Dying Light 2 challenges Dead Island 2’s gorefest with its own iteration


Highlights of the story

  • Dying Light and Dead Island dates back to the same developer, and have since competed due to similar genres.
  • After suffering through more than nine years of development hell and going through multiple changes, Dead Island 2 is finally here and rewards us with a game that doesn’t let obstacles stop it.
  • With impeccable timing, Dying Light 2 features a major “gut-feeling” update to reinvigorate its combat with more brutality and is ready to hit the ground running once again.

The Dying Light and Dead Island series share a history of rivalry, both open-world zombie survival and their latest entries currently in competition. Dead Island was a phenomenal game that came as a pleasant surprise to many and started a satisfying gorefest of killing zombies in the most brutal ways. The same developer later launched the Dying Light series as a more exploration- and parkour-focused open world filled with zombies.

Dying Light 2 had big shoes to fill, and it delivered exceptionally well by improving existing mechanics, providing a richer map, and improving parkour mechanics. Dead Island also made a comeback this year with a much-anticipated sequel, and despite some issues, it’s the fun zombie killer we’ve all been wanting. And upon its release, Dying Light 2 also stepped up to release a major “gut-feeling” update.

The intertwined history of Dead Island and Dying Light

With the survival horror genre going strong, Techland put a unique spin on the concept with an open-world zombie game, where the focus is more on how gruesome you can make zombies die. Even to comical heights. The final product may not live up to the imagery, but no one can deny that Dead Island’s cinematic trailer was absolutely epic and had us all hooked instantly.

The gameplay loop was extremely satisfying, with extremely gruesome zombie deaths and the ability to roam freely, adding to the sense of tension and dread. Dead Island was a huge success and earned Techland a lot of praise. However, the IP was still the property of publisher Deep Silver and Due to various reasons, Techland had to leave the series.After working on the DLC/Sequel Riptide.

The team working on the game developed a new IP, Dying Light, which is considered a spiritual successor to the Dead Island series. Being similar in setting and mechanics, the game focused more on exploration and parkour than on gore. This gave the game a more serious tone and a sense of discovery. The sport quickly gained its own distinct identity And stood strong among rivals.

After much history, the two similar series quickly became rivals and continue to compete today. Dying Light and Dead Island both received a sequel announcement in close proximity to each other, and once again we had two huge titles to look forward to. After long development cycles, Dying Light 2 beat out Dead Island 2 and launched on February 4, 2022.

Dying Light 2 was a phenomenal game, masterfully improving the mechanics of the prequel with tons of content to explore and fluid parkour, making it one of the best survival horror games you’ll ever play. . Now it was to be seen how Dead Island 2 fares in comparison, but sadly we have to wait a little longer. After a complex development cycle and numerous delays, the game was finally on its way to release.

Despite the rocky development, Dead Island 2 manages to shine.

When Dead Island 2 was first announced, the fact that Techland was no longer a developer was sad, but we still had high hopes for the games. No one expected the development hell that the game would sink into. After its announcement in 2014, The game has been in development for over 9 years and has seen numerous changes and improvements..

After parting ways with Techland, who went on to create the Dying Light series, Deep Silver handed over production of Dead Island 2 to Yeager, the developer responsible for Specs Ops: The Line’s extraordinary campaign. Yager showed a lot of enthusiasm and had created a lot of play when it all came to a screeching halt due to unfortunate circumstances. This was only the beginning of trouble.

Sumo Digital was the next developer to launch the game, and it went silent for a few years. With Dying Light 2 announced at E3 2018, it was soon after revealed that Sumo Digital is no longer working on Dead Island 2 either. Dambusters was the last and final developer, the game again received an announcement trailer and was finally released on April 21, 2023.

It looks like our long patience paid off, as we got a great game that lives up to the Dead Island name. With excellent combat mechanics and a refined comedic touch, Dead Island 2 is exactly the mindless zombie-killing adventure we’ve been waiting for. appears from The game was a huge success and received favorable reception immediately after its release.

The game offers a simple premise, a staple of the genre, and then brings great gameplay mechanics to carry it out. Instead of running away in fear of zombies, you can enjoy the thrill of killing them in the most brutal ways and have a lot of fun doing it. Just grab a bat and whack them in the skull, or bring some friends to have a few laughs while crushing them.

Eliminate zombies in the most brutal ways in Dead Island 2.
Eliminate zombies in the most brutal ways in Dead Island 2.

The game shows off its horror-comedy inspiration very well.. With a hilarious protagonist and excellent comic writing, the game ensures that you will never get bored and burst out laughing at multiple points. The story and dialogues set the scene perfectly and with combat that is downright hilarious, the laughs will continue as you enjoy this unique and hilarious entertainment from Los Angeles.

The game is not without its flaws though, and they are significant enough to be worth mentioning. Dead Island 2 lacks a lot of creativity and originality like the original, and you feel like you’ve done it all in other games, Dying Light 2 for example. However that doesn’t stop it from being an amazing adventure, and to be honest we’re thankful that the game could have been a lot worse due to development issues.

Dying Light 2 boldly announced that it was back in the fray.

Blood and gore is currently experiencing a prime time, as fans of the genre have already received a number of treats this year and Dead Island 2 is another welcome addition. Also seemingly not letting its predecessor get the better of it, Dying Light 2 is also gearing up for an epic comeback with the introduction of tons of new content in a major update.

As we have discussed the history of the two series is closely intertwined. This brought them into a rivalry and their rivalry continues to this day. As Dead Island 2 has been released and Dying Light is looking to speed things up. With a sequel teased, as revealed by the series director’s post to gather fan feedback on the sequel’s main character and a major “gut-feeling” update, Dying Light promises a bright future. .

From the start, Dead Island has been a more combat-focused game with its FLESH system to increase the thrill of battle, with extreme gore and brutal kills, and Dying Light has explored open worlds and impressive parkour. There was too much focus. For his convenience. However, with Gut Feeling’s newest update, Dying Light 2 is getting a Dead Island-style integration into the gameplay mechanics.

The most important addition to the game is an improved combat system and visuals. Dying Light 2 now has more brutal killing and accurate physics for zombie dismemberment to make your kills feel much more realistic. This puts the game into rival territory and acts as a direct competitor to Dead Island 2 upon release.

Gut-feeling update brings epic gore and gore to Dying Light 2.
Gut-feeling update brings epic gore and gore to Dying Light 2.

That’s not all. Gutfeeling adds gear transmog to provide a cosmetic feel and appeal to the game. Now you can set the appearance of your choice on your gear and keep its stats instead of whatever you think looks best. In addition, the game received a limited-time Viral Rush event to encourage players to come back to search for Virals, which increased the spawn rate.

The prospect of a time limit is bound to keep players coming back to make more progress so they can earn valuable rewards, making the competition even more intense. In addition to integrating new mechanics, Dying Light 2 also hopes to further improve upon its established strengths. Dying Light 2’s parkour and exploration will also receive updates, as indicated by the game’s 2023 roadmap.

Techland isn’t backing down and shows plenty of intent to continue to improve. The competition between these two series continues to both mature and improve and healthy competition is vital for growth. We hope this will spark a reaction in Dead Island 2 as well and it will get enough improvements to stay fresh and entertain us. We look forward to the future of both these franchises.

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