Excel Labs is a new Microsoft Garage add-in that adds OpenAI-based generative AI to Excel.


Excel Labs Add-in

A few weeks ago, Microsoft announced the Copilot feature for Microsoft 365. It will allow users to access generative AI to help automate tasks, for example, Excel spreadsheets. Right now, Microsoft 365 Copilot is being used for testing in only a few businesses. However, almost anyone can now use Creative AI features within Excel with a new Microsoft Office add-in.

gave The Official Excel Blog has announced the launch of this new add-in, Excel Labs. It is being released as an experimental program from the Microsoft Garage division. It’s actually an improved version of an older add-in called Advanced Formula Environment, which Microsoft says allows Excel users to “more easily write, edit, and reuse complex formulas and LAMBDA functions.” “

The new Excel Labs add-in combines features found in the earlier Advanced Formula Environment program with the new LABS.GENERATIVEAI custom function. Microsoft says it’s using its partner OpenAI’s big language models to let users type prompts directly into an Excel grid to get results.

Microsoft states:

For example, you can ask it to parse keywords in a survey response or you can ask it to analyze the sentiment of a table of tweets. In general, we encourage you to experiment with different prompts to see how being more general or more specific affects the responses you receive. Instead of “Write a poem about Excel,” try something like “Write a poem about Excel that mentions PivotTables.”

Users will have to. Register for an OpenAI account. And then apply An API key from the company To use Excel Labs. You can then download the add-in from the Office Store.


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