Fire Emblem Engage: Divine Paralogue [Tiki DLC]


While exploring the Divine Paralogue Islands, players will soon come across the White Dragon Tiki. Tiki appeared in both Fire Emblem Shadow Dragon and Awakening. If you beat her in battle, you can acquire the Emblem Bracelet Tiki, which serves as one of the strongest Emblems in the game!

There’s a fair amount of side content in Fire Emblem Engage in the form of paralogues. Among these is the Divine Paralogue which is part of the Fire Emblem Engage Day 1 DLC. Through it, players can head to a completely different location known as the Divine Paralogue Islands.

Key Highlights

  • The Divine Paralogue is part of the Fire Emblem Engage Day 1 Expansion Pack.
  • The Divine Paralogue becomes available after you complete Chapter 6 of the main story and the Bandit’s Hideout Paralogue
  • You will be led to the Divine Islands, and thus far, only the Dragon Temple Divine Paralogue is available.
  • In the Paralogue, you will face off against Emblem Tiki, and if you defeat her in battle, you’ll acquire her Emblem.
  • To win the battle, you’ll need to step on two Sigils to open Tiki’s chambers. Once her health is depleted twice, you’ll automatically win. 

How To Reach The Divine Paralogue

Unfortunately, you can’t access the Divine Paralogue right at the start of the game. Additionally, the mission is only available through the expansion pack, so if you can’t find it, you most likely didn’t acquire the pass.

Besides purchasing the DLC expansion pack, you need to progress through the main story. Specifically, you’ll need to reach Chapter 6 and clear the Mountain Settlement battle. Then, you need to complete Bandit’s Hideout Paralogue.

Once you meet all the requirements, you should find a path that leads into the sea. The path will lead towards and wrap around some islands. These islands are where you can find the Divine Paralogues. Currently, only the Dragon Temple Divine Paralogue is available on the islands, essentially the battle against White Dragon Tiki.

It is worth noting that the fight that will take place in the Paralogue will scale with your average level. Meaning even if you come back to it later, you’ll face a similar challenge as the enemies will have scaled to your level. Therefore, it is best if you try to complete the Paralogue early on so that you can take full advantage of the rewards.

Dragon Temple – The Ancestor Divine Paralogue

The battle against Tiki is quite long and can be drawn out for a long time. The main objective of the battle is to defeat Emblem Tiki. And the main defeat condition is if Alear is defeated. You can only bring eight units with you to battle.

Additionally, Tiki will remain hidden in the room northeast of the entire arena. The entrance to her chambers will be sealed off with two Sigils in the north. You’ll need to step on the Sigils first to reach Tiki and finally defeat her.

Battle Preparation

divine paralogue in fire emblem engage
Battle Map for reference [screenshot by eXputer]

Battle preparation is the most important part of winning in Fire Emblem Engage, and that is especially the case for the Divine Paralogue battle. There are many things to consider during the battle against Tiki. There are different types of enemies and a few valuable items that you might want to grab, so you’ll need to choose the right units. Especially considering that you can only take eight units with you.

During the battle, you’ll likely encounter an enemy Fabrication that can use Silence on your healers or magicians. Silence has a good range and will make your magic users useless as well, which is why you should try to take out the Silence users positioned on the towers at the start of the battle. For that purpose, you’ll likely need to take a flier with you.

Furthermore, you’ll be able to spot a Silver Card in the middle of the two Sigils. You can use the Warp wand with a healer (Framme or Jean) to teleport to the sparkling tile and get the item. Or you can take a stave-user with you who can use the Warp and Rescue, which you’ll get from the two chests on the map.

You’ll also need someone who can counter the Phantom Wyverns (dragons), which can freeze up your units. Anyone with inherited Sigurd’s Headlong Rush skill is immune to the freeze, whereas Alear is effective against the dragons as well.

Lastly, you might want to take an extra healer as the battle can be long, and once you deal with one of the Sigils, near-endless reinforcements will flood through the gates.

Battle Walkthrough

combat in divine paralogue
Combat during the divine paralogue [image by eXputer]

Right as you start, you should try using the fliers to take out the Silence users. If you didn’t bring a flier with you, then remain extra vigilant on who is the target of Silence so that you don’t get left with blocked magicians in the middle of battle.

Ideally, you want to build durability by keeping your strong units, such as Alear, Vander, or Alfred, at the front and push slowly. You can bait enemies to come to you and bait them out while allowing other units to move up. Try to remain in tight formations, as anyone who gets too far ahead can create an opening for the enemy.

Central Stairs

dragon attack
Phantom Wyverns which will attack you in the central area [captured by us]

The first major part you’ll come across is the central stairs, right after you breach through the fortress gates. There will be mages on both sides who can cast fire through the walls and take you out from a good range. Luckily, you can do the same to them, as they’re quite weak to your ranged attacks as well. However, if you don’t want to get involved with them, you can just as well keep heading along the central path to avoid the mages’ attacks.  

Additionally, you’ll need to be cautious about the Phantom Wyverns (dragons). They will swoop in to fight your units and can freeze them in place, disabling them from moving for a turn. As mentioned, those with Sigurd’s Headlong Rush skill are immune to them, and Alear can deal with them quite easily. They’re not that durable, so you can even use bows and units such as Etie to shoot them down with a longbow from a distance.

Furthermore, you’ll notice that the ground will be icy and frozen. This is a good and bad thing, as any unit on the floor will be granted +2 movement speed. However, that applies to you and the enemy as well. And as the battle continues, more portions of the floor will become frozen.

First Sigil

fire emblem engage divine paralogue first sigil
The first Sigil and the Chest in the same room [screenshot by eXputer]

The first Sigil isn’t that hard to reach. Ideally, you want to target the northmost Sigil as your first one, as it’ll be directly in your path once you reach the central area. There is only a Martial Artist and armored enemy guarding the northmost Sigil. You can likely break through with a magician. Open the chest in the middle to receive 2,000G. You should also get Rewarp for killing the enemies in the way. The unit will need to stand on the Sigil to activate it.

Second Sigil

second sigil
Second Sigil room [captured by eXputer]

Once you activate the first Sigil, the door to the northwest Sigil will be unlocked. However, more enemies will start coming out from the south as well, so you need to be mindful of the decisions you make, or you’ll eventually be flooded with reinforcements.

There are two different strategies that you can deploy here. If you’re confident with your units, you can split them such that one heads left and gets the Sigil while the other goes right and attacks Tiki as soon as the doors open. The decision comes down to whatever your situation is like after you’ve got the first Sigil.

The room with the second Sigil has two axe-wielding Cavalry enemies and a dragon (Phantom Wyvern). You can likely use Alear to take out the mounted enemies, and with a ranged attacker as support; you can take down the Wyvern as well. Etie, yet again, is useful here.

Alternatively, you can send just a stave unit, a good mover, and a strong attacker to the left chamber while the others are sent to the right side, towards Tiki. Regardless, you can take down the enemies and then activate the Sigil. That will cause more enemies to appear. Take them out, and then you can try collecting the Silver Card.

Collecting The Silver Card

rescue from the chest
Use the Rescue from the chest to get the Silver Card [captured by us]

A great time to collect the Silver Card is once you’ve secured both the Sigils. Move your camera, and you’ll notice the sparkling tile. You can use the Warp Wand with a healer to teleport to the sparkle and acquire the Silver Card. You can acquire the teleportation staffs, Warp and Rescue, from the two treasure chests near the Sigil. Then, all you need to do is choose a person to warp.

The person that you’re trying to Warp should be to the right edge of the chamber just to be safe. Once they’re warped, you can bring back the person by using Rescue. The Silver Card will give you a 30% discount on Armory and Item Shop prices.

Fighting Tiki

against tiki
Fight against Tiki in her dragon form [image by us]

Once you’ve got both the Sigils, you can move on to fighting Tiki. She will transform into her Dragon form in order to fight you. She will also be supported by two Cavalry with lances, a Martial Monk protecting the entrance, and a Phantom Wyvern. Additionally, Tiki can bless any enemy with a Revive Stone through Divine Blessing. Try to defeat the enemy with the Revive Stone first to avoid prolonging the battle. The Phantom Wyvern is the one who usually tends to get the Revive Stone.

Furthermore, by the time you’ve reached Tiki, the reinforcements from the south will likely catch up to you as well, so you’ll need to watch your back. These reinforcements aren’t a big threat, but they are armored, as you can’t get too carried away.

You’ll need to bait Tiki strategically. If you approach the Martial Monk and get too close to it, Tiki will start moving. But you can lure out the Phantom Wyvern, and Tiki tends to follow. If you’re lucky, the enemies will get funneled in the narrow corridor, and you can take down Tiki without worrying about the two Cavalry. Additionally, you’ll need to deplete Tiki’s health twice as she’ll use the Revive Stone on herself as well.

There are many different strategies you can use to take down Tiki, but Lodestar Rush with Alear and Marth’s engage mode might be able to take her out quite quickly. If Tiki falls, regardless of how many enemies remain, the battle will conclude, and you’ll be victorious.


If you’re successful and perform everything as mentioned in our walkthrough, then you should end up with a lot of great loot and rewards. Of course, the main reward for completing the battle is the Tiki Emblem. It is quite strong and can be great to get your hands on early on. But here’s everything else that you can gain from the battle and how you can get your hands on it:

  • Antitoxin: It is dropped by a Lance Fighter Fabrication.
  • Physic Staff: Dropped by a Martial Monk.
  • Rewarp Staff: Dropped by Martial Monk in the top center room.
  • 2,000 Gold: Acquired through the treasure chest in the top center room.
  • Rescue: Found in the left chest in the top left room.
  • Warp: Found in the right chest in the top left room.


tiki win
Dialogue with Tiki after you win [screenshot by us]

The Divine Paralogue in Fire Emblem Engage thus far contains the battle against Tiki. The fight can drag on for quite a while and requires you to be smart and cautious with your units. Additionally, it requires a good amount of planning and execution to reach and defeat Tiki finally. Here’s a summary of what you’ll need to do in order to win and gain the powerful Tiki Emblem.

  • Choose eight units to battle. Ensure you have strong units, such as Vander, as well as ranged users, such as Etie, and a Flier to handle the Silence users.
  • Start off strong by keeping a tight formation and not letting anyone stray far ahead.
  • Clear out the enemies in the center by killing the mages and Phantom Wyvern.
  • Head towards the northmost room to open a chest with 2,000G and step on the first Sigil. The northwest door will open, and reinforcements will pour from the south.
  • Send a unit to the northwest room and take out the Phantom Wyvern and the two armored Cavalry in the room.
  • Acquire Warp and Rescue from the two chests and collect the Silver Card and activate the second Sigil to open Tiki’s room.
  • Head to Tiki’s room in the northeast corner.
  • Lure Tiki out and reduce her health twice as she has the Revive Stone.
  • Defeating Tiki will end the battle.

With that, you know all about the Fire Emblem Engage Divine Paralogue. It is part of the Day 1 Expansion Pack and lets you face off against Tiki. Defeating her in battle will allow you to gain Emblem Tiki, which is one of the strongest Emblems in the game!

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