Fire Emblem Engage Emulation Guide


Over the years, emulation has evolved a lot and become great not only for saving games, but also for testing them at higher frame rates and resolutions. Recently released Fire Sign: Preoccupied Has been runnable on both emulators since day one, albeit with some minor performance issues in the meantime Emulation. Before proceeding, make sure you have one. Hacked Nintendo Switch. And a copy of Fire Emblem: Engage.

Key highlights

  • Can be copied from start to finish using Fire Emblem Engage. Two Nintendo Switch emulators, YUZU and Ryujinx.
  • Before starting the emulation process, it is recommended to upgrade the system. Virtual Memory/Swap Memory To avoid crashes during gameplay.
  • Both Ryujinx and YUZU can be downloaded from their official websites.
  • There are key files required by both emulators. prod.keys, title.keys, firmware, and Fire Emblem Engage copy. All of them can be dumped from the Nintendo Switch.
  • The developers of both emulators provide additional guidance regarding dumping on their respective conflicts.
  • Add prod.keys and firmware to both emulators. After that, add to the game Ryujinx and YUZU home screens.
  • But the game goes on. 30FPS on both emulatorsthough the Ryujinx version is a bit more stable at this point.
  • It is recommended to increase the resolution to 1440p or 4K to make the game look less pixelated and blurry.

Extending virtual memory

Before we dive into the emulation process, the first thing you need to do is add your own. Virtual memory of hard disk. What this does is it frees up RAM, and uses your hard disk memory (HDD) or solid state drives (SDD).

This is the reason it is recommended. Prevents the game from crashing. during emulsification. Skipping this step will result in frequent crashes due to memory leaks. Also called virtual memory. Replace the memory. too

  1. find. Adjust appearance and performance.
    Virtual memory
    Choosing to adjust the appearance and performance of Windows [Image Captured by us]
    Virtual memory
    Performance Options window [Image Captured by eXputer]
  2. Click on Advanced tab.
  3. Once there, click on Change under the Virtual memory Headline.
  4. After a new window opens, disable the “Automatically manage paging file size for all drives” By unchecking the box above.
  5. Now select one of your HDD or SDD that has free space and select the size you want.
  6. After selecting the drive. Write. 20000 both in initial size and memory size.
    Virtual memory
    Increase in swap size [Image by eXputer]
  7. Click OK and restart your computer.

After this happens, the crashing issue that causes it occurs. Memory leak will be arranged.

Copying on YUZU

Before starting this process, make sure you go through it. System requirements. After making sure your computer is up and running, follow the steps below.

  1. Download YUZU Emulator from them. official website.
    Yuzo Emulation
    YUZU Main Menu [Screenshot Grab: eXputer]
  2. The installation process is quite simple and straightforward. Once this is done, click on yuzu.exe File
  3. Now before you start adding games there, you will need three very important things.
  4. Those are important things. Prod.keys, Title.keys, Firmware, And the game himself
  5. You can get all these things through your Switch. Dumping You can throw. Firmware, Prod.keys, Title.keys, And Fire Emblem Engage Using the guide linked here.
  6. For additional dumping support, you can contact the YUZU devs at Discordant channel.
  7. After dumping the necessary files, open YUZU.
  8. Click on files, located in the upper-right corner of the window, and click “Install files in NAND.
    Yuzo Emulation
    Selecting files [Screenshot Captured by eXputer]
  9. This will open a new window where you have to navigate to where the firmware is installed.
  10. The next thing you’ll need to do is copy. Title.keys And Prod.keys To make YUZU do this, click . files Select again Open the Yuzo folder.
    Yuzo Emulation
    Select Open YUZU folder.[Image by eXputer]
  11. After the new window opens, paste your prod and title, keys to do Keys folder located there.
    Yuzo Emulation
    Paste prod.keys into the keys folder [Screenshot Grab: eXputer]
  12. Once this is done, your emulator will be ready for games.
  13. Return to the YUZU main screen, and select Add new game directory. This will open another window that allows you to locate the game on your hard drive.
    Yuzo Emulation
    Adding Fire Emblem Engage to YUZU Emulator [Screenshot Captured by eXputer]
  14. Once this is done, Fire Emblem: Engage will appear on YUZU. Double click on the game to start it.
    Yuzo Emulation
    Fire Emblem Engage on YUZU [Image by eXputer]
  15. In terms of graphics, there isn’t much to change, and we recommend sticking with the default settings. However, we recommend increasing the resolution from the default. Resolution Can look blurry and pixelated. Also, turn on AMD FX Super Resolution From Window Adapting Filletr, for increased visual clarity.
    Yuzo Emulation
    Enhancing resolution in yuzu [Screenshot Grab: eXputer]

Performance-wise, the game runs at the same frame rate as the Switch, which is 30 fps. Our testing showed similar results, albeit with several limitations. 28 fps as well as. You can turn off. V harmony. to increase the framerate cap, but it also speeds up the game, which we wouldn’t recommend.

Additionally, stuttering and stuttering during gameplay should be expected, but with time and updates, the game’s emulation will improve and it will be a much smoother experience, and even then, the game will be completely playable. is competent and has no serious technical issues.

Mods like 60 FPS mods can also be expected in the future to run the game at 60 FPS without overclocking. Finally, performance may vary from system to system, so depending on your system, your performance may be better or worse than ours.

Copying to Ryujinx

The process here is more or less similar to YUZU, with minor differences. Again, check System requirements For Ryujinx before going any further.

  1. Download Ryujinx from them. official website.
    Ryujinx emulation
    Ryujinx main menu [Image by eXputer]
  2. Like YUZU, you’ll need to. Prod.KeysTitle. keys, Firmwareand of course, the game itself.
  3. You can follow the same dumping process as done by YUZU devs, or you can follow this. Method of dumping By Ryujinx devs,
  4. Likewise, you can contact the Ryujinx devs on them. Discordant channel As well as to learn more about dumping procedures.
  5. After you have prod.keys, title.keys, and firmware; You need to copy them into your Ryujinx.
  6. To install the firmware, click . tools, Located on the menu bar at the top of the screen.
    Ryujinx emulation
    Installing the firmware by selecting the Tools tab [Screenshot Captured by eXputer]
    Ryujinx emulation
    Installing Firmware in Ryujinx [Screenshot Grab: eXputer]
  7. Click on Now. files in the upper right corner of the screen, and click Open Ryujinx folder.
  8. open up system folder, and paste your title and prod.keys over there.
    Ryujinx emulation
    Paste prod.keys into the system folder [Image by eXputer]
  9. Once your firmware and keys are set, the emulator will be ready for games.
  10. Go back to Ryujinx and click on Options and then select Settings. This will open the Ryujinx Settings window, where you can tinker with other options such as graphics, input devices and other settings.
  11. Click on add under the Game Directories Heading and navigating to where your game is located. Once this is done, click on save it. And Apply.
    Ryujinx emulation
    Adding Fire Emblem Engage to Ryujinx Emulator [Screenshot Captured by eXputer]
  12. This will add the game to the Ryujinx home screen. Now double click on the game to launch it.
    Emulation on Ryujinx
    Fire Emblem Engage on Ryujinx [Screenshot Captured by eXputer]
  13. Like YUZU, we don’t recommend tampering with any default settings unless you know what you’re doing, as this can lead to in-game abnormalities. However, we recommend increasing the resolution, which can be done by going to the Settings tab.

Performance on the Ryujinx was more stable and better than the YUZU, but at the end of the day, it also runs at the same framerate as the Nintendo. 30 fps. Mods can be developed over time to increase the framerate cap and run it at a native 60FPS.


Like Three Houses, Fire Emblem Engage brings back the option to romance other characters, which can provide new dialogue options as well as a number of boosts and benefits. You can learn more about the relationships you can have in Fire Emblem Engage in our Romance Options Guide.

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This concludes our emulation guide on Fire Emblem Engage. We have discussed the complete process how you can run the game on both the emulators. We’d love to hear your performance analysis of both emulators in the comments below.

abandonment: Downloading files such as Prod.keys, Firmware, and the game itself from any location other than the dumping process described above is illegal. We do not support such practices, and similarly, the developers of these emulators also do not like such practices. Any damage to your system due to pirating these files from anywhere on the internet will be at your own risk.


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