Export PowerPoint slides as animated GIFs to more platforms.


In what appears to be another effort to focus more on “mobile-first content creation,” Microsoft has announced that the ability to export slides as animated GIFs is now available for PowerPoint for iPad. Previously, this feature was only available on PowerPoint for Mac and Windows.

For those who don’t know, creating an animated GIF using PowerPoint is pretty straightforward. On your PC or Mac, open your offer and navigate. File > Export > Create an animated GIF. On iPad, you first need to open the desired presentation and then tap on . File To bring up the menu (three-dot view). Create a GIF Clicking the option will let you specify the slides you want to use, how long each slide should be displayed, and the quality of the animated GIF you want to export.

Recognizing that there is a shift toward mobile-first content creation, Microsoft added the ability to create slides in portrait mode in PowerPoint for iPhone and iPad devices. By announcing a new animated GIF capability for iPad devices, Microsoft seems to be reiterating its commitment to this mobile-first approach.

The ability to export PowerPoint slides as animated GIFs is currently available for iPad users with Office Insider Version 2.70 (Build 23012202) or later. If you are not seeing it despite meeting the conditions, you should wait a few more days. Microsoft has noted That this feature is slowly rolling out to a large number of insiders.

If you’re using PowerPoint on your iPad, have you ever tried exporting slides as an animated GIF to your device? Let us know in the comments.


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