Fall Guys is finally getting a level editor with next week’s Season 4 update.


Fall Guys Season 4 Creative Build

The most requested feature of fallen people Season 4 is finally coming with an update. revealed during a Developer Live Stream Out today by Mediatonic, the new creative mode will let players create custom levels in-game for the platforming battle royale hit.

The in-game level creator lets players choose the objective and theme, the number of players, set up obstacles, set up checkpoints, and finally decorate the world. There is a fixed amount of items that are allowed at each level, however, each adjustment costs some of the overall budget. At any point during editing, the creator can test the drive surface to see if the current state of things is to their liking.

Check out the full live stream below to get a look at all the customization tools players will need to create their own strange worlds.

After creating a level—and completing it to prove it’s possible to beat it—players can share it with friends and the larger community for use in private lobbies via share codes. Mediatonic is also creating custom playlists that will feature hand-picked user-generated rounds, which players can jump into through regular matchmaking.

fallen people The Season 4: Creative Construction update is coming to all platforms on May 10. On top of the level editor, it includes 50 new levels from the developer, as well as a new type of obstacle called the Bomb Blaster, among other changes. Expect to see the full changelog when the update goes live next week.


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