Excel Workbook For Dummies, Second Edition ($18 value) free download ends today.


Make your work life easier and more efficient. Claim your complimentary copy valued at $18 for free.Before the offer expires today On June 1.

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Get a practical walkthrough for the most useful Excel features.

Looking for easy-to-understand, practical guidance on how to go from Excel novice to number-crunching pro? Excel Workbook For Dummies is the hands-on tutorial you’ve been waiting for.

This step-by-step guide is full of exercises that walk you through the basic and advanced functions and formulas in Excel. At your own pace, you’ll learn how to enter data, format your spreadsheet, and apply the program’s mathematical and statistical capabilities.

Work your way through the book or, if you prefer, skip straight to the part that’s giving you trouble, whether it’s data visualization, macros, analysis, or something else. you too:

  • Brush up on and practice time-saving keyboard shortcuts for popular commands and actions.
  • Get a handle on the multifunctional and practical pivot table with intuitive practice exercises.
  • Learn how to protect your data with spreadsheet password protection.

Perfect for new Excel users, Excel Workbook For Dummies is also the ideal resource for those who know their way around spreadsheets but need a refresher on some of the more advanced features of this powerful program.

Free offer ends today, June 1st.

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>> Excel Workbook for Dummies, 2nd Edition ($18 value) – Now Free
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