Edge 109 is now available with text prediction, account linking, and TLS changes.


Taras Buria


Jan 13, 2023 03:54 EST

A Microsoft Edge logo with the number 109 inside.

Microsoft has released another feature update for its browser. Version 109 is now available for download in the stable channel with numerous feature changes, bug fixes, and security patches. In addition to updating the browser in the regular stable channel, Microsoft pushed a new release to the extended stable channel under version 108.0.1462.83, which brings fixes and performance improvements.

What’s new in Microsoft Edge 109?

Here are the official release notes for Microsoft Edge 109.0.1518.49:

  • Account linking between a personal Microsoft account (MSA) and an Azure Active Directory (AAD) account. Microsoft is enabling users to link a personal Microsoft account (MSA) and an Azure Active Directory (AAD) account through work or school. Once linked, users can earn Microsoft Rewards points for Microsoft Bing searches made in their browser or in the Windows search box while signed in with their work or school account. For more information, see Account Linking FAQ And Account Linking Frequently Asked Questions by IT Admins. Tenant administrators can also control this feature in the Message Center section of the Microsoft 365 admin center or by using LinkedAccountEnabled Policy

  • Changes to TLS server certificate authentication. In Microsoft Edge version 110, the certificate trust list and certificate verifier will be decoupled from the host operating system’s root store. Instead, the default certificate trust list and certificate verifier will be provided and shipped with the browser. gave MicrosoftRootStoreEnabled The policy is now available for testing when using the built-in root store and certificate verifier. Support for policy is planned to be removed in Microsoft Edge version 111. For more information, see Changes to Microsoft Edge browser TLS server certificate authentication | Learn Microsoft.. Note: This is a controlled feature rollout in Microsoft Edge version 109. If you don’t see this feature, check back as we continue our rollout.

  • Text prediction. To help you write faster and with fewer errors, Microsoft Edge provides word and phrase predictions for long-form editable text fields on web pages. Administrators can control the availability of text predictions using Text prediction enabled Policy text prediction is currently only available in English in the US, India and Australia. We will continue to add new languages ​​and regions in future versions of Microsoft Edge.

In addition to the three feature changes, Microsoft Edge 109 introduces two security improvements. You can learn more here (CVE-2023-21775) and here (CVE-2023-21796).

Microsoft Edge 109 is now available for download. From the official website and within the browser. Edge will update automatically, but you can force install the latest release by navigating to edge://settings/help.

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