Expand your PS5 or PC storage with the Nextorage 4TB SSD with heatsink


Nextorage sdd

Adding more storage to your Sony PlayStation 5 console Or your gaming PC is always a good thing. However, you also want that storage to offer optimal performance, without overheating issues. The Nextorage SSD PCIe product offers both storage expansion as well as heat sink protection for optimal gaming performance on your PS5 or PC. You can get Nextorage SSD PCIe 4TB with heatsink. Right now on Amazon for $339.99. That’s $210 off its $549.99 MSRP price.

The SSD offers read speeds of 7,900MB per second and write speeds of 6,900MB per second. It is designed to be easily installed and fit into the PS5 console, with detailed instructions on how to do so. The biggest feature is its aluminum heatsink coated with highly thermally radioactive black alumite. It will allow gamers to play their favorite PS5 or PC games with both higher performance and stability than other SSD products.

Nextorage ssd

The Nextorage SSD also comes in other storage versions that are currently discounted:

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