Epic Seven Tier List: Best Units [Feb. 2023]


With a loadout of over two hundred heroes in the Epic Seven, each boasting a unique style, skill, and even niche use, it’s inevitable to get off-track before even marking your first victory. Do you fret about such complications? Well, that’s where we come in! Allow us to introduce you to our Epic Seven Tier list. 

Key Highlights

  • The Epic Seven game houses 6 distinct playing roles, namely Warrior, Knight, Ranger, Thief, Mage, and Soul Weaver. 
  • Belonging to at least one of these competitive gaming modes, Epic Seven features a whopping total of unlockable characters (currently more than 100!)
  • The ranking of each Epic Seven unit highly depends on their base stats, abilities, and strengths across the dedicated playing role as well as others. 

  • Blood Blade Karin, Seaside Bellona, Martial Artist Ken, Krau, Ruele of Light, and Specter Tenebria are the top highlights of the Epic Seven game. 
  • From special skills like the invincibility frames to guaranteed success in the end game, these characters pack everything a passionate gacha player wants. 

  • Melany, Muse Rima, Alexa, Troublemaker, Elson, and Kikirat V2, on the other hand, are names you should keep your distance from. Their stat growth is subpar, causing them to lack immensely in battles. 

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Epic Seven Tier List

Epic Seven Tier List Ranking Table
Role S-Tier A-Tier B-Tier C-Tier D-Tier
Knight Krau Adventurer Ras, Fallen Cecilia, Charles, Lilias, Tywin, Crimson Armin Cecilia, Belian, Shadow Rose, Fighter Maya, Falconer Kluri, Senya, Rose, Last Rider Krau Ras, Chaos Inquisitor, Ilynav, Mort, Armin, Shadow Knight Phyllis, Ambitious Tywin, Charlotte Taranor Royal Guard, Kluri, Bask, Arowell, Eaton, Butcher Corps Inquisitor, Christy, Pyllis, Kikirat V2
Warrior Martial Artist Ken, Yufine Sol Badguy, Alencia, Ken, Cermia, Straze, Chloe, Alencia, Little Queen, Sigret Luna, Apocalypse Ravi, Hwayoung, Mercenary, Rem, Kitty Clarissa, Assassin Cartuja Inferno Khawazu, Commander Lorina, Rimuru, Designer Lilibet, Dark Corvus, Church of Ilryos Axe, Clarissa, Zahhak, Mediator Kawerik, Dingo, Free Spirit Tieria, Khawazu, Conqueror Lilias, Gunther, Taranor Guard, Lilibet, Batisse, Judge Kise, Holiday Yufine, General Purrgis, Mui, Captain Rikoris, Choux, Lena Azalea, Camilla, Rikoris, Helga, Tieria, Januta, Purrgis, Great Chief Khawana, Cartuja, Lorina, Ains, Chaos Sect Axe, Enott, Corvus, Melany
Ranger Landy, Seaside Bellona Bellona Operator Sigret, Watcher Schuri, Lidica, All-rounder Wanda, Leo, Cerise, Iseria, Operator Sigret Command Model Laika, Glenn, Schuri, Silk, Yuna, Wanda, Celeste, Summertime Isseria, Muwi, Elphelt Valentine, Pavel, Furious, Wanderer Silk, Bomb Model Kanna Nemunas, Kiris, Ian, Godmother, Rima, Roaming Warrior Leo, Muse Rima
Thief Blood Blade Karin, Vilred, Specimen Sez, Luluca, Arbiter Vilred, Sez, Specimen Sez Kayron, Blood Blade Karin, Celine, Violet, Assassin Coli, Kise Mirsa, Baiken, Ervalen, Specimen Sez, Remnant Violet, Tempest Surin, Crescent Moon Rin, Assassin Cidd, Karin Cidd, Coli, Adin, Closer Charles, Righteous Thief Roozid, Penelope, Khawana, Ran, Surin, Orte Spirit Eye Celine, Haste, Hataan, Jecht, Roozid, Judith, Sven, Alexa
Mages Auxiliary Lots, Specter Tenebria, Vivian Dizzy, Top Model Luluca, Tenebria, Melissa, Basar, Silver Blade Aramnitha Aramintha, Zealot Carmainerose, Ludwig, Eda, Champion Zerato, Gloomyrain, Celestial Mercedes, Baal and Sezan, Fairytale Tenebria, Researcher Carrot, Politis, Milim, Kawerik Sage Baal and Sezan, Angel of Light Angelica, Solitaria of the Snow, Dominiel, Carmainerose, Guider Aither, Ram, Romann, Mercedes, Zerato, Carrot, Doll Maker Pearlhorizon, Mistychain, Benevolent, Serila Adlay, Archdemon’s Shadow, Pearlhorizon, Hurado, Troublemaker
Soul Weaver Ruele of Light, Roana  Tamarinne, Angelic Montmorancy, Maid Chloe, Achates, Angelica, Shooting Star Achates, Blaze Dingo, Ray Destina, Mascot Hazel, Blood Moon Haste, Magic Scholar Doris, Diene, Lots, Rin Elena, Ainos, Aither, Kizuna AI, Sinful Angelica, Shuna, Lucy, Sonia, Emilia Hazel, Desert Jewel Basar, Doris, Elson
Epic Seven Tier List
Epic Seven Quick Overview

 After spending substantial time contrasting all heroes and their stats across all categories, we have come up with this Epic Seven tier list to decide who we think should accompany you through the game’s gacha-filled battlefield. So without further delay, let’s dive right into the current, most definitive rankings of the Epic Seven champions!

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Epic Seven S-Tier
Epic Seven Tier-S

Starting with the best tier containing Epic Seven heroes with extraordinary stat growth, which they employ at any useful point to perfectly manifest their powers in any way you prefer building your battle party. 

The S-Tier heroes have the skill to render maximum damage during close combatting and also know how to defend themselves and the team in case of retaliation. 

Their skillset is also some of the best, including the top ones like invincibility frames. All of the names ranked under this tier are worth summoning to your team for guaranteed triumph. Therefore don’t miss choosing them even if you get hold of one from this list. 

Epic Seven Tier-S Heroes  Roles 
Vivian Mages
Seaside Bellona Ranger
Arbiter Vilred  Thief
Yufine Warrior
Krau Knight
Luluca Thief
Martial Artist Ken Warrior
Ruele of Light Soul Weaver
Specimen Sez Thief
Vilred  Theif
Specter Tenebria Mages
Roana Soul Weaver
Blood Blade Karin Thief
Auxiliary Lots Mages
Landy Ranger
Specimen Sez Thief
Sez Thief


Epic Seven Tier List
Epic Seven Tier-A

Heroes under this category make up most of Epic Seven’s current meta. They are as effective in battle as Tier-S heroes and also possess comparable stats growth to them. 

However, because the stats aren’t entirely alike, these heroes rank one tier down from the first-best characters of Epic Seven. Couple these heroes with a well-timed combo and some clever strategies to make the most of them. 

Epic Seven Tier-A Heroes  Roles 
Straze Warrior
Basar Mages
Shooting Star Achates Soul Weaver
Crimson Armin Knight
Flan Ranger
Kayron Thief
Cermia Warrior
Melissa Mages
Blaze Dingo Soul Weaver
Ken Warrior
Tenebria Mages
Bellona Ranger
Adventurer Ras Knight
Ray Soul Weaver
Top Model Luluca Mages
Alencia Warrior
Fallen Cecilia Knight
Blood Blade Karin Thief
Briar Witch Iseria Ranger
Tamarinne Soul Weaver
Dizzy Mages
Sol Badguy Warrior
Angelic Montmorancy Soul Weaver
Celine Thief
Charles Knight
Maid Chloe Soul Weaver
Sigret Warrior
Achates Soul Weaver
Little Queen Warrior
Violet Thief
Lilias Knight
Silver Blade Aramnitha Mages
Alencia Warrior
Assassin Coli Thief
Angelica Soul Weaver
Tywin Knight
Chloe Warrior
Kise Thief


Epic Seven B Tier
Epic Seven Tier-B

This category of Epic Seven heroes is the third best on our tier list. The type houses heroes that are close to being average but aren’t due to their unique manifestation of skill if used niche specifically. Many of them deal decent amounts of damage hence helping players survive in the field of not helping to ace. All in all, these units are suitable for playing complementary roles in the teams. 

Epic Seven Tier-B Heroes  Roles 
Champion Zerato Mages
Cerise Ranger
Diene Soul Weaver
Falconer Kluri Knight
Tempest Surin Thief
Fighter Maya Knight
Iseria Ranger
Eda Mages
Magic Scholar Doris Soul Weaver
Kitty Clarissa Warrior
Crescent Moon Rin Thief
Shadow Rose Knight
Operator Sigret Ranger
Blood Moon Haste Soul Weaver
Ludwig Mages
Rem Warrior
Assassin Cidd Thief
Mercenary Warrior
Watcher Schuri Ranger
Karin Thief
Belian Knight
Zealot Carmainerose Mages
Mascot Hazel Soul Weaver
Hwayoung Warrior
Aramintha Mages
Lidica Ranger
Cecilia Knight
Destina Soul Weaver
Mirsa Thief
Researcher Carrot Mages
Apocalypse Ravi Warrior
Zeno Mages
Luna Warrior
Last Rider Krau Knight
Rin Soul Weaver
Fairytale Tenebria Mages
Assassin Cartuja Warrior
Baiken Thief
Baal and Sezan Mages
Ervalen Thief
Celestial Mercedes Mages
Lots Soul Weaver
Rose Knight
Gloomyrain Mages
Specimen Sez Thief
Milim Mages
Kawerik Mages
Senya Knight
All-rounder Wanda Ranger
Remnant Violet Thief
Politis Mages
Leo Ranger


Epic Seven Tier List
Epic Seven Tier-C

This category consists of average heroes that won’t do much harm if added to the team. These units won’t inflict significant damage to the enemy side either, as none possess any exceptional skills. However, this doesn’t conclude that the heroes are easy-to-beat. 

Your opponents can outnumber heroes of the C-Tier only if they know their weaknesses. Decisively, we recommend employing the C-Tier heroes only if you have a suitable party combination with them planned in mind, or maybe you feel like utilizing any of their skills.

Epic Seven Tier-C Heroes  Roles 
Dark Corvus Warrior
Yuna Ranger
Dominiel Mages
Shuna Soul Weaver
Designer Lilibet Warrior
Penelope Thief
Rimuru Warrior
Solitaria of the Snow Mages
Lucy Soul Weaver
Faithless Lidica Ranger
Shadow Knight Phyllis Knight
Khawana Thief
Carmainerose Mages
Silk Ranger
Commander Lorina Warrior
Sonia Soul Weaver
Angel of Light Angelica Mages
Ambitious Tywin Knight
Ran Thief
Sage Baal and Sezan Mages
Emilia Soul Weaver
Inferno Khawazu Warrior
Schuri Ranger
Dingo Warrior
Charlotte Knight
Zerato Mages
Elena Soul Weaver
Surin Thief
Glenn Ranger
Zahhak Warrior
Mercedes Mages
Ainos Soul Weaver
Orte Thief
Ras Knight
Romann Mages
Mediator Kawerik Warrior
Cidd Thief
Clarissa Warrior
Command Model Laika Ranger
Church of Ilryos Axe Warrior
Ram Mages
Aither Soul Weaver
Coli Thief
Chaos Inquisitor Knight
Elphelt Valentine Ranger
Taranor Guard Warrior
Guider Aither Mages
Muwi Ranger
Kizuna AI Soul Weaver
Ilynav Knight
Adin Thief
Gunther Warrior
Summertime Isseria Ranger
Conqueror Lilias Warrior
Khawazu Warrior
Serila Mages
Requiemroar Soul Weaver
Free Spirit Tieria Warrior
Celeste Ranger
Closer Charles Thief
General Purrgis Warrior
Wanda Ranger
Mort Knight
Benevolent Mages
Holiday Yufine Warrior
Righteous Thief Roozid Thief
Judge Kise Warrior
Bomb Model Kanna Ranger
Batisse Warrior
Mistychain Mages
Sinful Angelica Soul Weaver
Lilibet Warrior
Wanderer Silk Ranger
Lena Warrior
Doll Maker Pearlhorizon Mages
Armin Knight
Furious Ranger
Choux Warrior
Pavel Ranger
Captain Rikoris Warrior
Carrot Mages
Crozet Knight
Mui Warrior


Epic7 D Tier
Epic Seven Tier-D

With their lackluster stat growths and subpar battling abilities, these units lag in terms of effectiveness and hence languish to the last tier of our Epic Seven tier list. These aren’t the worst in the game, though, — but that mark isn’t far away either. You can have Tier-D heroes on your team but don’t forget to replace them as soon as you have better options.  

Epic Seven Tier-D Heroes  Roles 
Eaton Knight
Judith Thief
Arowell Knight
Rima Ranger
Tieria Warrior
Troublemaker Mages
Helga Warrior
Sven Thief
Rikoris Warrior
Godmother Ranger
Ian Ranger
Camilla Warrior
Hurado Mages
Bask Knight
Alexa Thief
Azalea Warrior
Kluri Knight
Hazel Soul Weaver
Lorina Warrior
Kiris Ranger
Cartuja, Warrior
Spirit Eye Celine Thief
Great Chief Khawana Warrior
Montmorancy Soul Weaver
Purrgis Warrior
Taranor Royal Guard Knight
Otillie Mages
Desert Jewel Basar Soul Weaver
Januta Warrior
Nemunas Ranger
Mucacha  Warrior
Haste Thief
Pyllis Knight
Melany Warrior
Pearlhorizon Mages
Doris Soul Weaver
Kikirat V2 Knight
Muse Rima Ranger
Corvus Warrior
Hataan Thief
Enott Warrior
Archdemon’s Shadow Mages
Jecht Thief
Christy Knight
Roaming Warrior Leo Ranger
Chaos Sect Axe Warrior
Roozid Thief
Ains Warrior
Elson Soul Weaver
Adlay Mages
Butcher Corps Inquisitor Knight

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Best Heroes of Epic Seven

Best Epic Seven Characters
Best Heroes of Epic Seven Seven Tier List

Listed below are some of the best Epic Seven characters you can consider for your team. These are our personal favorites, so your preferences regarding these heroes as best may not be the same as ours. 


Sigret is the most potent warrior a player can have to fill up as the primary DPS unit in their team for both Wyvern hunts as well as the game’s PvP meta. Her recommended set is Speed and Crit Chance. Sigret also houses a deadly soul combo that helps her employ the very famous Smash skill. 

Smash lets Sigret thrash her foes using a battle-axe with an almost 90% chance of rendering inflict bleed, which is then made incurable for only two turns. Sigret also owns a robust debuffer with anti-revive on S3. Moreover, she has got the Guillotine skill that deals a lot more destruction against enemies when more debuffs are loaded due to defense penetration. 

Arbiter Vildred

Arbiter Vildred fulfills the thief role in Epic Seven’s storyline. He is a mighty yet easy-to-learn unit that possesses both defensive and offensive skills, hence eligible to be one of the essential parts of every party composition. He is proficient in striking more than a single enemy figure simultaneously, thanks to his Sweep skills on board. 

Also worth mentioning is the unique Dark Contract ability that helps him regain a whopping 70% of his health after being hit by a brutal attack. Arbiter Vildred’s ultimate list of skills also includes Dark Blade. The skill inflicts colossal damage to the hero’s foes and can be used back again if the attempt achieves any kills. 

You can also synergize Arbiter Vildred with another S-Tier hero, Charles, for a complete team. The downside of Arbiter is his low defense stats, which makes him a little vulnerable in some cases. 

Martial Artist Ken

The Martial Artist Ken is just as impressive of a warrior as Sigret is and worthy of being employed in the team if you don’t have the first best around. He is a Dark element hero who, with his absolutely robust strengths, can dismiss AoE Defense Break on his enemies. 

With that, this Epic Seven hero also owns a unique ability to manifest a counterattack whenever inflicted by a scathing attack himself. Along with the Defence Break and counter-attacking skill, Ken’s impressive array of capabilities also consists of Knockout, The Coming of Ausra, and Dragon Flame.


Cermia is a remarkable combatant with a super versatile skill set onboard. She is a fire element hero who’s graded sixth and musters an epic Critical Hit chance. Her Ultimate skill bolsters an impressive Penetrate effect capable of breaking through even the most robust defenses the enemies might have, consequently giving the entire team an extra edge to attack.

In terms of other features, she also owns the All-in skill, Playing with Fire, Hot Streak, and many more. The hero is also equipped with an excellent DPS for the Golem Hunt skill. However, players should also be informed of her weakness of not carrying out airborne attacks. Also, Cermia can not defend herself against AoE attacks either. 

Seaside Bellona

This hero is the best female ranger of Earth’s element you can get in Epic Seven. If she attacks with a fan, the damage rendered almost equals the victim’s health, consequently killing it at the very instant. To enable this fascinating razor wind fan, the caster is supposed to swell to more than 5 with absolutely zero concentration. 

Once achieved, Bellona’s single wave with the magic fan in hand is enough to dish out substantial amounts of damage to your foes. The more the number of opponents there is, the better the fan works. Players can further increase this fan blow damage with the Burn effect. 

Conclusively, Seaside Bellona is a robust character, especially for Epic Seven’s PvE fields. If you are a new Epic Seven player and are looking forward to relishing fantastic scenes where your in-game characters blow their bosses using AoE Defense breakers, then Bellona is for you. 

Our Criteria

In our tier list, we ranked every Epic Seven hero according to their performance stats and qualities. Units that house the most potent damage rendering skills and easy learning curves were placed at tiers higher than those who lacked both performances as well as in-built stats. 

As per our ranking criteria, we will continue to update the hierarchy frequently as new heroes enter the Epic Seven realm or if there’s a significant buff or nerf that significantly affects performance stats and abilities. Therefore be sure to keep checking back.

Rankings Based On Experience And Research

Our team carried out extensive web research to extract out the most definitive ranking of Epic Seven characters. Each Hero was passed through a strict test of viability in terms of in-field manifestation of abilities and then was given its rightful place in our tier list.

Moreover, unbiased opinions and recommendations of veteran Epic Seven players were also gathered in order to curate this most up-to-date tier list of characters finally. 

Why Trust Us

We have formulated the Epic Seven Tier List with the least amount of favoritism added by our side. Our team invested a reasonable amount of time and effort before putting the content in front of you. All heroes are graded as per their play, and potency against lethal foes helps you make wise decisions. 

If you have any questions or want to share your feedback, please feel free to do so in the comments below. We’ll absolutely love to hear from you and try our absolute best to respond back ASAP!


Each hero of the Epic Seven realm has its own plus points as well as downsides, especially in different meta and modes. Therefore it’s always wise to continue swapping the composition of your team in whichever way that suits your approach and game style. Having said that, we hope our Epic Seven character tier list might have helped you hit the ground running!

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