Fire Emblem Engage: All missable characters


There is Six Memorable characters in Fire Emblem Engage. It is recruited by completing missed characters. Paralogues or To talk.

Key highlights

  • There is Six Memorable characters in Fire Emblem Engage.
  • Two memorable characters are found in Paralogue ie Paralogue: Budding after the Chapter 5; And the paralogue: The Mysterious Merchant after the Chapter 7.
  • Other memorable characters are found in chapters. 9, 15, 18And 19.
  • You will need thing For missed characters Recruitment them


Fire Emblem Engage Gene
Jane – [Image by eXputer]

gave The first The character remembered in Fire Emblem Engage is a martial monk. Jain is recruited. Paralogue: Emerging Talent after the Chapter 5 I Tea field village. As you progress through Paralogue, you’ll find something. Corrupt On the way. Jane is recruited after killing corrupt people by talking Alear.

Be sure to add Allaire to the team, otherwise Jane will refuse to join the party. Besides, it should Not to die Before joining your party, be careful if you are in a party. Higher difficulty settings.

Jane A The healer In a Fire Emblem engagement whose personal skill allows it. Improve unit estate development. He provides. Great buffs And to heal In intense battles, even better when paired with him Offensive hero.

Statistics and growth

Jane’s focus is on health and speed. Here’s what his stats look like:

statistics base on growth
Health 19 50
power 4 20
magic 5 20
skill 10 35
speed 7 40
Defense 4 25
resistance 8 20
fate 3 25
Build. 3 5


Fire Emblem Engage Anna
ego – [Image by eXputer]

I have been recruited. Paralogue: The Mysterious Merchant After arriving Chapter 7: The Dark Mark In Fire Emblem Engage. Moreover, in this paralogue, you have to. Defeat the thieves And find egowhich is inside. Middle chest. Thieves will not attack your unit but only counterattack, as their goal is to run away with the chests.

After that, you can recruit Anna. In the midst of war By talking with him Alear. Even if you don’t talk to her during the fight, she will ask to join your party afterwards.

The ego is one. The X-Fighter And a Backup unit. However, his Estate development focuses on a. Magic based construction. It may take time, but reclassifying it as one Magic user is probably the best choice. Its high magic, speedAnd skill Growth State will make it one of them. The strongest magician In Fire Emblem Engage.

Statistics and growth

Anna’s stats and development are focused on magic, and her class can be upgraded to Sage. Here are its stats and growth:

statistics base on growth
Health 29 55
power 10 15
magic 2 50
skill 9 50
speed 7 50
Defense 4 20
resistance 5 35
fate 3 45
Build. 7 5


Fire Emblem Engage Jade
Jade – [Image by eXputer]

I have been recruited. Finding the main story In Fire Emblem Engage. Appears during the events of Jade Chapter 9 and is recruited. During the war by the Alear or Damant. Moreover, you can also talk to him after the fight while searching to join him.

Jade is an elementary class. X Armorwhich can be upgraded. General For better performance. Also, Jade is excellent Health, powerAnd Defense growth statistics, which makes it an excellent choice to use as Tank In Fire Emblem Engage.

Statistics and growth

Jade has very good health, strength and defense. Here are its stats and what growth looks like.

statistics base on growth
Health 33 55
power 14 35
magic 4 25
skill 14 35
speed 5 30
Defense 18 40
resistance 6 30
fate 5 20
Build. 8 10


Saddle – [Image by eXputer]

He is the easiest recruit of them all. Appears in Seadall Chapter 15: Dancer in the Ruins In Fire Emblem Engage. Like Jane, you need to. Talk to Seidel. with Alear To recruit him. Seadall a Unique character Whose class is Dancer. In addition, his Personal skills Heals their allies 10% of maximum HP within Two places In the beginning.

Statistics and growth

Here are the saddle stats and growth:

statistics base on growth
Health 33 55
power 12 25
magic 4 15
skill 15 25
speed 16 50
Defense 10 25
resistance 10 25
fate 11 35
Build. 8 10


London – [Image by eXputer]

He will be yours. Enemy First, be careful so that you can Don’t kill him. In the development of Chapter 18: Cold Journey, Linden will appear as an enemy who is hostile and can be killed instead. However, you can talk to him inside. In the midst of war And recruit him into your party. You just have to make sure that they Does not fall in battle. Also, be careful when Approaching it As he can loss When you get close to it, you pretty much.

Linden has an elementary class. Dadand it is a great option to deal with it. Range damage. Also, he is worth using Toms And The stickswhich can turn the tide against your enemies in Fire Emblem Engage.

Statistics and growth

Linden focuses on speed and resistance. Here are the stats and what the growth looks like:

statistics base on growth
Health 38 65
power 8 25
magic 19 25
skill 21 25
speed 19 40
Defense 12 25
resistance 21 40
fate 8 15
Build. 10 10


Sapphire – [Image by eXputer]

You can recruit Saphir after you arrive. Chapter 19: The Dead City. She appears as an ally in this chapter, unlike Linden; However, you have to be careful and make sure. does not die during the war. After that, you can To Sapphire At war with Alear And talk to him Recruitment after this.

Statistics and growth

Saphir focuses on health and strength. Here are its stats and growth:

statistics base on growth
Health 51 80
power 24 35
magic 2 0
skill 23 25
speed 19 30
Defense 22 30
resistance 9 5
fate 15 20
Build. 15 10


This includes our guide to all missable characters in Fire Emblem Engage. To upgrade any of the character classes, you will need Master Cells which are earned through story progression. Moreover, you will need gifts to increase your support level.

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