[EXCLUSIVE] Marvel’s Avengers have been split up.


Marvel’s Avengers have never had a particularly easy time in the press. The ill-fated licensee of Tomb Raider developer Crystal Dynamics has grabbed the headlines.There is no longer a roadmap for Marvel’s Avengers.“From”Marvel’s Avengers Update Leaks Your IP AddressSince relaunching in September 2020.

The power of the Marvel brand did little to turn the tide in Avengers’ favor, and the criticisms leveled during the title’s closed beta continued throughout its lifespan—namely, a lack of content, an abundance of game-breaking bugs, and a lack of community. went Feeling abandoned by sparse communication from developers.

This all came to light in a report from eXputer here last December, which revealed that the end is in sight and that preparations are underway for the title to expire in 2023. Since then it seems The situation has evolved.

The departure of Brian Wagner

Sources tell me that while Marvel’s plans to end support for The Avengers initially spanned the back half of 2023, they have since accelerated. The recent departure of lead developer Brian Wagner..

Released by Crystal Dynamics. Public dress down to Wagner for a series of Racist tweets detected This past November, stating that he would “no longer be a spokesperson for the studio or discuss studio projects.”

This apparent mess continued until late last week when Wagner removed all mention of Avengers from his social media profiles and unfollowed the game’s official accounts.

Sources say Wagner was indeed let go and that Will not be changed Of the increasingly small team of developers still working on Avengers, most are already doing double duty on one of the studio’s other projects.

The remaining talent is expected to transition full-time to the new Crystal Dynamics. Tomb Raider title under Amazon Games, which I’m told is well into development and the subject of ongoing pressure. Reveal later this year.

How does it end?

According to Crystal Dynamics sources, The announcement that Avengers is halting development could come as early as next week.. Their exit strategy included a series of changes to the game’s various systems, namely the removal of artificial time gating and an overhaul of the available cosmetic microtransactions.

I’m also told that the game will be available for sale digitally until at least September and efforts are being made to keep the game playable for existing owners as long as possible.

In addition to these changes and any subsequent bug fixes, Final regular schedule update There is an upgrade for player traversal.

Sources tell me that this should bring the movement of the entire roster in line with its latest addition, addressing a long-standing complaint that heroes like Captain America and the Hulk feel slower than other playable characters in the game. do

Unreleased material

Marvel’s Avengers had a wealth of content in various stages of development that would eventually happen. Do not see release.

These include “Patrol mode“The game’s largest map features a free-roaming mode that will see players accepting “boss bounties” to challenge title opponents in unique encounters, among other smaller objectives.

This update comes with “Advances in inclusion“The functionality allows players to switch in and out of fire teams without interrupting gameplay, a working prototype that I’m told was in testing last summer.

Clashes with famous Marvel villains Ultron Cards was also involved, along with early development with the work, where he was once the main antagonist of the narrative.

This boss fight will see the friendly NPC robot Roy possessed by a sentient Corrupt AI, with players having to plant beacons to extract and trap the alien consciousness.

Many characters were in the pipeline as well, incl Shi Hulk And Captain Marvel. These 2 were part of an earlier internal content release schedule that was updated under Waggoner’s leadership to include heroes such as Jane Foster, Shuri, and Ironheart, which was accomplished on a lower budget by recasting existing assets. can be done

Goodbye, Avengers

Marvel’s Avengers enjoyed a modest but active fanbase that kept the live service struggling through its countless controversies. Podcasts, wikis, Discord servers, and subreddits sprang to life and remained active even as player numbers dwindled, and game rivals came and went.

Current and former developers I spoke with sang the praises of their co-workers and described constant knee-jerk potential fountains. Incompetent studio management and the bureaucracy of Marvel Games. To him and to the game’s community, Avengers meant a lot. I will miss him fondly.

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