Fans map the Lavish 2v2 Museum in Halo Infinite Forge.


Highlights of the story

  • Some Halo fans have created a 2v2 museum map in Halo Infinite Forge.
  • The map shows a “Museum of Evil” well-stocked with artifacts.
  • A Twitter user shared a walkthrough video for the map.

Some fans, using artistic style, have created a wonderful 2v2 museum map. Hello Infinite Forge. Halo’s fanbase has kept the game alive for two decades, never ceasing to uphold the game’s legacy. From digging up hacked content to creating brand new maps, Halo fans keep the community entertained.

Halo Infinite Forge has proven to be a winning move by creators as this in-game software lets you test your creativity with map creations in Halo. Fans can create their own maps, add movies and TV shows to Halo games, or complement Halo with their favorite retro titles.

With that being said, this new 2v2 Slayer in Halo Infinite shows some great creativity from the creators. called a map. “Sion” And built into a museum. As per map description websiteIt will be a private museum owned by a criminal.

Twitter user and Hello enthusiast Rebus Gaming Expanded the map on its platform and shared a walkthrough video inside the museum. The map is done by Art @CertifiedChmp And are the creators of the sequence. @Prod1204 And @SSlaphead. As you walk through the museum, you will see the preserved bones of the whales, and the credit goes to them. @DWeaponxx.

Judging from the walkthrough video, this map is made using a very artistic style. We can see spacious halls and magnificent interiors, as well as large whale bones and guns decorated as artifacts on display. The map can be bookmarked. Here.

Halo Infinite Forge has a number of great additions, including a A recreation of the prison from the movie “The Platform” in Halo Infinite’s Forge mode.

Don’t just stop there, The Megaton Map From Fallout 3 has also been created using Forge for Halo Infinite.. The houses built on the map in Halo also have the feel of the original Fallout map, as they appear to be constructed from scrap materials.

And the Halo version of the map also has an atomic bomb in the middle of the city. Additionally, while gamers are always looking for ways to relive the nostalgia associated with retro games, two Fans recreated the old DK Mountain map from Mario Kart in Halo Infinite.

DK Mountain Track features the same course as Mario Kart, revamped with Halo’s shooting genre. The Hello community almost never stops. Digging out the cut content is one thing, but then recreating it in a modern version of the game is another and highly commendable.

A fan recreated the deleted Halo Map “Anchor Point” in Halo Infinite Forge. This Halo 2 map was scrapped by Bungie after a week of development. A recent one An early build of Halo 3 was leaked online under the name “Pimps At Sea”.Highlighting some cool features from the canceled build, including a tilting feature.

This build was also said to be the earliest prototype of the Halo. Additionally, with the latest layoffs within Microsoft, Halo Infinite creator studio 343 Industries was reportedly hit in a big way.

Halo Infinite Creative Director Joseph Staten Leaves 343 Industries leading to the head of the studio saying he was “hit hard” by the layoffs. However, later on, 343 Industries assured its fans That they will continue to work on Halo now and in the future.

Later, the CEO of Xbox, So did Phil Spencer In an interview that 343 industries are ready with future plans.

Are you planning to try out this latest museum map in Halo Infinite? Let us know in the comments below.

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