Elden Ring’s Town of Socerry rebuilt in Halo Infinite Forge.


Highlights of the story

  • Celia, the witch town, has been rebuilt for Halo Infinite. This is a location from Alden Ring.
  • The map was recreated by a Halo player named MKCASH2845.
  • The reconstructed map successfully covers the original wealth easement.
  • It has the same horrible feeling to it. And it has the same sky, buildings and landscape as the original map in Alden Ring.

Elden Ring rightfully won the GOTY Award at the 2022 edition of The Game Awards. It received critical acclaim for its unique narrative-driven story and remarkable world. This has led fans of other games like Halo Infinite to adopt Elden Ring’s stunning world style and create maps based on it.

Celia’s Recreation, an Elden ring map location, is the latest in a series of remade Elden ring maps for the game, for Halo Infinite. The map was recreated by a Halo Infinite fan known as MKCASH2845.

As Tweeted By Rebus Gaming, Celia is known as the Witch City in Alden Ring. It is a ghost town located in the Kaled region of the world of Alden Ring. It has an eerie feel to it, which adds to the mystery surrounding the city.

The reconstructed map does a good job of showing the essence of the original map. The sky is the same shade of red as the original Alden color map. The rooftops of the houses in the newly created map are also similar to the original.

The rooftops in Celia were redone for Halo Infinite.
The rooftops in Celia were redone for Halo Infinite.

Other prominent buildings, such as Celia Candle Towers The map has also been successfully recreated. Most of all, even the plains outside of Celia’s town are the same shade of red and orange as the Alden color map. Which definitely adds to the appeal of the map.

The candle towers in Celia were rebuilt for Halo Infinite.
The candle towers in Celia were rebuilt for Halo Infinite.

This isn’t the first attempt to recreate the Alden ring location for Halo Infinite. The name of a Hello player a few weeks ago Blue Wave Recreated the most unusual map from Elden Ring, called The Crumbling Lands for Halo Infinite.

As RebsGaming also took to Twitter, the recreated map was exceptionally detailed and stayed true to the original Alden Ring map. Feedback received by both maps was overwhelmingly positive. And it also added to the anticipation of what other Alden Ring maps might be remade for Halo Infinite.

The Halo community is known for recreating maps from other popular franchises. Just last month, they recreated the DK Mountain map from Mario Kart. Their dedication has helped the Halo series survive these troubling times.

What other Alden Ring location would you like to see recreated for Halo Infinite? Let us know in the comments section below.

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