Fire Emblem Engage: Difficulty settings and modes


Fire Emblem offers engagement. Three levels After selecting the difficulty of the difficulty, you will be killed Two different methods which enables The permadeath system.

Key highlights

  • There is Three levels of difficulty. In Fire Emblem Engage
  • The game has two game modes.
  • The only difference in the game is the modes. Permedith system
  • Difficulty levels can vary. Converted to Somnel home base. Communicate with the bed in your room.
  • You can only reduce the difficulty. To Add to that, you have to start over..

Difficulty level in Fire Emblem Engage

Fire Emblem engagement level
Difficulty Level in Fire Emblem Engage – [Image by eXputer]

Each difficulty level offers a different experience for players to engage with. Players interested in the story will probably choose the easiest one. However, if you’re up for a challenge, the insane levels might just be for you.


Easiest difficulty for everyone new And Intermediate player. Even if you are an experienced player but don’t want to overcome the challenging and complex gameplay, this is the right choice. Even complex gameplay will be simplified to give you an engaging story.

Recommended if you want to progress easily through the story.


Still, want gameplay? Difficulty increases difficulty. Combat aspect for you More engaged With one in gameplay Increase the number of enemies, the fight continues for a long time. This too Grows gave Enemy stats And Limitations gave Rewind charges To 10 To give intense gameplay.

Recommended for players who are already familiar with the basics of the game.

make crazy

As the name suggests, insanity difficulty Enhances everything involved in I Difficult difficult. Also, you Can’t save progress During War, something Enemies will to master, And even Some lessons are Abandoned indeed A crazy thing to do. It is also difficult To Get experience And Level up.

Recommended for advanced players who have completed the game and want to experience the game at a constant difficulty.

How to Change Difficulty Settings in Fire Emblem Engage

Between game changing difficulty settings
Changing difficulty settings between developments – [Image by eXputer]

You must complete. Chapter 3: Enmity To access Somnelwhere you will also find The room. On the way to this room and The conversation with the the bedyou will have the option. Change Your difficult Setting.

However, there are Some restrictions Where you can Only less your hard. it is Only time You can lower your difficulty in the middle of development. Be very sure Of this, as you will have to restart the game to select your preferred difficulty settings.

Modes in Fire Emblem Engage

Fire Emblem Engage two modes
Choosing Modes in Fire Emblem Engage – [Image by eXputer]

While choosing your character and filling some details, you will be impressed. Two different methods You can start your game.

Relaxing mode

If any of your colleagues DieHe will Returns I The next battle In a relaxed mood. Meaning you won’t. Lack of manpower During the development of your game, which makes the game easier. You don’t have to either. Strategizing Your every move, because it’s no big deal if you lose your partner.

Recommended for players who just want casual gameplay.

Classic mode

Want to spice things up a bit? Classic mode adds a The permadeath system. If any of your Comrades die, he dies forever.. you Can’t revive Your partner and it leaves you. The only optionwhich is Replace the unit.

with The permadeath systemeven the ordinary may seem difficult. difficult. If you lose even one unit, your The whole team can become Imbalance and fall. Even worse, if you lose yours. The main fighter or The healer.

Recommended for players who are good at strategizing, because even if you make one mistake you will lose your partner.


Overall, the difficulty in Fire Emblem Engage matters in choosing difficulty levels and modes. However, if you are new and have chosen a difficulty level, you may want to read about Alear, the main character, including his class, stats, and weapons. Learn more about Bond Rings, which will provide a variety of estate benefits to support you throughout your journey.

Additionally, Etie, from Fire Emblem Heroes, also features in the game and is helpful against aerial enemies. For now, however, that’s it in our guide to Fire Emblem Engage: difficulty settings and modes.


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