Fans recreated the old DK Mountain map from Mario Kart in Halo Infinite.


  • A fan duo has created Mario Kart’s DK Mountain in Halo Infinite Forge.
  • DK Mountain Track has the same course as Mario Kart.
  • A Twitter user has shared a gameplay video of the new Halo map that combines the two aforementioned titles.

Hello Has a legacy of years. Fans never stop discovering brand new things in Halo, keeping the game alive for over two decades. The passion and love for the series is still admirable. Whether digging up scrapped content or recreating something more interesting, Halo’s fanbase never stops.

Playable in-game mode Forgery The Halo series has undoubtedly been a game changer for the franchise. The software allows fans to create maps for Halo games. Fans can incorporate elements from their favorite movies and TV shows into Halo games. Additionally, collaborate with Halo with retro titles to relive the nostalgia.

Another great addition is now presented to the fans by the fans. The two lovers of the series who go by the Twitter usernames Ludo_HT And Its_L010 Very complimentary and has created super nostalgic memories. DK Mountain Trek From Mario Kart In Halo Infinite Forge.

Twitter user Mr. Rebus A gameplay video of racing on DK Mountain in Halo Infinite has been shared. One of the creators, Ludo_HT, responded in the thread and said that the duo plans to keep bringing more maps to the community.

For those unfamiliar, DK Mountain is a course modeled after the jungle setting of the Donkey Kong video games. It debuted as the fourth and final Star Cup track in Mario Kart: Double Dash!! And then as the third track in the Lightning Cup in Mario Kart Wii.

Players travel on a barrel cannon through the middle of the forest to the top of a volcano before going through a series of curves and across a wobbly rope bridge to the finish line. A raging volcano, shaky bridges, and a giant cannon make up the track with rockfall hazards.

DK Mountain from Mario Kart
DK Mountain from Mario Kart

You can see the map. Here. In the description, the creators say that you will need 5 laps to win the game. Get ready to race and shoot on DK Mountain.

Fun and creativity keep the titles alive. Recently, the The deleted Halo 2 map “Anchor Point” was also remade for Halo Infinite.. The developers believed the map was too messy for final release, and it was scrapped by Bungie after a week of development.

Moreover, if you haven’t checked out yet. An early build of Halo 3, Dub “Pimps At Sea” also leaked online.. The Alpha build has a number of interesting features, including a tilt feature that supports cornering. Without a doubt, 2023 started with Halo at the forefront.

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