk, And Beans
  • Caramel Nut Cake: Can be cooked with Nuts, wheat flour, milk, And the egg
  • Classic Pizza: Made with Tomatoes, milk, eggs, And herbs
  • Apple Pie: is prepared with Apples, wheat flour, And eggs,
  • Puffy Pancakes: Cooked with wheat flour, milk, And eggs
  • Soda Bread: is produced from Grapes, wheat flour, And The milk.
  • Cabbage Pickle: Made from Cabbage And Spice.
  • Boiled Dengo: is produced from Wheat flour And milk


While you can go for any number of variations when teaming up for battle, there are certain allies that synergize best with Jane. These are the heroes:

  • celine, Princess of Firen and special member of the Divine Dragons.
  • let’s go, A great flying unit and Louis’ companion sustainer.
  • A great warrior and retainer of Prince Diamond, Jade.
  • Caring for Princess Ivy, Zelkov.
  • Bennettis a member of Sentinel and a great chef.
  • clean, 33rd Steward of the Twins of Dragon and Frame.
  • The great scholar of Aloysia, Linden.


With that, we wrap up our guide on one of the best healing characters. FE engaged, Jane Although she is not a very strong character on her own, if you pair her with aggressive heroes, she can be very helpful by providing her healing abilities. Also the development of Jane’s story is quite interesting. So, make sure to use the hero to his full potential by using his abilities wisely.

Also, if you want to understand the weapon triangulation system, make sure to go through the detailed guide. Also, having proper knowledge about bond rings is very important to advance your characters. Additionally, don’t forget to check the length of FE Engage.


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