EA Patent for Videographer role lets you join games to record gameplay.


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  • EA has published a new patent for the Videographer role, which allows users to watch and record gameplay during game sessions.
  • Videographers may have additional features to help watch and capture specific players or entire gameplay.
  • Videographers can meet or discuss required footage with players in EA games to capture only what is needed. They can rank and gain fame just like regular players.
  • The new mode can support a wide range of content creation and esports scenes, helping capture data on the spot without wasting time.

With the increasing competition and content creation in video games, it has become necessary to step into the role of videographer during game sessions to record gameplay. Currently, recording is done by users who capture footage of the entire session and then skim and edit it to create content, making it difficult to achieve organic results. Thus, EA is Published a new patent for a Videographer mode to deal with the problem.

“Patent Dub”Videographer mode in online gamesDiscusses the role of videographers for users participating in games to observe and record footage during in-game sessions. In other words, with players duking it out in FPS titles, videographers can be there mid-round to record footage. To illustrate, it’s best to imagine real-life videographers recording film and such common scenarios.

[The system] May allow one or more users to participate in an online game in a videographer mode that is separate from the player mode of online game players. For example, a user participating in videographer mode (hereafter referred to as videographer) may capture (eg, photos or videos) the gameplay of one or more players.

The example image shows a videographer device that can provide a videographer mode for an online game.
The example image shows a videographer device that can provide a videographer mode for an online game.

The videographer role may have separate and additional features, such as a new GUI with features to assist with entry viewing and recording. For example, Cameraman has more control over the in-game camera to record gameplay. The user can hover during a game session or use input controls to change the relevant area of ​​the camera’s view.

All of these tools will allow the videographer to capture footage more efficiently than normal means. A videographer from EA can also take advantage of players by attaching cameras to characters.

For example, the videographer’s camera perspective can be moved in orbit around the player using the videographer UI. In addition, or alternatively, the point of view of the camera may move freely, with or without reference to the relative location of the players of the online game.”

The example figure shows a flowchart diagram for providing matchmaking for an online game providing a videographer mode.
The example figure shows a flowchart diagram for providing matchmaking for an online game providing a videographer mode.

It’s worth noting that a videographer can’t just ramble through a game session. Users can personally invite or authorize the newly patented cameraman before they can capture a specific player’s gameplay or an entire session. After agreeing to the idea, the camera can be glued to a particular player. Similarly, many limitations can be added for videographers to do only certain tasks.

Videographers may also be involved in the matchmaking process, so both teams will have one or more cameramen on hand to watch and record the gameplay. Even videographers can rank up with more points and rise in popularity. Factors include:

Player feedback or ratings, objective measures (e.g., completion of game-assigned videographer tasks) or official scoring (e.g., scoring in organized competitions organized by the game system).

Users can decide what to capture while watching the spectacle with the videographers before the round begins. EA uses this example. The Skate Franchise; It can have a virtual area where players can meet and decide on details before a videographer captures footage during gameplay.

Currently, two teams usually play against each other, but capturing content during a game can be a difficult experience. This requires external software by a player and a lot of modification after the title is finished. Therefore, using a videographer role for video games will make the process of capturing and viewing content much easier.

We can expect the videographer role to completely change Electronic Arts’ multiplayer titles. Videographers can also participate in competitive esports titles, e.g Apex Legends, or simply focus on one player to facilitate content creation. With additional tools, capturing videos can be faster.

EA has patented various fascinating ideas in the past, and it seems to be pursuing some innovative goals for its games. For example, the giant conglomerate recently secured a patent for automating the animation of in-game character models. It is also investigating ways to potentially ban players from partnering with enemy teams during game sessions. Moreover, it can also add challenges to the game based on real-life situations.

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