Facebook Messenger includes games that you can play with a friend over video calls.


Facebook Messenger Gaming

Facebook’s parent company Meta has cut tens of thousands of jobs in the past few months. However, this is not stopping it from adding new features to its popular Facebook Messenger app. This week, it announced that Messenger users can play a selection of games while in video chat mode.

Facebook blog It says that to start the game, a person simply makes a video call to someone else on Messenger, then that person can tap or click on the group mode button in the middle. Then, tap or click them. play section and bring up a list of games available to play with their video chat friend. There is no cost to play these games through Messenger.

Right now, there are only 14 games available in the Facebook Messenger app, but some of them are quite popular. They include Exploding Kittens, Mini Golf FRVR And Words with friends. Most of these games only support two players, but some support more.

Messenger will add more games to its library in the coming weeks and months, and Facebook is inviting developers to bring their games to the platform. The new feature is now available on Messenger on the iOS and Android apps, as well as on the web.


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