EA called out for not individually crediting translators in Jedi Survivor


Highlights of the story

  • A Spanish game localizer has called out Respawn Entertainment for not crediting individual translators for Star Wars Jedi: Survivor.
  • Only the names of the translation agencies are given, not the actual staff.
  • Yasmina urged Respawn to ask agencies for full lists of names to include in the credits section of Star Wars Jedi: Survivor.
  • More and more people have talked about this latest credits issue with Star Wars Jedi: Survivor.

Yasmina Casado Gonzalez, a Spanish game translator, has called out Respawn Entertainment individually for not crediting the translators involved in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor, following others who have taken an interest in speaking out about the alleged abuse. Apparently, it is the studio that is being mentioned in the end credits and not the crew members who work for it.

While all the translation agencies from each country are mentioned, there is no sign of the individual employees who have worked on the translation project for one of the most anticipated games of the year so far. Yasmina urged Respawn to take notice and contact agencies to share lists of individual translators. she says, I’m sure it’s none of your business, @RespawnBut the force is with you. Ask the agencies to give you their names.

Another Spanish video game localizer called out major publishers and developers for not including translator names on its platform. He further thanked the media for voicing their views on the rights of the translation community.

The Board of Directors of IGDA, an international interest group working for game credits, Nazia Frasparticipated in the ongoing protest and said that it “unacceptable” Instead of giving credit to individual translators for a large company like EA to look at the list of company names that need to be mentioned by game publishers to boost their careers.

Nazia added that it is not multi-million companies that need “fame” but individual translators who do.

Moving on, many games have been in the public eye for credit issues in recent months, especially AAA titles. Ragnarok, God of WarThe team was called out by a music producer and composer for omitting his name from the credits entirely. Callisto protocol On the other hand about 20 former devs were in the limelight in a big way who spoke about their omission from the credits.

Sega also gained attention as a former dev and localization coordinator shared on his Twitter that the translator credits were left for him. Figures 3 and 4. In any case, we want everyone to be properly and fairly credited now and in the future.

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