Extensive Windows 11 File Explorer works with new homepage, recommendations, and more


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With the holiday season now over, Microsoft is back to releasing Insider builds for Windows 11. The latest dev channel build 25272 contains a number of major bug fixes, but it also gives us a glimpse of what the company has been working on. behind the scenes. These suggest that Microsoft is doing a lot with File Explorer. Recently, a new feature called “Gallery” was leaked. This feature may be similar to “Photos” but with a new icon. The gallery can be enabled but is somewhat unstable, which is to be expected from early hidden features in dev builds as they are experimental in nature.

Apart from Gallery, Microsoft is also working on many new features in File Explorer. We’ve apparently already gotten a glimpse of one such feature with the new “Suggested Content” folder option. However, more such features are apparently in development, according to a Twitter user and Windows enthusiast. Fire Cube.

There will be a new home page for File Explorer and the accompanying details pane may have new options such as:

  • insight
  • Activities
  • Properties
  • Related files.
  • Reservations
  • Sharing status

Another user has PhantomOcean3. published IDs for many of these features:

  • Insight: 41076133
  • Recommended content: 38664959 and 40064642

However, they note that the features are mostly disabled by force, and enabling them is breaking File Explorer completely. Therefore, we do not recommend our readers to enable them with ViVeTool or anything similar.


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