Elon Musk pursues creative AI just weeks after calling for a pause.


Elon Musk's photo

Several weeks ago, Elon Musk, along with others, signed a letter calling for AI labs to stop training their AI systems for six months. Now, it turns out that Musk is pursuing his generative AI startup if A report by the Financial Times to believe. An insider says investors from SpaceX and Tesla are already helping Musk fund the work and are “excited about it.”

Since OpenAI launched ChatGPT last year, many tech firms have flocked to build their own creative AI. Not one to shy away from future projects, Musk now appears to be getting into the game as well. It also acquired thousands of NVIDIA GPUs to help power the AI ​​system, according to people in the know.

To help develop the software, Musk is also poaching engineers from various companies, including Alphabet’s DeepMind. Igor Babushkin is named as one engineer Musk brought on from DeepMind, but there are about six others who were not named.

Elon Musk actually helped co-found OpenAI but had disagreements with others at the company. Given his fear of AI, it will be interesting to see what safeguards he uses in his product if he does launch it.

Source: Financial Times


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